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Friday, March 22, 2019

Daddy's Favourite Boys

Hugh Jackman was a legend in the world of Hollywood man-on-man sex. The tall, brawny hunk of Australian beefcake had earned his reputation as an animal in the bedroom; capable of both fucking like a beast and leaving his lovers unable to walk, and taking the hardest poundings himself without losing any stamina. Sex with Jackman was a great privilege and being able to endure one of his brutal fuckings was a badge of honour among Hollywood’s horniest men. And while Hugh was popular with just about every guy he came in contact with, the younger men were always especially enamoured with him. The Aussie stud had built a strong, mentor-like relationship with some of those younger actors and he had invited them over to his house so he could spend some quality one-on-one time with each of them. Zac Efron, Taron Egerton, Tom Holland and Tye Sheridan were the lucky four that Jackman had gathered together for the day.
Tye had been the first to arrive and so he had the pleasure of going first. He was already in Jackman’s bedroom completely nude and staring up at the older man’s handsome face. “Hi again, sir.” Sheridan said respectfully.
Hugh smiled down at him. “Good to see you again, lad.” He replied, running his fingers over the boy’s bare chest. “How have you been lately?” He asked.
“Good…” Tye answered a bit nervously. He shivered when the older man’s fingers moved across his nipples. “I’ve uh… been looking forward to seeing you again.” He confessed.
“Have you now?” Jackman reacted with the raise of his eyebrows and the curl of his lips. “And just what…” He began to say as he slowly reached his hands around and slid them down Sheridan’s back. “Have you been looking forward to?” He inquired as he grabbed the younger man’s firm buttocks and gave them a gentle squeeze.

Tye could feel his pulse quicken as soon as Hugh’s strong hands touched his bum, sending blood rushing into his penis. The young actor was one of the lucky men who had experienced being on both the giving and receiving end of sex with the Wolverine star and he could tell that Jackman was asking him which he preferred. Sheridan blushed and chuckled awkwardly. “Well obviously I really enjoyed when you let me top you...” He started to reply. That was an understatement though, getting to fuck the muscular superhero stud was one of the proudest moments of Tye’s life and it was the moment when he felt that he had truly become a man. However the sheer physical ecstasy of being pounded in the ass by Hugh’s massive Australian cock was too irresistible to deny. “But I’d really like to bottom for you again.” He finished.
Jackman grinned proudly. “I had a feeling you’d say that.” He teased. Hugh held the younger man and they kissed while Hugh carried him onto the bed and laid him on his back. Soon the mature actor’s erection was prodding the boy’s hole.
“Stick it in… fuck me…” Sheridan begged. His hands clung to the man’s back.
Hugh smirked as he drove his cock in deep.
“Ohhhh fuck yeah!” Tye cursed out loud. His eyes rolled back in his head while he relived the pleasure of being filled by the legendary stud’s shaft.
Jackman began to work his hips; drawing his dick back and then ramming it forward again repeatedly, each thrust sending a jolt through the younger man’s body.
Sheridan was already panting heavily and knew he made the right decision when he cose to bottom. “Ohhh fuuuuck… daaadyyyyy…” He moaned desperately.
Hugh growled like an animal as he increased the intensity of his fucking.

Outside of the bedroom Tom Holland was waiting in the hallway and listening to the sounds the other two men were making.
“They must be having fun, eh?” Another man’s voice suddenly spoke from behind.
Tom turned around to see Taron Egerton walking over to him.
“Oh, hi! Yeah, it sounds like they’re really going at it.” Holland replied with a smile. Both the young actors were already undressed and they embraced each other, pressing their nude bodies together before they shared a quick kiss.
“Haven’t seen you since the Halloween party.” Egerton said, giving the Spider-Man star a pat on the bum.
“Yeah, that was a fun time.” Tom chuckled, blushing as he recalled the events of that night.
“This is gonna’ be another fun time, I’m sure.” Taron added, winking at his companion.
“It will be, now that I’m here.” A third man’s voice called out. The two British actors turned to see that Zac Efron had arrived.
Zac strode down the hallway confidently without wearing a stitch of clothing, his chiseled body and bare genitals proudly on display.
Holland’s face lit up as he watched the other man come over to them. “Hey there!” He greeted him excitedly.
Efron smirked knowingly at the younger actor’s obvious lust for him. “Hey boys, you two look eager to get fucked…” He teased.
Egerton was a bit off-put by the newcomer’s tone. “Aren’t you?” He asked, furrowing his brow.
“Nah man…” Zac replied, putting his hands on his hips confidently. “I’m here to fuck Hugh.” He said casually.

Both Taron and Tom were surprised by the other man’s bold declaration and were left speechless for a moment.
Efron grinned proudly as his cock swelled along with his ego.
“Wow! Really?” Holland finally exclaimed, turned on by the thought of it. “That’s so hot!”
Egerton noticed how horny the young twink was getting and watched his penis grow to full erection.
“Yeah, well... Hugh enjoyed it so much last time that he wants another dose of my dick.” Zac replied nonchalantly.
Taron couldn’t help but feel envious of the stud’s confidence and intimidated by his immediate influence over Tom. “Well y’know mate, you’re not the only one who’s stuck his cock up Jackman’s arse.” He said, puffing out his chest a bit and trying to match the other man’s swagger.
“Yeah, I heard about that…” Efron started to say with a smug look on his face. “Sounds like your dick didn’t stay in his ass for too long.” He finished, looking the other man in the eye.
Holland looked over at the “Kingsman” star nervously, sensing the aggression between the men.
Egerton blushed and he swallowed nervously. His one attempt to fuck Hugh had been unsuccessful and he didn’t think anyone else knew about it. Hearing Zac say it out loud in front of Tom was humiliating.
Efron beamed proudly knowing he had emasculated the other man.

Back in the bedroom Jackman let out a mighty roar as he shot his load into Tye Sheridan.
Sheridan lay underneath the man panting and drenched in sweat. His own cum trickled out of is cockhead along his stomach while the mature stud filled his tender ass with his seed. “Wow…” He breathed out slowly, massaging the Aussie’s pecs with both hands. “That was incredible…”
Hugh slowly pulled his cock out and stood back up. “Yeah... “ He said, wiping his forehead with the back of his hand. “You got a nice, tight arse, lad.” He complimented the young actor. “Tell the next one to come in.” He added as he walked over to the adjoining bathroom to wash his face.
Tye watched the older man’s buff ass flex as he walked away before he left the bedroom and found the other three guys waiting in the hallway.
Taron, Tom and Zac all turned to look at Sheridan, who had emerged from Jackman’s bedroom looking like he had just run a marathon.
Tye smiled bashfully. “Don’t worry guys; I got him all fired-up!” He chuckled. The young X-Men actor could tell he had just interrupted an awkward moment between the other men. “Well, uh… he says the next guy can go in now. So I’ll, umm… see ya’ later.” He said before he rushed downstairs to find his clothes, cum still leaking out of his asshole.
Holland looked at Egerton and Efron and figured he should let them deal with their hostility in private. “I guess it’s my turn now. I guess I’ll see you guys later… assuming I survive in one piece.” He joked before he headed into the bedroom.
Taron glared at Zac, furious that he had spitefully embarrassed him in front of Tom.
Efron sneered back at the other man. “You mad, bro?” He asked mockingly.

When Holland entered the Wolverine star’s bedroom the other man was still in the bathroom so he decided to get ready for him on the bed. Tom quickly got on all fours and arched his back, striking the perfect bottom-boy pose with his ass pointed towards the bathroom door.
As soon as Hugh finished washing-up and walked back in the first thing he saw was the horny twink’s tight, round buttocks waiting for him. “Good boy.” He muttered under his breath as he got behind him.
Holland could feel the older man’s hot breath on his bare asshole and it made him quiver in anticipation and when he felt Jackman’s wet tongue and scruffy facial hair between his cheeks he moaned out loud from the sensation.
Hugh loved hearing the sounds of pleasure he was teasing out of the younger man and it drove him to slip his tongue in Tom’s puckered asshole.
Holland whimpered desperately as he felt the mature stud’s beard rasp against his sensitive skin while he tongue-fucked his eager hole. “Ohhhh God, that feels soooooo good…” He hissed sharply.
Jackman felt his massive cock throb with the need to fill the boy’s ass and he finished the rimjob to get into position. “This is gonna’ be harder than any other time I’ve fucked you.” He warned, rubbing his cockhead over the twink’s anus.
“I’m ready.” Tom replied, bracing himself for the Aussie’s savage fucking.
Hugh let out a deep, loud grunt as he slammed his pelvis forward; driving his manhood all the way in. He didn’t even give the boy a moment to adjust before he started swinging his hips back and forth, ravaging his ass at full-force.

The Spider-Man star’s eyes and mouth opened wide as his asshole was stretched open and filled by the thick, uncut, Australian shaft, and a long howl of pain escaped his lungs.
Jackman only chuckled at his lover’s expense and continued to thrust his body, holding the boy tight as he plowed his ass mercilessly.
Holland started panting heavily, it was taking all of his strength and resolve not to collapse on the bed underneath the older man. The amount of pain and pleasure he was receiving was a dizzying mixture of sensations but he wouldn’t have traded it for anything.
Sweat was dripping all over Jackman’s flexing muscles, the drops of perspiration collected in his body hair before spilling down onto the vulnerable young man underneath him. His hands roamed over the twink’s toned physique, groping every inch of him as he pounded away at his tight, little bubble-butt.
Tom grinned as he endured the Wolverine stud’s assault on his body, his own cock was stiff as a board as it jutted out beneath him. Every time the hunky older man rammed his huge prick into him it sent the horny British twink further and further into ecstasy. Despite being on the receiving end of the hardest pummeling in his young life Holland obediently kept his back arched the entire time.
Hugh grinned with pride at how well he had dominated the boy into complete submission, it allowed him to fuck with absolutely zero restraint in a way that most men could only dream of. He raised a hand up and then brought in down hard on one of Tom’s buttocks, leaving a big, red handprint behind. “Daddy loves this tight ass!” He laughed boisterously.

Outside the bedroom Zac Efron and Taron Egerton had stared each other down as soon as they were alone together in the hallway.
“What’s your problem?” Taron asked angrily as he continued glaring at the other man.
Zac laughed derisively. “You seem to be the one with the problem, dude. I was just telling you guys why I’m here and you’re the one who tried to start shit with me.” He replied.
Egerton rolled his eyes. “I wasn’t trying to ‘start shit’, I was just letting you know that you’re not the only one here who’s fucked Hugh before.” He explained.
Efron laughed again and then stepped closer to the other man, placing a hand on his shoulder. “Here’s the thing; I was just pointing out that you didn’t actually fuck Hugh, you tried to fuck Hugh and he didn’t let you.” He told him with an arrogant smirk.
Taron grit his teeth as anger and humiliation simmered through his veins. “Listen--!” He began to say.
“No! You listen to me.” Zac interrupted him, pointing a finger in his face. “You know I’m right, but that’s not even why you’re mad. You’re mad ‘cause I said it in front of your little boyfriend.” He claimed.
“Tom isn’t my boyfriend.” The Welshman quickly replied incredulously.
The cocky American stud scoffed at his response. “Sure... he’s your ‘little brother’, or whatever. The point is you’re just jealous because Tom forgot all about you the moment he saw me.”
Egerton’s brow furrowed deeply. “That’s not true! He didn’t just forget about me!” He shot back.
“Ohh please, Tom looked like he was about to get on his hands and knees, crawl over to me and slurp my balls right in front of you!” Efron laughed callously.

Taron felt like he had been punched in the nuts emotionally. “Fuck you!” He growled at the other man and shoved him away.
Zac laughed even more at the British actor’s expense. “I’m just tellin’ the truth, bro!”
“You’re an arsehole!” Egerton shouted furiously.
“Yeah, and you’re a cuck!” Efron replied mockingly.
“Fuck you! Didn’t you used to be some prissy twink?” Taron countered, desperately trying to get under his skin.
Zac looked the other man in the eyes and smiled. “That’s right, I used to be just another pretty-boy bottom-bitch that nobody took seriously. But you know what happened? I decided to become a real man.” He declared proudly. “I bulked-up... I manned-up… and look at me now…” He said, raising up his arms and flexing, showing off his bulging biceps and taut pectorals.
As much as he resented him right now, Egerton couldn’t help but look at Efron’s hairy armpits and sinewy muscles and feel the need to worship them with his tongue.
Zac chuckled again, once more recognizing the obvious lust and admiration for him in another man’s eyes. “You need to accept that you’re not on my level… you’re just another horny slut hungry for a real man’s cock.” He said coldly.
Taron tried to think of something to say in response but couldn’t come up with anything. He had never felt this kind of embarrassment before. Suddenly he was completely unsure of his own identity.

Back in the bedroom Hugh Jackman was still plowing Tom Holland to his heart’s content. He could feel the twink’s asshole gripping his shaft like a vice and could tell he was going to cum soon. “I’m gonna’ blow my load up yer arse, boy!” He grunted loudly.
Tom was still whimpering like a puppy as his prostate was repeatedly rammed by Hugh’s thick cock. “Yes please, sir!” He begged.
Jackman continued his barrage of thrusts as pleasure overtook his body, his head rolled back and he let out a long howl of ecstasy while his cock sprayed his seed inside Holland’s ass.
The young Spider-Man star gasped when he felt hot spunk flood his battered hole and it triggered his own orgasm. He began panting deeply while his throbbing dick shot ropes of cum beneath him.
Hugh gripped the boy tight by his waist and kept fucking him until every drop of semen in his balls was shot up Holland’s ass. When he was done he laid on the bed and pulled his obedient boy close against his body. “It made me proud to see you take that fuck…” He whispered into the twink’s ear.
“Thanks, Dad.” Tom chuckled happily as he snuggled his face into the older man’s furry pecs. “That was the hardest fuck I’ve ever taken…” He admitted. It was the truth, the pounding he had just endured was even harder than when his ass had been split open by Henry Cavill. “Thank you.” He added, kissing Jackman’s sweaty nipples.
Hugh smiled as he caressed his young lover’s tender buttocks. Outside the bedroom door he could hear the other two young men arguing and he decided to keep things moving. “Time for you to send the next one in.” He said, giving Holland’s bum a light spank.
“Okayyy…” Tom replied groggily as he got to his feet and carefully marched towards the door.

Egerton was still lost in thought when the bedroom door opened and Holland stumbled out. “You okay, mate?!” Taron exclaimed as he rushed over and grabbed the smaller man, steadying him so he wouldn’t fall over.
“Yeah, thanks. I can barely stand, let alone walk.” Tom replied with a smile. “Hugh says the next guy can go in now.” He told them.
“Sounds like it’s time to give him what he’s been waiting for!” Zac declared, clapping his hands together. “See ya’ later, boys…” He added snarkily as he headed into the bedroom.
Egerton scowled at the Efron’s comment but focused on helping his friend. “I’ll take you downstairs, mate.” He said as he lifted Holland into his arms and started carrying.
“Oh, thanks. My hero!” The Spider-Man star laughed.
Taron carried Tom into the living room and set him down on the couch. “There you go. Now give that bum a rest” He joked.
“Thanks Taron, you’re such a sweetheart.” Holland replied, tilting his head up to kiss the other man’s lips.
Egerton blushed and smiled down at the twink. “No problem, mate. Just being chivalrous.” He chuckled bashfully, his dick throbbing proudly from the praise.
“What a gentleman…” Tom mumbled as he stared at his companion’s pulsing manhood. He grabbed the shaft and sucked the cockhead into his mouth.
“Hey now, don’t make me cum yet!” Taron gasped at the pleasure. “I love your mouth, but I haven’t had my turn with Daddy…” He trailed-off longingly.

Back upstairs Zac was alone with Hugh in the bedroom. When he had come in he left the door ajar, just in case anyone wanted to take a peek at what was about to happen.
“It’s good to see you again, lad.” Jackman said, greeting the younger man with a hug.
“Right back at ya’, big boy.” Efron replied with smirk as he wrapped his arms around the Aussie’s sweaty, muscular torso. The two men shared a deep kiss, their tongues wrestling while they held tight in a nude embrace and groped each other.
Hugh felt his lover’s hands travel down his back and grip his beefy glutes, and he chuckled at the young stud’s cheeky gesture.
“I can’t wait to plow this ass again…” Zac whispered into the older man’s ear. He gave both buttocks a good, firm squeeze.
“Lucky for you I’ve already cum twice and I could use a good fuck to get pumped back up for boy number 4.” Jackman growled in response.
Efron looked the hunky superhero star in the eye and grinned cockily. “Admit it; you want this dick.” He boldly proclaimed.
Hugh’s lips couldn’t help but curl into a smile. “Maybe I do…” He muttered before he turned around and leaned over the bed, arching his back and presenting his rear-end to the horny Baywatch stud. “Why don’t you remind me why I enjoy that dick?” He challenged the younger man with his own arrogant smirk from over the shoulder.
Zac puffed his chest out confidently, more than happy to rise to the occasion. “Don’t worry, Dad; I’ll remind you why I’m your best son.” He declared. He wasted no time getting into position and sliding his cock up the mature man’s legendary ass.

Meanwhile Taron decided to leave Tom on the couch and head back upstairs to wait his turn. As he looked back at the bedroom door he immediately noticed that it was still open a bit. He decided to discreetly take a look inside and see for himself if Efron was following-through on his earlier claim. Egerton’s eyes bulged and he had to keep himself from gasping out loud as soon as he peered into the bedroom.
Zac Efron’s tight, muscular butt was bouncing away as he pounded Hugh Jackman’s asshole.
Taron felt a swirl of emotions hit him all at once; jealousy, confusion, envy, shame and frustration... but also an irresistible lust. Even as he continued to watch he couldn't help but reach down and stroke his throbbing prick.
Zac kept thrusting his hips hard and fast, reveling in the pleasure of fucking the Wolverine himself. “How’s that, Dad? Ya’ like that?” He asked smugly.
“Fuck yeah, son! Give it to me! Yeah... Just like that…!” Hugh bellowed enthusiastically. He may not bottom very often but when he does he becomes a full-blown power-bottom. The older man pushed his hips back repeatedly, slamming his buff ass down on the younger man’s stiff erection.
Efron moaned out loud as Jackman’s anus tightened around every inch of his manhood. He looked back over his shoulder at the door and saw Taron watching them. He flashed the other man a smug grin and held out a hand with the middle-finger raised.
Egerton walked away from the door, humiliated once again.

Zac chuckled cruelly before he turned his attention back to Hugh, his hips had never stopped moving but now he added a few spanks to the older man’s ass.
Jackman laughed, enjoying the mix of pain and pleasure. “That’s it, boy… get into it! Really give it me!” He demanded.
Fuck yeah!” Efron shouted, bucking his pelvis wildly and bringing his hand down hard on the Aussie’s bare buttocks. “You love this dick, don’t you?!”
Hugh was really getting into it, grunting every time his sweet spot got tapped. “Ohh yeah, son! Yer doin’ yer old man proud!” He groaned.
“Oh, I’m doin’ you alright!” Zac joked. He grit his teeth as he felt himself approach climax and increased the pace of his thrusts. It wasn’t long before the hot, young American actor felt the sweet bliss of orgasm and his cock began shooting his load into the older man while he threw his head back and moaned at the top of his lungs.
“That’s it… good boy.” Jackman rumbled deeply as he felt his ass fill with cum.
Efron collapsed onto his mature lover’s back as the last drops of spunk dripped from his cockhead. “I love fucking you…” He whispered, licking some sweat off of the Wolverine star’s shoulder.
“I love getting fucked by you.” Hugh admitted. He turned over and grabbed Zac and the two men held each other and made-out again, this time drenched in each other’s sweat. “Time for you to send Taron in.” He told the younger man once their kiss ended.
“Well he definitely needs a good, hard fuck.” Efron laughed.
“What was all that yellin’ about earlier?” Jackman asked.
Zac grinned naughtily. “Nothin’ Dad, just boys bein’ boys…” He replied.

When Taron had left the bedroom door he went back downstairs and found Tom and Tye going at it together on the couch.
Holland was laying flat on his back while Sheridan was on top of him, they were making-out heavily while rubbing their cocks together.
Egerton didn’t want to disturb them so he returned to the upstairs floor but avoided watching through the bedroom door again.
When Efron came out of the bedroom he found the other man waiting patiently in the hallway. “You’re up.” He said as he began walking down the hall.
Taron didn’t respond to him at all and simply headed for the bedroom, but as they were about to pass by each other Zac stopped and grabbed the British actor by the shoulder.
“The next time I see you, you better be on your hands and knees for me.” Efron warned him.
Egerton pulled away from the other man and hurried into the bedroom, slamming the door shut behind him.
“Hey, what’s goin’ on?!” Hugh shouted angrily when he heard the door slam.
Taron looked at the man in front of him and instantly ran to him, throwing his arms around him and kissing him on the mouth. Despite being confused and upset about some things his complete devotion to the mature Australian hunk was never in question.
Jackman reciprocated the younger man’s kiss and reached down to grab his firm ass. “Tell Daddy what’s bothering you, son.” He whispered reassuringly.

Egerton nuzzled his cheek against one of the superhero star’s hairy pecs as they held each other and rubbed their hard dicks together. “I feel like I don’t know who I am anymore… or maybe it’s that I don’t know who I want to be…” He replied.
Hugh caressed and kneaded Taron’s glutes. “Tell me more.” he said softly.
“With you, I know who I am; I’m a slut... I’m your slut. I do whatever you want me to do, whenever you want me to do it and I love serving you. But with other guys I want to be the stud; I want to be on top, to dominate them, be the alpha-male. But sometimes with other guys I just… can’t be more of a man than they are.” The British actor explained.
“Well if you’re my slut why can’t you be their slut too?” Jackman inquired.
Egerton thought for a moment as he kept his head pressed against the older man’s chest, taking in a long breath and smelling his musky scent. “I thought you were the only man I was a slut for… but maybe…” He trailed-off, beginning to suspect the truth to his identity crisis.
“But maybe you’re realizing that it’s not just me? Maybe you are a beta male at heart and that isn’t something you can deny?” Hugh finished the thought.
“I think you’re right, Daddy.” Taron replied, running his fingers through the older man’s chest hair. He looked up at the Aussie’s handsome, bearded face and smiled. “You’re always right.” He added with a submissive twinkle in his eye.
Jackman grinned back down at Egerton and grabbed him by the waist. He lifted him up and the younger man instinctively wrapped his legs around his Daddy’s waist.
Taron moaned in delight as Hugh slid his massive cock up his ass and started fucking him while holding him up. The horny young actor began panting as he clung to his mature lover’s muscular frame and rode his huge manhood with glee.

“Ohhh God yes, Daddy!” Egerton cried out in pleasure as he bucked his hips.
Jackman held the boy tight as he pounded away at his hole again and again, each time driving his cock in down to the balls.
Taron smirked at the ferocious look on Hugh’s face and listened to him grunt and growl like an animal while he fucked. He grabbed the older man’s face and pulled him into a deep kiss, their lips and tongues wetly clashing together. His stiff dick was grinding against the Wolverine’s washboard abs and added even more to the pleasure.
Jackman moaned into his boy’s mouth as he continued bouncing him up and down on his prick. The mature Australian stud never felt more energized than when he was dominating a hot young guy and he channeled that passion into a blazing-hot fuck; sweat poured down his body as his muscles flexed and heaved while he thrust his rigid cock up the horny lad’s ass over and over again.
Egerton’s eyes rolled back and he let out a deep gasp when his prostate got rubbed just the right way to set him off. His own dick started spurting ropes of cum over all over his Daddy’s six-pack. “Ohhhh fuck yessss!” He hissed as ecstasy washed over him.
Taron’s orgasm caused his asshole to tighten-up even firmer around Hugh’s cock and it milked a powerful climax out of the superhero star as well. “Urrhhh! Yes!” He growled like a wild beast. His cock shot a hefty load of cum into the younger man’s ass and the Aussie knew he wouldn’t be able to produce any more semen for the rest of the day.

Egerton kissed Jackman’s neck as their shared orgasm slowly subsided. It felt so good to unburden himself of all the insecurities he was feeling and then relieve his sexual tension with the older man. “Thank you, Daddy… you’re the best…” He panted softly.
Hugh chuckled as he sat on the bed and stroked the younger man’s back. “Glad I could help.” He replied with a proud grin. The two men shared another intimate kiss before Taron left his lap.
“There’s something I need to go do.” The Welsh actor said before he left the room. He went downstairs to look for Zac and found him the living room, sitting in a chair across from the couch and stroking his cock as he watched Tom and Tye.
The two horny twinks were still blissfully making-out and frotting with each other.
Egerton got down on his hands and knees and started to crawl over to Efron.
“Well, well, well… look who it is…” Zac laughed as he watched the other man crawl to him like the cock-hungry slut he always knew he was.
Taron stopped right in front of the American and started sucking on his balls, licking all over the sweaty scrotum and enjoying the taste. Eventually he stopped and looked up. “I owe you an apology…” He began to say as he turned his attention to the stud’s penis, kissing along the shaft gently. “You were right… and I was wrong.” He continued.
Efron laughed arrogantly as he smirked down at the submissive man. “My favourite words to hear… glad to see you’ve come to your senses.” He replied, grabbing Egerton by the back of the head.
“I have… now allow me to make it up to you.” Taron added before he started to suck Zac’s dick.
Jackman came downstairs and saw what all four of his boys were up to. He chuckled to himself and smiled, out of all the young men he had ever fucked these four were by far his favourites.