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Tuesday, August 23, 2022

Hollywood Hookups Part 14

Hello again readers, I'm sorry for the delay on this blog but my writing partner has finished another installment of his Hollywood Hookups series. 

As usual here's some links to my friend's newTumbl: https://supergeek29.newtumbl.com/ and his AO3: https://archiveofourown.org/works/35347627/chapters/88099948



[JUNE, 2015]

It was an unusually hot summer afternoon on the set of “X-Men: Apocalypse” and filming had wrapped early for the day due to the heat messing with the make-up for some of the actors; a rather sweaty Tye Sheridan stripped out his Cyclops costume as he walked into the apartment Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy were kind enough to share with him.

“Fuck, it’s hot.” Tye huffed-out before downing a nice cold glass of ice water; with the older men out for lunch it was a relief for the 19 year-old twink; he hadn’t wanted to accidentally flash his co-stars, especially since he knew the two hunks were dating.

However, what the young virgin did not know was monogamy was practically unheard of in the entertainment industry. Even when two or more celebrities got into a relationship they would have rules for open relationships.

Tye went on to watch a bit of T.V. since he figured he would have the apartment to himself for a few hours. After watching some T.V., the young twink’s 6 inch cock started to harden when he stumbled upon a movie with a rather steamy gay sex scene. “Fuck, that’s hot.” Tye muttered to himself as his hand traveled down to his growing erection. 

He licked his full, pink, lips as he took in the sight of one of the actors sucking on his co-star’s cock; actually sucking on it, not just an illusion made with some camera trick, but actually giving his co-star a skillful blowjob.

Tye’s breath hitched as he slowly moved his hand up and down his erection; his blue eyes were glued to the television screen, a soft moan escaping his plump lips when his thumb trailed over the head of his cock, gathering up some of his precum.

The scene finished before the virgin twink could truly get into a real rhythm. A frustrated groan rumbled within Tye’s throat as he shot to his feet. “Fuck it.” He grumbled as he marched to the apartment’s spacious bathroom. 

Sweat trickled down Tye’s body as he entered the bathroom, his firm erection bouncing up and down with each step he took. In his need to cool down, Sheridan had forgotten to close the door as stepped into the shower, turning on the hot water and letting it pour down onto his nude frame.

The young man lathered his hands and began groping all over himself, exploring his body under the warm spray of water. His hands traveled slowly as they reached his penis, gently stroking his stiff shaft. Tye felt a desperate need for sexual release but didn’t want to make himself orgasm too soon.

Wanting to try something he hadn’t done yet, the young actor moved a hand behind him and grabbed his own ass. He gripped one of his buttocks tightly and kneaded it before sliding his fingers down between the cheeks.

Tye felt his heart start to beat faster as his fingertips grazed over his asshole. He had never experienced anal pleasure before. He started rubbing the sensitive skin of his anus and perineum slowly. “Mmm!” He moaned, the sound involuntarily jumping forth from his chest.

The virgin twink was curious about how sex with a big strong man would be, he had dreamt about for as long as he remembered; sadly he had chickened out when he was given the chance. Teasing his hole with his finger sent shivers through Tye’s slender body and made him moan in pleasure; he never thought it felt that good.

“Fuuucckkk…” Tye panted as his index finger teased harder at his smooth pink pucker. “Feels so good… oh fuck!” He gasped for air as he was emboldened by his own voice, touching his never explored anus with more vigor as he imagined what it would be like to lose his virginity to a gorgeous Daddy with a big cock. 

“Mmm!” He whined with a needy horny voice. “So good…” Tye repeated to himself, pleasure written all over his sweat and water soaked face.

Tye never thought it would feel like this, he was entranced by the feeling. He had taken a liking to playing with his virgin hole. He pressed his finger a little deeper, trying to penetrate the opening; he gasped and moaned breathlessly. “Oh my fucking God!” He pressed his finger deeper till his hole was breached. 

“Mmm…” Sheridan couldn’t stop himself, it felt too good having his virgin hole played with. There was a little bit of pain, but it was still so overwhelmingly pleasurable.

He had his eyes closed as he continued pleasuring himself, therefore he did not notice the tall, red haired, and blue eyed hunk watching him play with his virgin pucker from the doorway. Sheridan’s free hand took hold of his neglected erection, stroking it as he fingered his hole even further; he moaned loudly in ecstasy.

“Oh fuck!” Tye cried out in total ecstasy, his knees buckling as he was overwhelmed by the pleasure coursing through his body.

The handsome virgin opened his eyes and was startled when saw Michael Fassbender standing in the doorway, completely naked, his hand slowly gliding up and down his plump and uncut 11.5 inch erection. His toned body was damp with sweat; his perfectly toned torso had a light dusting of body hair that was also over his arms and legs, his dark ginger colored pubes looked as if he hadn’t trimmed them in ages.

Fassbender was a beautiful vision of masculinity, and he wore a mischievous grin while watching Sheridan work his fingers in and out of his pucker.

When Tye saw how much the older male was enjoying the show, shyness washed through the poor virgin, turning his cheeks red. He was mouthing an explanation but the words died in his throat.

Fassbender smirked wickedly as he stepped into the bathroom.“Don’t stop, I like what I see.” Lust and desire were heavy in the ginger Daddy’s tone as he spoke. “Go on, keep playing with your cunt” He encouraged Tye as he moved even closer to the shower.

Tye was too petrified to move. Michael’s bright blue eyes burned with desire as he stepped into the shower, running his a sensual hand over the young virgin’s plump rear end, making the boy moan at the contact.

“Or do you need some help?” Michael asked as he slowly teased his finger over the twink’s sensitive pucker, causing the American twink to release a shaky breath as he locked eyes with the older man pleasuring him.

Michael looked into Tye’s eyes with a gaze full of lust. “Turn the water off.” He commanded as the last bit of soap was rinsed off the 19 year old’s slender body. “Good boy.” The senior X-Men actor said when Tye obeyed him,

Fassbender removed his finger from the virgin hole before leaning in and slowly dragging his tongue over the smooth pink pucker, making the young man let out a breathy moan.

Tye couldn’t believe that the German-Irish Daddy was doing this to him, he had gotten a pretty good idea of Michael’s sexual prowess from the amount of times he had overheard him and James having sex; and the knowledge that he was gonna exprience it first hand had Tye weak in the knees.

Tye’s hands moved to the shower wall, steadying himself as he arched his back while moaning desperately as he submitted to the “300” actor’s skilled tongue. Sheridan started moaning and panting louder and his throbbing erection leaked copious amounts of precum while Michael moved his tongue in such a manner that mimicked writing the German alphabet. 

“Mmm… such a tasty cunt.” The 38 year old stud said with a lustful lull to his voice. “I think it’s time to fill it up.” Michael said with a hungry gleam in his blue eyes, grinning as he watched the boy nod shyly.

A surprised yelp left Tye’s pouty lips when Michael moved him to the shower bench and bent him over. “I-I’ve n-never done this before.” He admitted, turning a bright shade of red as he blushed with embarrassment.

“Don’t worry love, I’ll give this arse the fucking it deserves.” Michael said before grabbing the bottle of lube from the wall rack; he and James had kept it there for they would get worked up when showering together. After applying the lube to his pole and the virgin’s pole, the tall hunk wore an eager grin while rubbing the tip on Tye’s entrance. “Brace yourself.” He said before slowly penetrating Tye.

Tye’s eyes went wide and he let out a loud whine that rang through the apartment upon feeling Michael’s monster manhood sliding deeper and deeper into his virgin hole until he could feel the older male’s untrimmed bush pressing against his smooth cheeks. “OHHH GOODD!!!” He whined, he never felt so full in his life.

A deep groan rumbled within Michael’s throat as he gripped Tye’s hips, he had always loved the feel of a virgin hole wrapped around his cock, Tye’s hole was like a silky vice grip and he loved every second of it. “Fuck this is one of the tightest cunts I’ve ever had!” He belted out as he began pumping his hips with a slow rhythm, allowing the boy to get use to the size and the intrusion.

Sheridan had a death grip on the edge of the bench as he moaned, desperately pleading for Michael to make him his. “Oh fuck, Daddy… feels so good!” He cried out as he rocked back on the older male’s cock. 

“Going to get even better.” Fassbender purred as he slowly increased the pace of his thrusts, moaning and groaning loudly as he drove his cock in and out of the boy’s hungry hole. “A fucking perfect arse.” He growled as he drilled into him.

The sound of their wet flesh colliding and Tye’s needy moans sent Michael into a freezy; grabbing Tye by the hair, Fassbender pulled  Tye up, capturing his lips into a hungry kiss as he started moving his hips like a jackhammer, driving his cock into the Tye’s prostate with reckless abandon. 

Tye’s moans and whines were muffled by the kiss, his rolled into the back of his head and his knees began to buckle as he submitted to the other male’s ruthless pounding; the harsh assault in his prostate had the 19 year old ready to scream out in ecstasy, and before he knew it, he was prematurely spilling his seed onto to the bench and shower floor.

“Who gave you permission to cum?” Fassbender growled darkly. Forcefully bending Tye back over, Michael slapped his ass hard enough to leave a bright red handprint while vigorously driving his monster cock into the boy’s once virginal hole. “Gonna have to teach you a lesson.” He growled.

Sheridan felt like his entire body was vibrating as he road his orgasmic high, MIchael’s enormous cock fucked him hard, a strong and aggressive presence against his prostate. His 6 inch erection was still leaking cum as he violently pounded.

Michael reached around and grabbed Tye’s grip in a firm hold. “Gonna have to learn how to get this fucker under control.” He growled while moving his hips like a jackhammer, reveling in the boy’s desperate screams. 

The tightness around Michael’s massive cock combined with the friction of his animalistic thrusts had the older actor nearing his own climax. With a mighty roar, Fassbender started pumping his seed inside his new lover’s needy hole.

"Fuck! Fucking take my load, boy!!". Michael was shooting like he never had before, so strong, and he just couldn’t stop filling Tye. The orgasm surpassed his usual ones, making him feel like he was on cloud 9. There was no stopping his orgasm, he was still shooting rope after rope as he pulled out Tye’s tight embrace, painting his hole and cheeks with his white hot seed.

Michael collapsed on top of the boy, both panting heavily as they road out their orgasmic high. “How was that?” He asked while pulling Tye up, a proud grin on his face.

Tye was still panting as he prepared to answer when another voice filled the room. 

“Fucking fantastic.” 

Tye and Michael turned to see James McAvoy standing there in the doorway in all his naked glory, licking his own cum from his fingers on the hand he used to jerk his 8.5 inch manhood. “That was a fucking amazing show, now come to bed, we have a lot to teach the lad.”

Monday, June 13, 2022

The Latest Chapter Of Black Ridge Is Available!

Hi again, readers. I'm happy to announce that the latest chapter of Black Ridge is finished and posted on the other blog. Here's a link for you.

I hope you enjoy and feel free to let me know what you think in the comments. Bye for now!

Saturday, April 30, 2022

Hollywood Hookups Part 13

Hello again readers, me and my writing partner are back with another installment of Hollywood Hookups. 

As usual here's some links to my friend's newTumbl: https://supergeek29.newtumbl.com/ and his AO3: https://archiveofourown.org/works/35347627/chapters/88099948



It was a sunny morning in Los Angeles when Tom Holland pulled up to the studio where he would be meeting up with Henry Cavill; the older Brit had invited him to participate in the photoshoot he would be doing for MuscleTech’s “Sexercise” collection. 

The crew was hard at work setting up when one of the assistants greeted Tom and led him to the dressing room. “Now, you and Mr. Cavill are a little early, so you’ll have time to get changed into your MuscleTech gear and discuss the plans for today.” The assistant explained before they reached the dressing room that Tom would be sharing with Henry.

“Da-Cavill’s already here?” Tom asked, sounding a little more eager than he intended; he didn’t even want to think about how he almost slipped-up and called Henry “Daddy”. The young man opened the door to the dressing room and was greeted with the sight of a naked Henry sliding a pair of black shorts up his hairy, tree-trunk thighs.

Cavill pulled the black fabric up over his genitals and then looked over at Holland. “Hey there, Tommy. Good to see you came…” He said with a grin when he saw the younger man gawking at him.

“H-hey, Daddy…” Tom muttered in response, his eyes still glued to the other man’s crotch after getting a glimpse of his massive cock and balls and the MuscleTech branded cockring he was wearing.

“Come on in and shut the door behind you.” Henry chuckled as he beckoned to his guest. The Superman stud wasn’t wearing a shirt and his huge, hirsute pecs were proudly on full display.

“Good idea.” The Spider-Man star replied, quickly closing the door behind him and walking into the room with his gaze focused squarely on the other man’s chest. “So, how are we gonna tackle today?” Holland asked curiously as he started strippng out of his clothes.

“Well, the photographer will get a few shots of us working out individually and together, then we’ll take a few pictures modeling the gear before we start with the sexercise.” Cavill explained while lacing up his shoes. “Sound good mate?” 

“Sounds perfect.” Tom said was an eager nod as he changed into a white tank top that had the MuscleTech logo before putting in a thong and a pair of leggings that stretched perfectly around his shapely ass. “How do I look?” Tom asked with a flirtatious grin, as he checked himself out in the mirror, the company’s logo was placed perfectly over his right ass cheek..

“You look fucking amazing.” The blue-eyed Brit said. “Definitely got my blood pumping.” He said with a smirk as he pulled on a blue tank top with the MuscleTech logo before putting on two leather bicep bands that matched the cockring he was wearing.

The younger Brit flashed Henry a flirtatious smirk. “I could say the same thing about you Daddy.” He said as he walked up to the older Brit. “And what should we do while we wait?” Tom asked with a lustful lull to his tone.

Henry smirked and wrapped a strong arm around the younger male’s athletic waist, pulling him into a deeply passionate kiss. “Guess we’ll have some time to play.” He said with a seductive smirk before capturing Holland’s lips in another heated kiss; his hand moved lower, making Tom let out of a soft gasp when he gave one of his ass cheeks a firm squeeze.

Cavill smirked and took the opportunity to slip his large tongue into Holland’s warm and willing mouth. The two superhero actors were pressed together in an embrace of passion as their hands roamed over each other’s bodies.

Henry had picked Tom up and the younger male wrapped his legs around his waist when one of the crew members knocked on the trailer’s door, announcing the crew was ready to start.

“We’ll finish this later.” The Man of Steel actor spoke with a low, lustful growl sending chills up Tom’s spine.

“Oh, I count on it Daddy.” Holland said with a seductive little smirk as he was lowered back to the floor. He looked down, noticing he and Henry were both half hard. “I can’t wait to get my hands on that bad boy.” He teased kissing the older male once more before they headed out of the trailer.

Cavill chuckled and gave his lover’s bum a playful swat. “Don’t worry love, I’ll go easy on you this time.” He said with a flirty wink.

“You better not, I want the beast that fucked me in the hotel.” The little twunk said with a fiery look in his dark brown eyes. “Show your fans your cardio routine, Daddy.” Tom added with a grin, he was well versed in getting his Daddies to let out their more primal sides.

The pair of lovers made their way onto the set and were immediately greeted by the art director and the photographer and the art director before they had got to work.

They started with Tom, focusing on the younger Brit’s agility and flexibility; getting some particularly marvelous shots of the way leggings stretched over his plump rear end. When it was Cavill’s turn they focused on the older Brit’s strength and endurance, the photographer taking some deliciously mouth-watering pictures of Henry’s flexing muscles and bouncing bulge.

During their workout photos together, Holland nearly let out a submissive whimper when he felt Cavill’s warm hands on his waist and bulge on his ass while the older male helped him with his squats. If he thought that was bad, he felt his 6 inch cock hardening against the fabric of his thong and leggings when he looked up the leg of Cavill’s shorts. He was greeted by the sight of the uncut head of Henry’s 10 inch manhood while the older man acted as his spotter during a few weight lifting photos.

Cavill winked down at the 25 year-old twunk. “Don’t worry, you’ll get it soon enough.” He said before they moved on to modeling the clothes.

With Tom, the modeling was more on the safe side of seductive, focused on the Spiderman actor’s shapely rear end; Henry watched his lover with a smirk on his face, his cock twitched in his shorts when the dark eyed twunk stripped out of his sweat stained clothes and showed off his MuscleTech thong before getting down on all fours, arching his back with a practiced ease.

“God, that kid really is a natural slut.” The art director whispered to Cavill who only smirked even more.

“You have no idea, mate.” The 38 year-old stud said with a soft chuckle. When it was his turn to model, they focused on Henry’s status as a muscle bear and sex symbol. Cavill flashed Holland a seductive wink while the photographer took a series of provocative pictures of the British hunk.

The director took that opportunity to have one of the crew members set off the sprinklers over Henry, amplifying the provocativeness of the photos and causing Tom to let out a needy whine when Henry's clothes became wet enough that they were made see through.

Licking his lips, Tom had to fight against every instinct to worship Henry right then and there. The wet, transparent, fabric clung to "The Witcher" star's muscles and cock deliciously; the lighting made Cavill look like he was practically glowing as water and sweat trickled down his muscles.

"God, I need him so fucking bad." Tom thought to himself as his 6-inch erection strained against his thong.

Seeing the eagerness in the 25 year-old twunk, the art director let out a soft chuckle and instructed the crew to turn off the sprinklers before telling Tom and Henry to go wild.

With a simple look at each other, Cavill and Holland made a silent agreement to put on one hell of a show for the camera. Henry peeled off his soaked tank-top, allowing Tom to lick the sweat and water up from his abs up to his hairy, voluptuous pectorals.

Tom wore sultry smirk and wiggled his plump, thong clad ass at the cameraman while working his skilled tongue over the Man of Steel’s beautifully sculpted torso, earning a deep moan from the older male when he swirled his tongue over Henry’s nipples.

“Does that feel good, Daddy?” Tom asked with a cheeky grin; and judging by the lustful growl coming from Cavill, the older man was very close to going all beast mode on him.

Deciding to push The Witcher star even further, Holland took Cavill’s shorts down with him as he descended to his knees, licking his lips when he was greeted by the mouth-watering sight of Cavill’s throbbing 10 inch cock. “I see someone’s feeling eager.” The little twunk teased before taking hold of the uncut erection.

“You’re playing with fire boy, you better stop teasing me.” Henry growled down at Tom, a look of pure fiery lust in his heterochromatic eyes as he looked down at Tom who was slowly stroking his cock while swirling his tongue around the head.

“Or wh-” The Marvel slut’s question was cut off and he found himself gagging and choking on the massive fuck rod with Henry’s hand on the back of his head.

“Come on boy, I know you can do better than that.” Henry said under a moan with his fingers tangled in Tom's dark curls as he controlled the movements of the twunk's head.

Cavill was right, Tom Holland was the biggest slut in Hollywood and he had no trouble adjusting to the throbbing cock that was sliding in and out of his mouth. Reaching up with one hand, he took hold of Henry's hairy low-hanging balls, massaging them as he suckled on Cavill's juciy cock, while working his slender fingers in and out of his own hole, making himself moan around Henry rock hard erection.

Cavill let head fall back with bliss written all over his face. "FUUUCCCKKK!" He swore with a loud moan in response to Holland's moans sending pleasurable vibrations through his cock.

Suddenly, the "Immortals" star did something that shocked both his lover and the crew members; he flipped Tom into a handstand, snapped the thong off his body, and buried his face in Holland's smooth ass while fucking his throat.

Tom's eyes rolled into the back of his head, the combination of Henry's large tongue working over his pink hole and hairy sweat covered balls slapping against his face while the big Daddy dick slid in and out of his throat. With the way Cavill was massaging his smooth ass cheeks while eating him out like a starving man, Tom sent more pleasurable vibrations through his lover's manhood as he whined desperately.

Saliva and precum trickled down the sides of Tom’s face as he slurped on Henry’s manhood while the hairy hunk continued feasting on his slutty hole. Holland flexed his ass cheeks in Cavill’s strong grasp, making him growl like a horny beast. 

“Eager slut.” Henry said under a sensual growl before dragging his large tongue from over his lover’s quivering pucker to the tip of his weeping cock. “I think someone's ready to get fucked.” He told the crew and placed Tom onto all fours; spreading the needy bottom’s cheeks, the 38 year-old Brit leaned in and spit right onto his hole, making the “Uncharted” star shiver.

Tom shuddered when the saliva hit his hole only to arch his back and let out a loud moan of pain mixed with pleasure as Henry slammed his monster cock into his hungry hole. “DADDY!!” Tom cried out at the sudden intrusion.

Cavill smirked, slapping Tom’s plump right ass cheek and gave a sharp thrust. “Mmm, I fucking love this hungry cunt.” Henry purred with a devilish grin as he gave another sharp thrust, sinking deeper and deeper into Tom's hungry hole.

Tom was slowly dissolving into a mess of submissive whines and moans as Henry's thrusts slowly built up in strength and speed. Beads of perspiration dripped down Tom’s forehead as a sexual heat overtook him.

The photographer took the perfect shot of Holland looking like he was in Heaven with Cavill drilling into him like a piston on a race car; Cavill wore an expression of determination, a determination to fuck the younger Brit’s brains out right there on the studio floor.

Grabbing a handful of the twunk’s dark curls, the Superman actor pulled him up into a hungry kiss with an almost animalistic growl while furiously pounding Tom’s slutty little hole. He dominated his lover’s mouth while striking his prostate with each thrust.

Tom moaned and whined desperately into Henry’s mouth while rocking back to meet his lover’s brutal thrusts, their bodies were glistening with sweat as they moved in the erotic dance. Holland couldn’t stop himself whining when Superman’s rod of steel suddenly left his hole and the older man stood up before kicking off his shoes. He let out a needy whimper as he looked up at the muscle bear.

Henry smirked and tapped his cock on Tom’s face before moving over to the weight bench. “Come boy, time to ride.” Cavill ordered as he laid back and took hold of the barbell.

Tom hurried over to Henry like an eager puppy; straddling the older male in the “reverse cowgirl” position, moaning happily as he sank down onto all 10 inches.

“Holy fuck this is gonna be our hottest photoshoot yet.” The art director muttered to himself while grouping himself as he watched Henry Cavill lifting weights while Tom Holland was riding his mouth watering cock. The studio lights were at the perfect level of brightness to capture the glistening of the two British men’s sweaty coated bodies.

The photographer licked his lips while capturing Cavill’s muscles flexing as he lifted and lowered the barbell while grunting and panting heavily in response to Tom riding him with a practiced grace.

“Fucking ride it.” Cavill said through gritted teeth.

The little MCU slut was the definition of pornopgraphic, panting like a bitch in heat with his rock hard cock flopping around freely as he bounced on the DCEU Daddy’s impressive member. Holland was so lost in ecstasy that he didn’t notice Cavill had put the barbell down and grabbed him by the waist and rapidly raised and lowered him, using him like a human fleshlight.

Neither Brit was bothered by being watched by the MuscleTech crew that had begun jerking their individual cocks at the glorious display of Exhibitionism.

Tom let out a loud string of expletives as he neared his climax. “OH FUUUCCCKKK MEEEEEEE!!!” The twunk cried out as he started shooting his load all over the place without even touching himself.

Feeling Tom’s hole getting tighter around him as he orgasmed was the final straw for Cavill and he pushed the twunk onto the floor, fucking him doggy style. “FUCKING TAKE THAT COCK!!!” Henry roared, slapping the needy bottom’s ass cheek hard enough to leave a bright red hand print as he drilled Tom like a fucking jackhammer, stepping on Tom’s head as he chased after his own orgasm.

Huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf, Henry whipped his head back and let out a howl of ecstasy as blew a massive load inside of Tom’s hole, leading to a crescendo of moans and groans as the crew members came one after another. 

“Holy dayum, we might have a best seller on our hands.” The art director huffed before licking his own cum from his fingers, making Henry smirk.

Henry looked up with lust filled eyes while Tom was still whimpering under him. “Who’s next?” Was all he said.