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Welcome to male celeb fanfiction, my personal blog devoted to sharing my horny fantasies about famous men. I plan on using this blog to share with you the reader; gay male erotic stories focusing on actors, athletes, fictional characters and other famous men. But bear in mind that this blog is devoted to My horny fantasies, and as such it may include certain fetishes and other sexual content that might not appeal to everyone. The stories on this site may not feature safe sex but I do not condone unsafe sex practices in real life. I hope you enjoy reading my stories, and above all I hope you email me at sethwilson.dw.3@gmail.com and let me know what you think. Positive feedback and suggestions for further stories are always welcome. Enjoy!

Thursday, July 18, 2019

Reader Feedback: Post 2

Hello again everyone, it's time for another reader feedback post.

First I'll let everyone know that I haven't yet decided what my next story will be. I am considering finishing the Reunited story soon, but I'm not sure that will be the next thing I write. I do promise that I will conclude that story eventually though.

I'd also like to announce that I am heavily considering doing less of my traditional celebrity stories and doing more stuff like the Reunited series where the story is about fictional characters who are based on celebrities. As much as I enjoy writing my usual stuff I am starting to feel like I might be getting burnt-out on the regular "celebrities hook-up with each other" scenario.

I think doing much more fictionalized stories will reinvigorate my creative process and allow me to more consistently write quality stories. Also I have gotten requests in the past to write about subject matter that wouldn't fit my regular stories; for example I've gotten requests for things like "mind-control", which I would be open to doing, but simply wouldn't fit in my regular stories about celebrity guys hooking-up with each other. I'm considering branching out into more erotic fantasy/horror/sci-fi/superhero/etc. type stuff.

Now I'd also like to ask my readers a question; what is it you enjoy about my stories? I'd like you all to let me know in the comments and please be as specific as possible. Let me know what aspects of my stories you enjoy the most. What part of them is it that turns you on and makes you want to read more? Knowing what it is about my stories that makes people want to read them will greatly help me when planning future stories and keep the overall quality of my work good.

So please let me know what you think in the comments and feel free to ask any questions if you have them. Bye for now readers.

Sunday, July 14, 2019

Tom Holland's New Daddy

Jake Gyllenhaal and Tom Holland burst into the hotel room. They had just spent the day doing interviews together and had somehow managed not to climb on top of each other in a lustful delirium. Now that the two men were finally alone they could barely keep their hands off each other even as they undressed. They shared frantic kisses in between stripping-off every article of clothing, practically ripping the fabric off their bodies.
“I’ve wanted to do this all day!” Jake growled as he pulled off his shirt and tossed it aside, before grabbing Tom’s face and plunging his tongue in the twink’s mouth.
Holland eagerly reciprocated the kiss and grabbed Gyllenhall’s hairy pecs. “You and me both!” He exclaimed breathlessly as he dropped his pants.
Soon the two actors were completely nude and frolicking on the bed.
Jake pushed the younger man on his back and laid on top of him, covering his face with kisses while rubbing their erections together.
Tom laughed giddily while the other man kissed all over him with his scruffy beard. He ran his hands up and down his lover’s back and ass, feeling his taut muscles.
Ever since they started filming Spider-Man: Far From Home together the two men had been all over each other. Almost every day after shooting their scenes the two would sneak off set together to have sex. Both of them couldn’t get enough of each other.
Gyllenhaal moved his hips down and positioned his dick between Holland’s buttcheeks, sliding the shaft back and forth like a hot-dog in a bun.
Tom wrapped his legs around Jake’s waist and smiled at him. “Do it.” He whispered.

The older man reared his hips back and then thrust forward, driving his cock right up the twink’s hole.
The Spider-Man star let out a long, pleasurable sigh as his co-star impaled him with his manhood. “Mmmm! Feels so good everytime…” He moaned.
“Flatterer.” Gyllenhaal chuckled before leaning his head in and kissing Holland’s lips again. The man began to pump his lower body, swinging his pelvis into his lover repeatedly with long, powerful strokes. He grunted each time his balls slapped against the boy’s ass.
Tom moaned pleasantly, enjoying the feel of the man’s cock filling his ass and pressing against his prostate so often. 
Jake grinned as he listened to the mewls and whimpers coming from beneath him and felt the twink’s hands grip his firm buttocks. He had taken plenty of good poundings in the past and was proud to apply whatever he had learned sexually from his experiences on other men himself. “You love my dick, don’t you?” He asked, smirking down at the younger man.
“Ohh yes! Yes, I do!” Holland exclaimed. “I love it so much…” He sighed, squeezing his co-star’s ass emphatically. 
“I love giving you my dick!” Gyllenhaal growled with a particularly hard thrust. “I love feeling your ass around my dick! I love hearing you moan from my dick!” He kept grunting with each thrust.
Tom started to pant, being fucked roughly like this by an older, dominant man was always pure heaven for him. He relished every second of pleasure he received from his co-star’s rigid cock stretching his asshole and filling his bum. 
Jake listened to the lewd, desperate sounds his young lover was making and felt them spur him into fucking even harder and faster than before.

Holland stared up at the man above him and watched his handsome, bearded face grin down at him with a cocky expression while he plowed away with his hips. He felt each thrust of the man’s genitalia go deep inside him and stretch his asshole and he savoured the mix of pain and pleasure. “Thank you, sir…” The twink whimpered submissively.
“That’s my boy!” Gyllenhaal shouted and slammed forward, feeling himself reach climax. 
Tom let out a sharp exhale as he felt the other man’s hot cum shooting against his prostate. The blissful sensation put him over the edge and soon he was spraying his own spunk against both his and Jake’s abs.
The two actors stared into each other’s eyes while they shot their loads and eventually began making-out again passionately again as they recovered from their orgasms.
“Well that was quite the show, boys!” A man’s voice suddenly spoke out in the room.
Gyllenhaal and Holland looked over to see a strange man in a bathrobe watching them from the side. His dick was poking out of his robe and it looked like he had just jerked-off to completion.
“Who the fuck are you?” Jake asked in confusion.
“I’m the guy who’s hotel room you barged into.” The man replied, licking some of his cum off his fingers.
“Ohhhhh, that explains why the door was unlocked…” Gyllenhaal said, realizing now that in their distracted rush to jump into bed together, he and his co-star had stumbled into the wrong room.
“Whoops.” Jake chuckled before he and Tom burst out laughing.

A few minutes later the Spider-Man; Far From Home stars were back in their proper hotel room taking a shower together. Once again they couldn’t keep their hands off each other. They washed each other’s bodies thoroughly, their soapy hands roaming over every inch of bare flesh. The two men took their time, leisurely feeling each other while their tongues wrestled together gently. 
Holland felt the older man’s hands repeatedly move over his ass, getting his bare buns lathered-up while his fingers squeezed the muscle. He chuckled softly into Gyllenhaal’s mouth.
Jake enjoyed making Tom laugh and gave his bum a few more firm pinches before sliding his fingers between the buttocks.
The Spider-Man star felt his asshole get rubbed by his co-star’s fingertips and couldn’t help but pull his head back and let out a sharp moan.
Gyllenhaal started laughing as he continued to play with the twink’s sensitive hole.
Holland blushed and laughed along with him before the men eagerly kissed once again, much more passionately this time. 
Eventually they finished washing each other and stepped out of the shower. Jake told Tom to dry off and get ready for him in the bedroom, and the twink eagerly obliged. The older man took a bit longer to towel his hairy body and he smirked at his own reflection in the mirror. He loved having this sexy younger man at his beck and call. He walked into the bedroom and found Holland on all fours on the bed with his back perfectly arched and his perky ass pointed towards him. Gyllenhaal wondered if the twink had learned to get into this position from Hugh Jackman. Jake himself had once been “disciplined” by the legendary Aussie stud and this kind of behaviour was typical of one of Jackman’s boys.

Gyllenhaal walked over to the edge of the bed and leaned his head down, grabbing Holland’s soft, firm buns and pushing his face in between. 
Tom gasped as he felt the other man’s tongue swirl against his hole. He gripped the sheets beneath him as pleasure shot through his body.
Jake took his time licking the boy’s ass, making sure he tasted every inch before he was ready to fuck him. Eventually he stood behind the twink and once again slid his throbbing manhood between his co-star’s supple buttocks. 
A blissful smile spread across Holland’s face as he felt the older man’s cock gradually penetrate his ass and fill him up, letting out a soft sigh when his tight anal ring closed around the base of Gyllenhaal’s shaft. 
Jake started to move his hips; slow and easy at first, but picking-up speed and intensity over time. He held his lover by the waist, steadying himself while he pounded away with greater and greater ferocity.
Tom was breathing heavily as he endured the rough fucking, pushing his ass back to receive every thrust at full-force. “It feels… ughhh… so… so good…” The young man panted earnestly.
“You love it, don’t you!?” Gyllenhaal exclaimed, driving his hips in harder.
“Yes Daddy!” Holland shouted in response. 
Jake grinned with a lascivious excitement glinting in his eyes. “Yeah! You love Daddy’s cock, don’t you!?” He boasted. 
Tom mewled and whimpered like a desperate pup. “Ohhh yes, Daddy! I love it so much! Please give it to me hard!” He pleaded.

Listening to the horny twink beg for him like that was an electrifying aphrodisiac to Gyllenhaal, he leaned over Holland and wrapped an arm around his torso, holding him tight against his body while he continued plowing his ass. “You’re mine now.” He whispered into his co-star’s ear right before he reached climax. 
Tom bit his bottom lip gently as he felt Jake’s cum start to fill his hole and heard him grunting above him while he came. The sensation sent him over the edge as well and he shot his own load on the sheet beneath him while pleasure radiated through his body. 
Eventually the two men laid on the bed together with the Spider-Man star clinging to the other man while they both took a moment to catch their breath. 
“That felt so good.” Tom muttered, snuggling his face against Jake’s hairy pecs.
Gyllenhaal smirked as he looked up at the ceiling and ran his fingers through Holland’s hair. “You really enjoy having me as your new Daddy, don’t you?” He chuckled.
“Yes, sir.” The twink replied submissively, giving one of the older man’s nipples a kiss.
Jake’s hand roamed down the boy’s body until he gripped his round ass. “I love being your new Daddy…” He said, giving his lover’s bum a good squeeze. Gyllenhaal had never been the dominant, Alpha-male type before, but spending time with Holland had a tendency to bring that out in men. Jake felt lucky to work with Tom and have this sexual connection with the younger man, it had unleashed a side of him that he never knew was there until now. He gave his co-star’s butt another squeeze and listened to him moan softly against his chest. It was good being Tom Holland’s new Daddy.