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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ryans Only Night

Actors Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling and Ryan Kwanten were all together in a hotel room. A week before, Ryan Reynolds had the idea that the three of them should get together to have some ‘fun’. He contacted the other two, who were both excited at the idea, and arranged for them to meet. They all arrived at the hotel, keeping a low profile, and gathered in Reynolds’ suite. Ryan Gosling and Ryan Kwanten walked into the room together and found Reynolds completely nude waiting for them. His chiseled body on full display was a welcoming sight for the other two actors, and as he walked over to greet them, his semi-hard dick wagged from side-to-side a little. He had a short beard and a light coating of hair on his upper chest that spread down to his abs and into his treasure trail, which led into his pubic bush. “Hey guys, glad you could make it. Just leave your shoes by the door and your clothes on that chair.”
“Thanks mate. Glad to be here.” Kwanten said as he took off his jacket.
“I’d never miss an opportunity like this.” Gosling said as he eyed Reynolds’ pecs and then reached over and pinched his left nipple, feeling how hard it was.
Reynolds sighed with pleasure at the sensation, which shot a jolt through his penis. “Mmmm, thanks. Can I get you guys some drinks?”
“Yeah, just some water for me, thanks.” The True Blood star answered, while peeling his shirt off.
“No thanks, I’m good.” Gosling responded, now giving Kwanten’s torso a look-over. Kwanten had a small amount of chest hair that started on his upper chest and continued down to circle his nipples.
“All right, just wait a sec.” Reynolds turned and walked over to the mini-bar, giving the other Ryans a great look at his smooth, hard buttocks in motion. After opening up the small fridge he bent over to look inside, giving his guests an eye-full of his tight, pink pucker and the coarse, sweaty patch of hair that surrounded it.
Gosling turned toward Kwanten and flicked his tongue at him suggestively. Kwanten grinned back mischievously, then quickly took off his belt and pulled down his jeans. The hot Aussie wasted no time getting his briefs off and leaving all his clothes in a pile on the chair Reynolds pointed out. Gosling watched with silent enjoyment as the Australian actor’s toned body was exposed. Kwanten had a slim treasure trail that connected to a very bushy set of pubes. He walked over to Reynolds while Gosling’s eyes were glued to his tight butt.
As Reynolds grabbed a bottle of water and stood back up, he felt a hand squeeze his left butt cheek. He turned around to find Kwanten standing there naked, with his 8 inch dick pointing at his chin.
“Nice arse.” The Aussie commented, grinning from ear-to-ear.
“Thanks,” Reynolds looked Kwanten in the eye, and then down at his erection, then back up again, “I’m glad to see you like it.” He said, with an appreciative smile. He handed him the bottle. “Here you go.”
Kwanten took it and said; “Thanks.” He opened it up and took a swig.

Reynolds led him over to the couch and sat down in the middle, and Kwanten sat next to him on the left. Reynolds put his arm around the Aussie and then looked over at his fellow Canadian actor. Gosling had stripped down to his boxers, which had a noticeable bulge in the crotch. As he pulled them down his hard 8 inches swung up and slapped his abs. He then stepped out of his boxers and threw them on top of the clothes pile. Gosling’s chest was smooth and his pubic hair was neatly trimmed. He walked over to the couch and took the remaining seat next to Reynolds, who immediately put his other arm around him. In between the other two studs Reynolds’ semi-hard penis quickly stiffened to full erection, rounding the trio out with another 8 inch dick.
Kwanten took another gulp of water and then set the bottle down on the coffee table. “So Reynolds, did ya’ really come up with the idea for us to get together just because we all have the same name?”
Reynolds looked at him and rubbed his shoulder. “Yes I did, and why not? I think the three of us will have a lot of fun together.” He rubbed both their shoulders.
“I was just asking, didn’t mean anything by it. It just seemed kinda’ strange asking two other guys to hook-up with ya’, just because we all have the same name.”
“Well I’ve been lusting after the two of you for a while now. So it seemed like a good idea to schedule a ‘Ryans only night’.”
“You could’ve invited Ryan Phillipe too.” Gosling chimed in.
“Yeah,” Reynolds responded, “but I couldn’t get in contact with him.”
Kwanten reached over and lightly stroked Reynolds’ cock. “I bet you’d love to get in contact with him.”
Reynolds chuckled at his comment and continued rubbing his shoulder. “So in the next season of True Blood do we finally get to see you suck Joe Manganiello’s horsecock?”
“Nope, sorry mate, you’d have to stop by Joe’s dressing room to see that.”
Gosling chimed in again; “How about seeing you suck Green Lantern’s cock?”
Kwanten looked over at him with a big smile. “That you can see right now.” He got down on his knees in front of Reynolds and expertly swallowed his dick down to his balls. Kwanten started bobbing his head, deepthroating him, while sweeping his tongue along the underside of his shaft.
Reynolds gripped Goslings’ shoulder tightly with his right hand let out a deep moan.
Gosling licked the side of Reynolds’ face and whispered in his ear; “I heard he’s a great cocksucker. And judging by the sound you just made, I heard right.”
Reynolds turned his head and kissed Gosling; he kissed him back and they began exploring each other’s mouths with their tongues.
Kwanten looked up as he kept sucking, and seeing the other two making out turned him on even more. He started jerking his stiff prick and deepthroated with more energy.

Gosling and Reynolds continued making out for a couple minutes, and then Gosling started kissing his chin and neck, eventually working his way down to his chest. Gosling kissed and licked both of Reynolds’ hard, sensitive nipples before gently nibbling on them.
Reynolds let out deep groans; letting his guests know that he was enjoying the service he was receiving from them. His rigid cock leaked pre-cum into Kwanten’s mouth; which he eagerly swallowed.
“Ahhh yeah. Fuck yeah guys, work me over.” Reynolds put his hands behind his head and relaxed as the other Ryans kept pleasuring him.
Gosling switched from his nipples to his armpits; licking all the tangy sweat out of his pit hair.
Kwanten stopped jerking himself, and began rubbing Reynolds’ balls with one hand and using the other to pinch his own small, taut nipples.
“Holy fuck, you boys sure know how to please a guy. I should’ve arranged a ‘Ryans only night’ a long time ago.” Reynolds kept enjoying his guest’s generous attention for several more minutes, before he felt his balls tighten up in anticipation to ejaculate. “All right, I’m gonna’ fuckin’ cum soon.”
Gosling looked down at Kwanten; still bobbing on Reynolds’ cock, when suddenly Kwanten pulled off as hot ropes of jizz came spewing out.
“Ohhh Fuck yeah!” Reynolds shouted, while his muscles convulsed and his balls were releasing a torrent of cum.
They all watched as Reynolds soaked his abs with his own semen.
“Why didn’t you swallow his load?” Gosling asked with a puzzled expression on his face.
“Yeah, why not? …I know from plenty of… personal experience… that my cum tastes great.” Reynolds asked between deep breaths, still recovering from his orgasm.
“I don’t know how you ‘Canucks’ do it up north, but ‘Down Under’ we like to share.” Kwanten responded while a bead of jizz dripped down his chin; Reynolds’ first shot of cum had hit his lips.
“Thanks.” Gosling said before licking up the drop of seed and giving the Aussie a soft open-mouth kiss and a hard pinch on his left nipple. Then he looked over at his fellow countryman and said, “And here I thought we Canadians were so generous and polite.”
Kwanten smiled up at the two. “Don’t worry mates; I was just taking the piss out of you.”
They all began eating Reynolds’ cum. Gosling and Kwanten spooned it off his abs with their fingers and then licked it up. And every now and then they reached over to Reynolds’ face so he could suck their finger into his mouth and eat his own spunk.
“Mmm. You were right man; you’re cum tastes great.” Gosling said after swallowing the last drop.

Reynolds was intrigued by Kwanten’s last comment and his right eyebrow arched up as he got an idea. “So guys, how about we head into the bathroom and we’ll get some more piss ‘taken out’?”
In response the other two stood up; both their hard cocks standing straight up with a trail of pre-cum leaking down their shafts. Their gracious host licked the pre-cum off and then stood up with them; his dick soft at the moment, and led them to the bathroom, again giving them a great view of his ass. After Reynolds led his guests into the bathroom he stepped in the large shower, got down on his knees and licked up more of their pre-cum. “All right guys, how about you give me a golden shower?”
Gosling and Kwanten smiled at each other before simultaneously; grabbing their erections, pointing them at Reynolds and unleashing a stream of piss on him.
The man who played the superhero who’s weakened by the colour yellow was now delighted as two ribbons of yellow water sprayed his face and chest. “Mmmmm, yeah.” Reynolds moaned before he stuck his tongue out to lick up some of their tasty urine. He raised his arms and placed his hands behind his head.
Gosling and Kwanten continued soaking his bearded face, furry armpits and hairy pecs with their warm piss. Gosling put his left arm around Kwanten’s waist and pulled him close, then reached over with his right hand and started pinching and twisting his nipples.
Kwanten followed Gosling’s actions; the two of them soon had their arms around each other’s waists while they were playing with each other’s nipples, and continued to drench Reynolds’ body.
He watched the two as they hosed him and his dick began getting hard again. “Yeah that’s it guys, work each other over. So fuckin’ hot. Now kiss.”
His guests obliged him and they launched into a hot make-out session.
Reynolds had to grab their dicks to keep them on target as they passionately kissed. And as their bladders began to empty out Reynolds licked at their cockheads, lapping the remaining few drops out of their piss-slits. After the other two were finished relieving themselves Reynolds started jacking their cocks and kept watching as they made out. “Mmm yeah, that’s so hot guys.”
They kept kissing for a bit longer before pausing and inviting Reynolds to join them.
He stood up, still dripping with piss, and engaged with them in a three-way make out session.
The trio wrapped their arms around each other; groping their companion’s backs and asses while also rubbing their stiff pricks together. They continued like that for a while before stopping to take a break.
“I’ve never made out with a fella’ and tasted mine and another bloke’s piss on his tongue.” Kwanten said, while catching his breath.
Reynolds reached over and groped the Aussie’s pecs, collecting his sweat, and said; “I’m always happy to introduce guys to new experiences.” before licking his hand clean.
Gosling looked at Kwanten and asked; “Have you ever been in the middle of a ‘Canuck sandwich’?”
“No, but that definitely sounds like something new I’d like to experience.” He responded, with an eager grin.

Reynolds really liked where this was going and looked over at Gosling approvingly. “Well guys, first things first, you’ll have to clean me up.”
Gosling and Kwanten immediately set to work; licking the remaining drops of their urine off of Reynolds’ body.
Gosling began by sweeping his tongue over Reynolds’ right pec, while Kwanten did the same to his left. The taste of their piss blended nicely with Reynolds’ sweat, and the two studs enthusiastically slurped up the erotic mixture. They licked every inch of his solid pectoral muscles, and simultaneously sucked on his hard nipples.
“Mmmmm, ohh yeah. Jesus Christ you guys know how to work a man over.” Reynolds moaned breathily.
The two then began licking his armpits, vigorously eating them out. They guzzled every drop of sweat and piss and bathed each hair in his pits with their saliva.
After that the pair moved south, kneeling as they tongue-swabbed his hairy washboard abs, until they eventually worked their way down to his thatch of pubic fur. They washed each follicle clean of their piss and his sweat, and once finished; they straightened back up and each gave Reynolds a wet kiss.
“There you go mate, nice and clean.” Kwanten said.
“Thank you very much. Now let’s get started on that sandwich.” Reynolds replied. He then led his guests into the bedroom and sat down on the bed. “So we’ve already designated ‘Mr. Stackhouse’ as the meat in our sandwich; but which slice of bread do I get to be? Top or bottom?”
“Well how about we let the ‘meat’ decide. Which of us do you want to fuck and get fucked by?” Gosling asked.
Kwanten smiled broadly at the two studs. “Let me see… I think I’ll fuck Green Lantern, since he’s been parading his arse in front of us all night, while Gosling gets my rear-end.”
Reynolds sighed. “I wish you two would stop reminding me of my box office flop.”
The Aussie looked at him sympathetically. “Sorry mate, didn’t mean to rub you the wrong way you.” Then his lips curved into a smile. “I like rubbing you the right way.”
Gosling grinned at him slyly. “Yeah, but stick to playing superheroes who take their shirt off, actually just stick to any roles where you take your shirt off. Watching you undress is so much better than watching you try to act.”
Reynolds pointed at him and gave him a devious look. “Just for that; I’m gonna’ pound your ass after he’s through with mine.’ He said, jerking his thumb in Kwanten’s direction.
“All right, enough talk. I’m expecting a sandwich, and I sure am hungry.” Kwanten exclaimed as he got up on the bed.
 Reynolds got on all fours with his bare ass pointed at the sexy star from ‘Down Under’.

Kwanten knelt behind him; smacked his left buttock hard enough to leave a red hand print, bent over and placed a kiss on it. “Nice mate, love your fine arse.”
Standing behind him, Gosling leaned over and kissed both cheeks of Kwanten’s ass. He then gripped the two mounds of muscle firmly with each hand, spreading them, while he stuck his face in between.
And as Gosling started licking his taint, Kwanten did the same to Reynolds; working their tongues over every hairy, sweaty, sensitive inch of skin.
Reynolds groaned in enjoyment as the Aussie pleasured him. “Ohhhhh fuck. Damn you’ve got a hot mouth; it feels almost as good on my ass as it did on my cock.”
Gosling kneaded Kwanten’s taut buttocks with his hands, while his lips latched onto his asshole. His head shook from side-to-side as he forced his tongue past the tight ring of muscle.
The sudden invasion into his rectum caused Kwanten to gasp in ecstasy.
Reynolds laughed. “Sounds like you’re havin’ fun back there. Did he find the sweet spot?”
In response; Kwanten licked Reynolds’ balls and kept his tongue moving; along his scrotum, across his taint, over his anus and up to the top of his asscrack. He then repeated this several more times.
“Mmmmm. Goddamn you know what you’re doing.” Reynolds breathed heavily as his ass was groped by the Aussie’s tongue.
Kwanten then focused on his asshole. He used his fingertips to hold the lips of Reynolds’ anus wide open while he inserted his tongue deep inside. He could feel Gosling’s tongue moving in a clockwise motion as he swirled it around inside him, while he was swirling his own tongue in a counter-clockwise motion inside Reynolds. With his tongue buried inside one man and another man’s tongue buried in his own ass, Ryan Kwanten was in 7th heaven.
The three men continued in that position for a few minutes longer until Gosling finished his rimjob. “Mmm mmm, you’ve got one delicious bunghole bro.” He declared, slapping Kwanten’s butt with approval.
Kwanten then stopped slurping Reynolds’ asshole and stood up on the bed. “All right now mates, I’m gonna’ show ya’ what Aussie hard-fucking is.”
Reynolds perked up when he heard this and said, “Really? ‘Cause I heard Hugh Jackman mention it a couple of times before, when we were shooting the first ‘Wolverine’ movie together, but he never demonstrated it for me.” He sounded both disappointed that Jackman never tried it out on him and excited that Kwanten was about to.
“Trust me mate, you’ll love it. You’re already in the right position, so just stay down on all fours like that.” Kwanten placed his feet above Reynolds’ knees, squatted and lowered his body. He gripped Reynolds’ shoulders tightly with his hands and slid his prick down in between Reynolds’ asscheeks.
Reynolds flexed his buttocks, squeezing Kwanten’s dick.
Gosling was quiet while watching in delight as Kwanten mounted Reynolds like an animal, but he broke his silence to ask, “Can I have the honour of shoving your dick inside him?”
Kwanten looked back over his shoulder at him with a huge grin and said, “Sure, I’d greatly appreciate it mate.”

Gosling gripped Kwanten’s cock, and sucked both his balls into his mouth before he forced the head in past Reynolds’ tight anus and then slowly pushed about third of it in.
Reynolds let out a low groan as he was penetrated.
“Thanks mate, I’ll take it from here.” Kwanten said before he began thrusting his hips, driving his cock all the way inside Reynolds, pulling back until only the head was still inside and then plunging in again. Repeating this procedure, Kwanten soon had a rhythm going, which he improved upon; increasing the force of his thrusts and decreasing the time in between them.
Gosling watched Kwanten’s tight, pink asshole wink at him as he fucked Reynolds. “Ready to get it on your end buddy?” He asked while patting Kwanten’s bum.
“Not yet mate, I’ll let ya’ know when.” The Aussie hottie kept pounding into Reynolds, harder than before, while gripping his shoulders tightly. As his fucking became more frenzied Kwanten and Reynolds’ balls would slap together; not causing either man pain, but instead eliciting an erotic, tingling sensation in their scrotums.
“Ohh yes, I do love Aussie hard-fucking!” Reynolds moaned out loud as the True Blood star continued his vigorous anal assault.
“Uhhhnn! Fuck yeah ya’ do!” Kwanten grunted. He then looked back over his shoulder at Gosling with a determined grin. “My arse is all yours; I want a hot ‘Canuck sandwich’ right now!”
Gosling licked a long trail over Kwanten’s body; starting at his asshole and ending at his shoulders, happily slurping up all the sweat on his tongue’s journey. He then quickly jabbed his cock into the Australian’s tight anus and slid his shaft all the way in.
“Mmmm! Yeah, give it to me!” Kwanten shouted.
Gosling began thrusting into Kwanten, shoving into him every time he pulled back from Reynolds.
Kwanten was definitely enjoying being the meat in the sandwich; he swung his hips back and forth, ramming into Reynolds’ succulent ass, then getting stabbed by Gosling’s hot rod, while his balls slapped against one and then the other man’s balls. “Ahhhhhh YEAH!! I think I love Canuck sandwiches!”
“Kwanten, if you’ve been getting fucked by ‘horsecock’ Manganiello, how is your asshole still so damn tight!” Gosling asked in a ragged breath as sweat poured down off of his forehead and chest.
“We Aussies have special arse-tightening exercises that can keep our buttholes tight even after getting fisted!” Kwanten answered before leaning his head down and licking up the sweat collecting between Reynolds’ shoulder blades.
“What do you think Jason Stackhouse would say if he was in your position right now?” Reynolds asked, gleefully taking pleasure in the rough fucking he was receiving.
Kwanten let out a loud whoop of enjoyment and shouted in his character’s American southern accent; “Holy shit! I had no idea faggot sex would be so damn good!”
The trio of heartthrob actors kept this up for a while; the three of them moaning, panting, and sweating all over each other as they fucked hard.

Kwanten felt his balls tighten up as they slapped against the other guys’ and knew he was going to cum soon. “I’m ‘bout to bust my nuts in your ass!” He hollered, still using that good ‘ole boy accent.
“Jesus fuck!! SEED MY FAGGOT ASS!!!” Reynolds screamed out in ecstasy, his asshole clenching tightly on Kwanten’s dick.
“Ahhhhh!! Ahh fuck yeah mate! Your arse feels so fuckin’ good!!” The Aussie shouted in his native accent while his came, and sent a flood of sperm into Reynolds’ raw hole. Kwanten’s body spasmed in orgasm; pouring sweat off him and tightening his anus even further around Gosling’s shaft.
The tense sensation sent Gosling over the edge and his testicles erupted. “Shit! Ohh shit!!!” As hot ropes of his cum spurted into Kwanten’s ass, Gosling wrapped his arms around Kwanten’s chest and rode-out the rest of his orgasm clinging to the Aussie’s sweat slick body and panting heavily.
As soon as the last shot of Kwanten’s cum fired into Reynolds’ soaked hole he got out from under the Australian stud and moved behind Gosling. “Remember what I said earlier? I’m gonna’ pound your ass.” His cock was solid as steel from being on the tail-end of that scorching hot fuck, and he quickly shoved it up Gosling’s ass. Reynolds spanked his fellow Canadian actor’s buttocks while ramming his prick deep inside him. “Yeah! Fuckin’ take my cock!”
Gosling pushed his ass back against Reynolds’ hips and squeezed his ass around Reynolds’ prick.
“Ohhh yeah! Fuck yeah!! You love my fuckin’ cock, don’t ya’?!!” Reynolds shouted, thrusting his body even harder than before.
Gosling yelled back at him, goading him to fuck harder. “Fuck yeah I do! Give me that fuckin’ hard cock! Pound my ass like you mean it!!”
Kwanten laid back on the bed with his hands behind his head and enjoyed the show.
Seeing Kwanten watching them definitely got Reynolds’ motor running and the horny exhibitionist in him really let loose on Gosling’s rear-end. Reynolds burst into a frenzy of rough-fucking and hard smacks to Gosling’s tender buttcheeks.
Wincing at the pain, Gosling fully submitted to his role as bottom-bitch. “Shit! Ohh fuck man, drill my ass!!” Lying on the bed with his ass in the air he could feel his dick underneath him getting hard again.
“Jesus Gosling, you are such a fag!! Inhibitions completely gone, Reynolds plowed into the other Canadian with abandon, and with his dominant side on full display; he swore like a lumberjack while sweat flew off of his convulsing, sinewy muscles.
Kwanten’s cock went stiff as he watched what seemed like live porn, live porn with a Hollywood A-list cast.
“You think I’m just eye-candy Gosling? Think I’m just a pretty-boy with a hot bod? You might think you’re a hot-shot actor, but you’re just another piece of ass. Though I’ll admit…” Reynolds drove his cock in deep before pulling back and then slamming in harder than ever. “You’re one fine piece of ass.”

Kwanten began stroking his shaft as the two Canucks continued fucking like animals.
Reynolds felt his body tense and let out a howl of ecstasy as his balls unloaded. “JESUS CHRIST!! OHH FUCK YEAH!!!
“Shit yeah! That’s feels so awesome!” Feeling his sore asshole overflow with cum got Gosling off, and he saturated the bed sheets with his spunk.
When the two finally calmed down they noticed Kwanten had also busted a nut and was rubbing his load into his abs.
The three actors laid together in a sweat-drenched, sperm-soaked heap; kissing and licking each other before they all eventually fell asleep.
Hours later Ryan Reynolds awoke to find himself alone in bed. A handwritten note by his cell phone read;
“Last night was amazing, feel free to invite me to any future ‘Ryans only nights’, or any other get-togethers you’ll be having. -- Ryan K.”
Smiling at the note, Reynolds heard his phone go off; picking it up off the nightstand he saw it was a text from Gosling.
“Sorry I didn’t stick around longer. Call me again sometime.”
Hopping up out of bed, Ryan headed into the shower. Standing under the hot stream of water and lathering his body with soap he tried to think about when he should schedule the next ‘Ryans only night’. But memories of last night flooded his mind and drowned-out his train of thought. Feeling his cock swell with arousal, he started reliving last night in his head. As he spent an unnecessarily long time lathering his now rigid manhood he knew that whenever he scheduled the next ‘Ryans only night’ it would have to be sometime soon.

Chris Evans Sexual Escapades Chapters 1-3

Chris Evans could hear his shower running. "Who's here?" He thought. Chris stepped into his bathroom and pulled back the shower curtain. A jovial "Hey Chris!" was the response from the intruder. Ryan Reynolds turned off the shower and then faced Chris. This gave Evans a good look at Reynolds' hard bubble-butt, strong broad pecs, sculpted abs, thick 8'' erection and large low-hanging balls, complete with ample pubic hair. All dripping wet. Chris felt blood rush into his own manhood. "See something you like?" Ryan asked coyly. Chris gave him another look up and down. "Ohh yeah". Ryan smiled. "Go for it." Chris knelt down on the mat in front of the shower, opened his mouth, leaned forward and... heard his alarm clock go off. "Ahhh come on!" He groaned.

Chris pulled the covers off him and looked down at his crotch. There was a very noticeable tent in the boxers he slept in. "Time for some fun." Chris quickly got out of bed, relieved himself, brushed his teeth and then jumped in the shower. He immediately soaked his body and then began stroking his cock. "Uhhhh ahhh yeaah" He moaned while hot water poured onto his chest, ran down his stomach and across his impressive cut 10.5'' erection. "Huuhhhh ohhh yes, aww yeah, feels good". Chris gave himself powerful strokes from the head to his balls using body wash as lubricant. "Mmm uhh uhhhh ahh yeah, yeah, ohhh yeah!" He quickened his pace feeling pressure build up in his testicles. "Ahhhhh ahh, yes aww yes! Yeah come on, yeah! Yeeahh! Yeah!!" The pressure reached it's full and Chris started climaxing, his sinewy wet muscles rippling. "Ohhhhh Fuck Yeah! Fuck uhhhh awwww Yes!! Fuck Yeah! FUCK YEAH!! FUCK YEAH!!! Ahhhh ahh aww yeah." He let his cum fly up and then fall down into the bathtub to get washed away. He moved on to lathering himself, paying special attention to his nipples, armpits, ass and genitals.

After he finished showering Chris got out and stood in front of the full length mirror he had in his bathroom. He toweled himself slowly, admiring his gorgeous athletic physique. Chris had shaved his facial and chest hair for his role in Captain America, but as soon as filming had ended he started allowing it to grow back. Right now a fine stubble was centered around his mouth and a light coverage of hair was focused around his nipples and down his abs. This led to a treasure trail that gradually branched into his pubes, which wrapped around his cock and balls. He turned around and started toweling his backside. A smile spread across his face as he dried his hairy ass crack. "Ohh I love my hairy faggot ass." Chris touched his asshole and said "It's been too long since I've had something nice and hard up there." He was about to begin inserting his middle finger up there when his phone went off. Chris grabbed his phone off the nightstand and walked into his living room without dressing. Chris had a private house away from any neighbours so he wasn't afraid of anyone seeing him through his windows, and thus would often walk around his house in the nude.

Chris answered his phone. "Hi, it's Chris" ... "Ohh hey Ryan, good to here from you". Chris smiled and ran his fingers across his nipples. "Yeah, Of course I remember that little chat we had" ... "You wanna come over tonight?" His smile widened and his nipples erected. "Yeah that sounds great" ... "I'd love for you to come over". His smile widened further and he felt a jolt go to his privates. "I'll see you tonight then, bye". After he hung up the phone he pinched his left nipple with his left thumb and index finger, and rubbed his asshole with his right thumb. Chris was grinning from ear to ear now. "Looks like I'm gonna get something nice and hard up there before long". And with that he walked back into his bedroom to pick out what he'd wear tonight.

Later that night Chris had a tight grey t-shirt and some blue jeans on, period. He wasn't wearing anything else, even underwear or deodorant. Chris was excited about tonight and his excitement was evident from the sizeable bulge in his jeans. With his penis still straining against his fly, he went to answer the door when he heard knocking. Opening the door with a smile Chris ushered his guest in. "Ryan, so glad to see ya, come on in". Ryan Gosling stepped into the house and gave Chris a quick pat on the back. "Great to see you too man". Ryan was wearing a loose-fitting white t-shirt and faded jeans. Chris led him into the living room. "Why don't we make ourselves comfortable". Chris sat down on the couch and expected Ryan to sit next to him but instead he stood in front of him, his crotch at Chris' eye-level. Apparently Ryan wanted to skip the formalities and get down to brass tacks. "Why don't we pick up where our last conversation left off". He easily slipped his shirt off and tossed it to the side. Chris smirked. "You mean when I said things would go a lot differently if I was sitting in front of you while you were naked?" Ryan pulled his jeans and bowers down together and threw them over to his shirt. "Yeah".

Chris and Ryan had met not too long ago at a Hollywood party, and the two hit it off right away. When they had a private moment together they discussed the scene in Ryan's new movie where he was standing naked in front of his co-star Steve Carell's head. Chris had said that things would go a lot differently then they had in the movie if he were sitting in front of Ryan's cock. Now here Chris was, with Ryan standing there naked as the day he was born. Ryan had a tan athletic build, with a stubbly beard, and smooth defined pecs and abs. Ryan had trimmed pubic hair and his 8'' erection was pointing right at Chris' face. Chris looked him up and down a few times. "Show me the back". Ryan turned an presented his backside. Chris eyes immediately locked on to Ryan's smooth and extra-tight buns. Chris breathed out slowly. "Damn". Ryan turned again and put his right foot up on the couch next to Chris. "I think it's time you showed me what you'd do to make that scene different". Chris looked up at him then down to his cock, and noticed a drop of pre-cum drip out and slide down the underside of the shaft. He looked back up at him. "I do too".


Chris leaned in and and grabbed Ryan's right buttcheek while he licked the underside of his shaft. "Ohh fuck yes." Ryan sighed. Chris looked up at him and smiled before swallowing Gosling's cock to the balls. Ryan's head tilted back and he breathed out a slow, "Shit!" Chris proceeded to bob on his guest's cock gently, taking it slow. His lips running across the shaft and his tongue teasingly licking the head. Ryan softly grabbed the back of Evan's head and watched him expertly suck his penis. "I didn't realize you had such skill with your mouth Chris." Ryan said looking down at his host while grinning ear to ear. Chris just looked up at him and increased the pace.

Chris started bobbing faster, slurping on his cock. "SHIT!" Ryan tilted his head back again, immensely enjoying the blowjob. Chris grabbed both Ryan's buttcheeks and began squeezing them. While Ryan grabbed Chris' head with both hands and started pumping into his mouth, face-fucking him. "Mmmmm mmm mmmm." Chris moaned his approval and teased Ryan's anus with his fingers. "Yeah tease my hole Chris!" Ryan started thrusting harder, his balls slapping Chris' chin. Evans' slowly inserted his right index and middle fingers into Gosling's ass. "Ohh shit! Ohhhh yes, please keep doing that Chris!" The Captain America star added his left index and middle fingers and started swishing them around, playing with his asshole. "Ohh my God!" Ryan grabbed hold of Chris' jaws and pumped hard down his throat. Chris gagged on his cock but loved every second of it, still teasing his shaft with his tongue. Eventually Ryan pulled out of Chris' mouth and helped him up to his feet. The two immediately wrapped their arms around each others toned bodies and started making out passionately.

Chris suddenly broke the kiss. "Now do me." He quickly pulled off his pants, throwing them onto Ryan's clothes. Ryan smiled at him for not wearing any underwear and knelt in front of his more muscular companion. Gosling stared at the erect 10.5'' piece of meat and wondered if he could really take it all in. Evans placed his hands on his hips and shot Ryan an appropriately cocky smile. "Big isn't it?" Ryan eyed the entire length of it one more time before simply saying, "Yeah." He grabbed the base of it with his left hand and slowly began swallowing it. He managed to take 8'' of it before gagging, unable to swallow it any further. "Don't sweat it man, few guys can fit it all down their throat." Ryan bobbed his head and rubbed Chris' big hairy balls, savouring the taste and feel of his huge manhood. After sucking for a while Chris pulled Ryan off him and said, "Let's go to the bedroom."

Both still buck naked Chris led Ryan to the bedroom. "There's something I wanna do with you Chris, lay down on the bed." Evans obliged, laying down on his back with his hands behind his head, wondering what Gosling wanted to do. Ryan knelt at the foot of the bed and leaned his head over to Chris' right foot. Oh so slowly Ryan licked up from the bottom of his heel to his toes. Not stopping there Ryan continued, sweeping his tongue up along the length of Chris' foot, then calf, then thigh. Stopping at the hairy, sweaty spot in between his asshole and his balls, Ryan then moved upwards. Licking all the way up his nutsac then his shaft and cockhead before moving back down again to the same spot beneath the balls. Continuing on, Ryan traced the same path with his tongue down Chris' left leg and foot ultimately finishing at the bottom of his left heel. Chris smiled down at Ryan. "I liked that." Ryan stoked Chris' inner thigh. "I thought you would."

Before either of them could perform another sex act, the sound of Chris' doorbell ringing sent a chill up the hunky actors' spines. Ryan got up and spun around, facing away from Chris. And although Chris was overtaken with the fear of being caught having sex with another man he couldn't help but stare at Ryan's scrumptious tight buns. At the sound of the doorbell ringing for a second time Chris jumped up off the bed. "Uhh... just stay here, I'll go see who it is." Trotting downstairs in the nude with his large erection swinging in between his legs, Chris grabbed up Ryan's underwear and put it on. Then he picked up his jeans and struggled to get into them as quickly as possible. The doorbell rang again and Chris decided not to put a shirt on, he just stashed the remaining clothes under the couch and hurried over to the door. He made quite the sight answering the door. His ripped chest heaving, nipples erect, drops of sweat forming in the hair on his broad pecs, and his crotch bulging with an obviously large piece of wood.

Nervously waiting for Chris to get rid of whoever was at the door, Ryan was sitting on the bed when he heard Chris and someone else coming up the stairs. Panicking, Ryan hid in the closet next to the bed when Chris and another man came into the room. Peeking through the small gap between the closet door and the wall, Ryan was shocked to see Chris and the other guy already completely naked laying on the bed, groping each other and making out. When Ryan realized who the other guy was he was totally stunned. Dozens of thoughts flew through Gosling's head but soon all he could think was, "Shit! That is hot!


When Chris answered the door he found his younger brother Scott standing there. "Hey big bro..." Scott was clearly surprised to find his brother so excited, and he was clearly turned-on to find his brother so excited as well. Chris immediately pulled Scott inside and closed the door before the two men threw their arms around each other and engaged in a deep incestuous kiss. Passionately making-out with his brother never failed to get Scott Evans dick rock-hard, and today was no exception. Scott's stiff prick strained the material of his pants and he had to break their kiss to start undressing. Chris quickly pulled off his jeans, causing his massive ten and a half inch manhood to swing up and slap his hairy abs. Scott pulled of his shirt, revealing his beefy, hairy chest and then pulled his pants and briefs off together. Scott's thick 8'' cock stood at full erection above his hairy low-hangers, encompassed by a thick bush of pubic hair. "Come on up to the bedroom bro." Chris led his hunky younger brother up the stairs, while giving him an eyeful of his hairy, muscular bubble-butt.

The Evans brothers wasted no time getting on the bed and getting down to business. They resumed their intense make-out session while groping all over each other's bodies. Ryan Gosling watched in shock and delight from his hiding place in the closet, and stroked his rigid cock to the amazing display of brotherly love. Chris began kissing Scott's neck, while Scott moaned and gripped his brother's ass. "Ahhh fuck Chris, I've missed the feeling of your hot body against mine." Chris looked at his brother with a devilish grin. "Is that so?" Chris climbed on top of Scott, their hard erections pressed together between their abs. "You've missed feeling this?" Chris started pumping into Scott, causing their dicks to rub together and their buff, hairy chests to grind against each other's. Scott moaned as waves of  pleasure washed over his body. "Ohh fuck yeah. Just like this, this is what I've been missing." The two men launched into another round of incestuous tongue wrestling.

Ryan quietly nudged the closet door open further, giving him a better view of the brothers. He bent his knees and massaged his cock with both hands, thoroughly enjoying himself in horny voyeur heaven. The two brothers sweaty, hairy, muscular bodies entwined and grinding into each other as they made out was hands-down the hottest sight Ryan Gosling  had ever had the pleasure of seeing. Ryan grinned from ear-to-ear as he listened to them moan like two horndogs in heat. He started pinching his nipples with one hand while using the other to deliver long, slow strokes to his eight inches of Canadian cock. Ryan watched as Scott moved his right hand down to Chris' ass and started to finger his brother's tight anus. Chris moaned even louder and thrust into Scott harder. Beads of sweat started pouring down from Ryan's forehead and armpits as he beat-off more vigorously.

Scott reluctantly broke their kiss to talk. "I need to fuck your ass Chris, but I want to eat it first." Chris got off him, turned around and got on all fours with his ass pointed at Scott's face. "It's all your's little brother." Scott knelt behind him and swept his tongue over his hairy, muscular buttocks. He smacked his older brother's bubble-butt a few times. "I fuckin' missed this tight ass too." Scott then eagerly buried his face in between Chris' asscheeks and licked his asshole like there was no tomorrow. Chris cried out in ecstasy. "Ahhhh! Aww fuck yeah bro! I missed feeling your tongue on my hole." Chris looked over to the closet where he assumed Ryan was hiding and could see enough through the gap between the door and the wall to know that Ryan was both watching them and enjoying what he saw. "Yeah, ya' fuckin love it don't ya'?" Chris said. Scott stopped eating him out for a second to say, "Fuck yeah I do." Meanwhile Ryan nodded and grinned at Chris. Chris felt an amazing mix of emotions as he watched Ryan masturbate. Knowing that another hot guy was seeing him and and his brother having sex and getting off on it turned out to be an insanely strong turn-on for Chris. But Chris' thoughts about Ryan's voyeurism were suddenly swept away when he was overcome by the sensation of his brother's tongue plunging into his anus.

"Fuck that feels good. I forgot how good that feels." Scott swirled his tongue around inside his brother repeatedly, while Chris panted in lust. Scott continued for a while and then finished rimming him and straightened up on his knees. "All right, I'm ready to ream your ass. Get on your back." Chris quickly complied, laying on his back and placing his calves on Scott's shoulders. Scott lined his cockhead up with his brother's asshole and said, "It's been too long since I felt your ass wrapped around my dick." And then plunged his rigid member inside his brother. "Mmmmm! Ohh fuck yeah Scott! FUCK ME HARD BRO!" Scott didn't waste any time gaining momentum; he was soon slamming into Chris as hard as he could. The sound of their muscular bodies slapping against each other, the smell of their sweat in the air, the sight of their hot incestuous sex all combined to drive Ryan Gosling wild with lust. As he uncontrollably jerked his cock his balls tightened with the anticipation of blowing his load. Scott kept plowing into his brother with an equal amount of lust-crazed enthusiasm. With every thrust sweat flew off of Scott and onto Chris' hairy, muscular torso, which was already drenched in his own sweat.

Chris groaned from the pain of his brother's cock invading his asshole but moaned from the sheer delight of his brother's cock rubbing his prostate. Chris' huge, hard cock throbbed while laying on top of his abs. Chris groped Scott's hairy chest, squeezing his pecs, pinching his nipples, feeling his armpits, and then licking the sweat from his fingers. "Mmmm, you taste so good bro. I missed your flavour." Scott grinned down at him. "Is that so? Let me remind myself how you taste." Scott reached down, felt his brother's sculpted hairy chest and then licked his hand clean. "Mmm yeah. Nothing like the taste of incest." This latest display threw Ryan over the edge. In his mind he thought, "So wrong, but so hot," and the next thing he knew he was firing off ropes of cum. His semen splattered against the inside of Chris' closet door, and Ryan had to struggle not to shout as his orgasm washed over him. Chris suspected he heard Ryan cum in his hiding spot and decided to speed things up. "Come on bro, seed my asshole. I need your cum in me." Scott started thrusting in more rapidly. "Yeah? Ya' need little bro's spunk?" Chris smiled up at his younger brother. "Fuck yeah little bro! Cream in my hairy faggot ass!" Scott threw his head back and yelled as his balls unleashed his hot, creamy jizz into his brother.

"FUCK YEAH SCOTT!! SEED MY ASS!!!" Chris jerked off his own cock, spilling his load onto his hairy, sweat-drenched pecs. Scott continued to shout as his balls emptied into Chris. The younger Evans brother collapsed onto his sibling as he panted heavily while recovering from his amazing orgasm. Ryan Gosling felt his cock start to harden as he watched the Evans studs' hairy, muscular bodies entwine again, this time soaked in their sweat. The brothers began deeply kissing again while gently feeling each others' body. Ryan smiled broadly and gave his growing member some long, slow strokes. Scott then licked Chris' cum of his pecs and proceeded to lick the sweat from every inch of his brother's body. Ryan watched in absolute bliss as the two siblings spent the next several minutes licking their sweat off each other. They spent the most amount of time swiping their tongues through they're hairiest areas. Their armpits, chest hair, pubic bushes and ass hair got the most attention from their insatiable mouths. When the two finally finished they gave each other a long French kiss.

"All right bro, why don't you get in the shower. I gotta' go back downstairs and collect up our clothes. I'll join you for some wet fun soon." Chris kissed his brother softly. "All right, sounds good. I'll see ya' soon." Scott got up, went into the bathroom and closed the door. Chris went over to the closet as soon as he heard the water running. Ryan stepped out of the closet with a mischievous smirk on his face. "You sure know how to entertain a guest Evans." Chris smiled right back at him and pointed at his stiff dick. "I see you enjoyed the show, allow me to take care of that." Chris got down on his knees and sucked Ryan's cockhead into his mouth. Ryan tilted his head back and sighed with pleasure as Chris began sucking his cock deep into his throat. Chris expertly serviced Ryan and soon his balls tightened up, ready to spill his seed. "Ohh shit yeah!" Ryan cursed as he came and Chris hungrily swallowed all of his cum. When Chris stood back up Ryan gave him a passionate kiss. "Thanks for the good time. I'll collect your clothes and leave them on the couch, you go have fun with your brother." This time Chris gave Ryan a passionate kiss. "Thanks man, let's get together again sometime." Ryan walked towards the stairs and turned to say goodbye before heading down. Chris eagerly went into the bathroom to join Scott in the shower. Downstairs Ryan got dressed and left the Evans brothers' discarded clothes on Chris' couch. As he opened the door to leave he could hear what sounded like loud moans coming from upstairs. Ryan grinned as he closed the door and walked over to his car. "Ohh I'll definitely be calling you again soon."