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Monday, April 24, 2017

Superhero Fuckfest

Chris Hardwick couldn’t wait for tonight’s main event to start. After hosting a similar performance for a very lucky private audience at Comic-Con he was asked to host this new event which was guaranteed to be bigger and better than the previous one. He had finished getting ready and the show was set to begin soon.
The crowd was all in their seats and eager for the fun to begin.
Hardwick emerged from backstage and was greeted with plenty of cheers and whistling from the audience. The handsome comedian was completely nude and holding a microphone. “Good evening, everyone!” Chris declared to the audience with a wide grin. He was pleased to hear the crowd cheer as they took in the sight of his bare body. “As you can tell, I’m excited for tonight’s big show!” He exclaimed with a naughty chuckle as he used his free hand to flick his stiff nipples.Then he shook his hips, wagging his plump erection at the audience and said; “I’ve already got a hard-wick!”
The crowd laughed at his play on words and there was more whistling from his excited fans.
“Are ya’ll ready to see your favourite superhero studs?” Chris asked the audience.
More raucous cheering was their response.
“Good, ‘cause they’re here in the flesh… and nothing else.” Hardwick said with a teasing grin.
The crowd was going wild with anticipation.
“Doesn’t sound like you can wait any longer, we better tell them to get their asses out here! It’s time to meet the stars of the Superhero Sex Battle!” Chris shouted to the cheering audience.

“Our first team are the biggest, the most muscular… the most hung stars of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, please welcome; Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pratt!” Hardwick announced.
The crowd erupted with cheering as the three hunks emerged from backstage totally nude.
They stood together on one side of the stage and let the audience take in the sight of their rippling naked physiques and erect cocks.
Hemsworth raised his arms up and flexed his  bulging upper body, causing plenty of whistling from his many admirers.
Evans noticed what his buddy was doing and flashed a naughty grin while placing his hands on his hips and flexing his gorgeous pectorals.
Pratt played along and curled his arms, really showing off his huge biceps and thick forearms.
“Yup, us Chrises sure are ripped!” Hardwick declared in a fake tough-guy voice as he stepped over to the actors and posed along with them.
There was more good-natured laughing from the audience as they watched the comedian flex his much-less muscular but still tight and toned body.
“That we are!” Hemsworth chuckled before he suddenly grabbed Hardwick and put him in a headlock.
The comedian pretended like he was struggling to get out of the other man’s hold but really he was enjoying the feel of the Aussie stud’s powerful muscles against his bare skin. Once he was let go Hardwick rubbed his neck and then flicked his now throbbing erection. “Well it’s official; I’m into choke-sex now.” He quipped to the audience.
The crowd once again laughed at his sexual humour.
“Give it up for team MCU!” Hardwick shouted, which elicited another round of applause.

“Now let’s bring out the second team, none other than the Justice League! Henry Cavill, Ben Affleck and Jason Momoa!” Hardwick announced.
The three stars of DC superhero movies walked out, they were also in their birthday suits. All three were tall, beefy men with thick cocks. They stood on the opposite side of the other team.
The crowd whistled and hollered at their girthy, throbbing erections.
“Looks like you guys are ready to rumble.” Hardwick said as he moved over towards them. “Well I guess everyone knows why you got cast as the ‘Man of Steel’...” The comedian said as he reached over and flicked Cavill’s stiff prick.
“You have no idea…” Henry replied coyly with his sexy British accent.
The audience snickered deviously and whistled again as their imaginations ran wild.
“Damn… I wish I was a fly on the wall for that audition...” Hardwick replied with a smirk.
The crowd enthusiastically cheered at his remark to show that they shared his sentiment.
Cavill looked over at Chris Evans and gave him a wink.
The Captain America stud responded by discretely licking his lips. These two men had been enjoying a passionate sexual rivalry between them and they planned on continuing it tonight.
Pratt noticed their exchange and nudged Evans with his elbow.
“I’ll bet you guys had a lot of fun filming Justice League together.” Hardwick said.
“That’s one way of putting it.” Momoa replied with a grin. The Hawaiian hunk clapped a hand on Ben and Henry’s shoulders.

“Alright! We’ve got one more team to bring out. Say hello to the stars from the X-Men movies; Hugh Jackman, Ryan Reynolds and Michael Fassbender!” Hardwick announced.
The audience cheered as the final team came out, just as nude as the others with their long cocks already stiff. They stood in between the other teams.
“Goddamn! All you guys are raring to go, aren’t you?” Hardwick exclaimed as he approached them. He was staring at their erections, particularly Jackman’s infamously hung piece of meat.
The three men stood together with Hugh in the middle. Ryan and Michael each had a hand on one of the massive Aussie’s buttocks.
“You know it, mate. Time to teach these younger men who their Daddy is…” Hugh replied.
“I know who my Daddy is.” Ryan said as he slipped his fingers between the Wolverine star’s firm glutes and lightly touched his asshole.
“That’s right. We just call him; ‘Daddy Logan’.” Fassbender added with a naughty grin as he squeezed the older man’s asscheek.
The audience was whistling and hollering as usual.
Meanwhile Hardwick was practically drooling as his eyes kept roaming over Jackman’s incredible body and huge erection. A drop of pre-cum leaked out of the comedian’s cockhead and slid down his shaft. “Don’t have to tell me who my Daddy is.” He breathed out slowly.
Hugh let out an arrogant chuckle as he looked down at the host of tonight’s show. “How about we get started then? Like you said; we’re rarin’ to go.”
“Sounds good to me, I’m pretty sure the other teams are ready too.” Hardwick replied.
The other men voiced their agreement. Every actor was extremely horny.
The crowd was cheering as stagehands brought out an enormous bed to the centre of the stage. The actors gathered around it and sized each other up.

“Alright guys, the goal of tonight’s event is to see which team can fuck their competitors the most. So try to watch your back…” Hardwick instructed the men.
All the actors got on their knees on the mattress.
Some cameramen got in position around the stage to film the action from all angles. There were large screens set up so everyone in the audience, even if they were seated in the back, could see the performance. The footage was also being recorded for some movie producers and other Hollywood insiders to enjoy.
“We won’t keep you waiting any longer.” Hardwick announced to the crowd. “It’s time for the Superhero Sex Battle to begin!” He shouted excitedly.
The audience roared with applause as the actors moved to each other and started going at it.
The tallest men from each team; Chris Hemsworth, Jason Momoa and Hugh Jackman all met up right in the middle of the bed. The three huge hunks were grappling with each other, trying to assert their dominance over the others; their hands groping and pressing their hard muscles and their cocks rubbing and slapping together.
Chris Evans and Henry Cavill immediately went to each other and started making-out hot and heavy. Their hairy, sculpted chests were pressed together as they felt-up each other’s rippling backs and buff asses.
“I’m going to plow your fine arse…” Henry whispered in Chris’ ear as he squeezed the other man’s buttocks.
Evans breathed out slowly. “‘Fraid not, buddy. Not tonight… can’t let my team down.” He whispered back.

All of the men were now going at it with each other; groping and licking their muscles, making-out, rubbing cocks together. It was obvious to everyone watching that these guys were almost delirious with lust. They were already moaning and panting as they worked each other over in a lewd, sex-induced craze.
“I want you... to ride my cock… like a cowboy.” Cavill whispered to Evans. He was breathing heavy, his chest pushing against the other man’s.
“I do want to ride you… but I don’t know…” Chris trailed off, unsure of himself.
There was some shuffling around as a few of the guys were crawling around the bed, positioning themselves behind other actors.
Henry was looking the Captain America star in the eyes when suddenly he let out a deep gasp.
Chris Pratt had gotten behind him and slipped his cock between the Man of Steel’s impressive glutes. Pratt chuckled naughtily as he penetrated the Superman stud and buried his shaft all the way up his ass.
“Looks like we have cock in ass! Repeat; cock in ass, folks!” Hardwick excitedly announced to the cheering audience. “Score one point for team MCU.” The comedian continued to leer at the tantalizing display of man-on-man action.
Pratt and Evans looked at each other over Cavill’s shoulder grinning and the Guardians of the Galaxy star gave his friend a wink.
Evans decided to give in to Henry and moved his body so that he could mount his throbbing prick.
“That’s it, get on my cock!” The handsome British actor grunted.
“Fuck yeah…!” Evans let out a long moan as he slid his ass down on the other man’s dick.

Hardwick was jerking his cock with one hand as he surveyed the orgy. “Looks like Captain America is sliding down on someone else’s flagpole.” He quipped to the audience.
The crowd cheered as one of the cameramen got a great shot of Evans’ ass swallowing Cavill’s thick shaft.
“Score a point for the Justice League.” The host announced.
The three biggest men from each team were still grappling with each other when Ryan Reynolds got down underneath Hugh Jackman and started sucking his massive prick.
“Uhh, Ryan… you’re not supposed to--” Hardwick started talking but abruptly stopped when Chris Hemsworth managed to force Jason Momoa down on his back.  
Hemsworth mounted the hunky Hawaiian and shoved his cock deep into his ass.
“Ahhhhh yeah! Feels good!” Jason moaned. A look of ecstasy came over his face as he was filled with Chris’ manhood.
The Aussie stud leaned down and started kissing the other man, their short beards rubbing together.
“Goddamn that is hot…” Hardwick said, trailing off as he stared at them.
Jackman decided to grab Reynolds and reposition him so he could fuck him in the ass instead of his throat.
“No guys, you’re supposed to fuck the other teams!” Hardwick called out to them, but the two men seemed to ignore him and Hugh began thrusting into Ryan.
Meanwhile Michael Fassbender was making-out with Ben Affleck and had allowed the larger man to penetrate him without a struggle.

Chris Hardwick looked around at all the actors; each one was completely focused on their current sexual activity and none of them seemed to be interested in how their team was doing in this game.
All of the men were sweating profusely as they groped each other’s glistening muscles and they were all panting and moaning as they pleasured each other.
Hardwick noticed that there was something different about Ryan Reynolds though. All the guys were horny and fucking their hearts out, but Ryan wasn’t breathing as heavily as the others.
Reynolds was certainly horny and eager to get fucked but he also seemed to be the most clear-headed, unlike the others who were practically in a lustful frenzy.
The host watched as Fassbender and Affleck stopped kissing and Ben turned the other man around and bent him over so Michael could suck Ryan’s cock while he fucked him.
Now Reynolds and Fassbender were 69ing while Hugh fucked Ryan and Ben fucked Michael.
Hardwick kept jerking his cock until he came in his hand. A few in the crowd noticed him orgasm and watched him eat-up his own cum.
Jackman and Affleck leaned their heads together and were making-out as they kept plowing the other men. Their large, muscular bodies were dripping with sweat and drops repeatedly fell down onto Michael’s back.
Reynolds and Fassbender were deepthroating each other, eagerly gagging on cock while their asses were stuffed. Eventually they made each other cum and both actors gladly swallowed every drop of semen.
It wasn’t long before Hugh and Ben were shooting their loads inside the other men either.

Meanwhile Henry Cavill was enjoying being sandwiched between Chris Evans and Chris Pratt. When he swung his hips forward he drove hard into Evans’ exquisite ass, and when he swung back he got an ass-full of Pratt’s rigid prick. He kept moving his hips; savouring the pleasure of both men’s bodies.
Evans took turns kissing Henry or leaning his head over to kiss with Pratt over Cavill’s shoulder.
“Ohhhh yes! God this feels soooo good!” The Superman stud moaned as the dual sensations overwhelmed him. He gasped out loud as he climaxed and his hot seed flooded the Captain America star’s ass. Cavill’s own hole clenched around Pratt and started to milk his cock.
Pratt closed his eyes and grunted as he busted his nuts into the gorgeous British actor.
The three men collapsed together into a pile of sweaty muscles and Evans stroked his cock as he watched his buddy Chris Hemsworth fuck Jason Momoa.
Hemsworth was really thrusting hard; his balls were smacking against the other man’s tight flesh and his prick repeatedly pummeled Jason’s sweet spot.
Momoa grinned up at the Australian stud and squeezed his meaty pectorals while he appreciated this rough fucking. He used his thumbs to rub Chris’ nipples.
Eventually Hemsworth started moaning out loud as he came. His warm seed filling Jason’s ass.
“Looks like we’re the only ones who haven’t cum yet.” Evans said to Momoa.
“You’re right. I guess that means it’s our turn on top…” Jason replied coyly.
Hugh Jackman grinned at the two men. “I could use a cock up my arse…” He declared.
“Hey guys, you’re supposed to-- ohh, never mind…” Hardwick said.

Hugh got on all fours with his muscular ass pointed towards Chris Evans.
Evans quickly got into position behind him and slid his shaft into the mature Aussie.
Momoa got on his knees and whispered in Hemsworth’s ear; “You gave me a great fuck, man. How about I return the favour?”
“Sounds good to me.” Hemsworth murmured before he too got down on all fours with his ass raised in the air.
Soon Jason had his long dick stuffed up the other man’s rear-end. He and Evans grinned at each other and slapped high-five as they began thrusting their hips.
“Hey, I wanna’ get fucked too!” Ben Affleck exclaimed as he laid on his back.
“Yeah, me too.” Chris Pratt added, laying beside Affleck.
Henry Cavill and Michael Fassbender decided they also wanted to top the men that had just plowed them; so Henry mounted Chris and Michael mounted Ben.
Ryan Reynolds was laying in the middle of the bed watching all the other actors fuck and make-out. “So this is Heaven? Not bad.” He joked as he played with his nipples.
“Ohhh yeah, this is Heaven…” Hardwick said as he watched the guys continue ramming their cocks into each other.
Most of the audience had already cum as they masturbated to this performance but as the stars just kept going the crowd just kept pleasuring themselves.
The men were just as passionate as before; grunting and moaning, their sinewy bodies drenched with sweat as their muscles flexed.
Hardwick licked his lips as he stared at their slick, glistening physiques. His cock started to get hard again and he resumed stroking his shaft.

Ryan Reynolds looked all around and watched his fellow superhero actors fuck like animals.
Chris Evans, Jason Momoa, Henry Cavill and Michael Fassbender were all grunting and panting as they slammed their bodies forward again and again, drops of sweat flying off from them.
Chris Hemsworth and Hugh Jackman were thrusting their hips back, showing off their power-bottom skills while they took a hard pounding.
Chris Pratt and Ben Affleck kissed each other as they laid side-by-side.
They all kept going at it intensely, like they were unable to control themselves and eventually the tops started to feel themselves get close to orgasm.
Hardwick listened to them moan out loud as they reached climax and he worked himself over the edge, spraying his cum all over the floor while he knew the stars were shooting their loads up each other’s asses.
Reynolds also jerked-off as he watched; coating his abs with his warm spunk.
All the men laid together on the bed, their chests heaving as they tried to catch their breath.
“Well… I guess the winners are… all of us!” Hardwick announced to the crowd. “The Superhero Sex Battle turned out to be a great big Superhero Fuckfest!” He shouted.
The audience roared with cheering and applause, by this point everyone had cum at least once.
After the audience left the actors slowly got up off the bed and shuffled backstage. They were still exhausted and most of them sat down in chairs provided for them.

“Holy shit you guys, that was insane!” Hardwick exclaimed as he walked over toward the actors.
“I don’t know what came over me…” Evans groaned as he ran his fingers through his hair.
“I almost blacked out the second time I came.” Henry admitted.
Pratt had his eyes closed and rubbed his temples. “I feel like my cock just ran a marathon… does that make sense?” He sighed.
“No.” Jackman stated matter-of-factly as he stood by a table with some water bottles on it. “But I don’t know what the hell happened.” He grabbed one of the bottles and poured it over his face and chest, the cool water sliding down his beard and hairy pecs.
“Yeah, about that… I kinda’ know what happened…” Ryan confessed with a sly grin on his face.
“What did you do?” Hardwick asked. His own lips curled in a smirk.
“Well before the show started we were all here, having a drink…” Reynolds started explaining.
“Yeah, we all know that. What did you do?” Hugh demanded, taking a no-nonsense tone.
“I made sure I got here first so I could spike your drinks with a little… aphrodisiac.” The Deadpool star explained.
“You drugged us? Why? You should’ve known we were all eager to have fun.” Jason asked.
“Ohh I know, but I wanted you all to be… extra fun.” Ryan answered. “And you were, it was sooo worth it!” He laughed.
“It totally was.” Hardwick added snickering.
“I agree, that was a lot of fun…” Hemsworth chuckled, stepping up behind the comedian and slapping him on the back. “I can tell you enjoyed it!” He suddenly put Hardwick in a headlock again and flexed his huge bicep, the taut muscle pressing against the smaller man’s neck.
After being released Hardwick had the Aussie stud’s armpit sweat smeared all over his face. “Yeah, I’m totally into choke-sex now. I’m not joking this time.” He said, licking his lips.
The guys shared a laugh, knowing everyone had equally enjoyed this Superhero Fuckfest.