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Saturday, December 29, 2018

Update About Alternatives To Tumblr

Here's an update about the future of my blog post-tumblr.

Coming in January a new site called 2mblr will be launching as an alternative to tumblr, allowing adult content. You can already view my past tumblr posts on 2mblr here https://2mblr.com/malecelebfanfiction but I won't be able to post any new content there until the site fully launches.

Another site planning on trying to fill the void tumblr has left is https://www.cumblr.com/ which plans to be a blogging site focusing on adult content. It also isn't available yet, for more information visit the site to see their latest information update. 

I'll be trying out both sites when they launch to see if they'll be a better way to post new content and connect with my readers after the tumblr ban.

Sunday, December 23, 2018

Christmas Celebration 3

It was that time of the year again, the Holiday season when the hot and horny actors named Chris throw their annual Christmas party. This year it was Pratt’s turns to host his fellow Chrises. And this year there was a new guy invited to the party; television actor Chris Wood, another handsome stud known for playing a superhero character.
Wood had just driven to Pratt’s house and knocked on the door. He felt nervous, he had never been to a party like this before and he hadn’t even met any of the other guys yet.
The front door opened and Chris Pine greeted the newcomer. “Hey there, man! Nice to finally meet you, come on in.” He said with a warm smile.
“Hi. It’s uh... really nice to meet you, too. I didn’t know if I was supposed to bring something so I just brought a bottle of champagne, hope that’s alright.” Wood replied as he stepped in.
Pine chuckled as he led the other man inside. “That’s fine, buddy. We just wanted you to come over and have fun with us, you didn’t even need to bring clothes.” He explained, taking the bottle and setting it on the living room coffee table.
Wood laughed apprehensively. “Yeah, I’ve heard you guys can get pretty wild…” He admitted, trying to sound calm.
Pine smiled at the other man again. “Don’t worry; I’m confident that you’re gonna’ fit right in.” He reassured him, placing a hand on his shoulder.
“You think so?” Wood asked, his cheeks turning a bit red and his lips starting to curve upward.
“Definitely.” Pine stated with certainty as the two men looked each other in the eye. “And who wouldn’t want to get wild with you?” He added with a naughty smirk and a raise of his eyebrows.
Wood giggled sheepishly for a brief moment before the two men brought their faces together in a deep kiss.

Suddenly a loud whistle cut through the air. Wood and Pine stopped their kiss and looked over to see Chris Hemsworth walk into the living room.
“Damn boys, I go to get a drink for one minute and I come back to find you two already going at it!” He exclaimed, laughing in his deep voice and Aussie accent.
“We were just getting acquainted.” Pine replied with a broad grin.
“Hey don’t stop on my account, mates.” Hemsworth said after taking a sip of eggnog. “You two look good with your lips wrapped around each other.”
“Thanks.” Wood replied, blushing at the lustful attention. “It’s nice to meet Thor in person.” He added, reaching a hand out.
“Great to meet you too, mate.” Hemsworth responded, grabbing the other man’s outstretched hand and gripping it firmly while giving it a good shake.
“That’s quite the grip…” Wood breathed out sharply. He was unable to hide the lust in his voice and eyes as he was turned-on by the superhero star’s palpable physical strength.
“Well he is a God…” Pine joked, lightly slapping one of the Australian’s bare biceps as he stood in front of them in a tank top.
“Yeah, he is…” Wood agreed, looking over the stud’s huge, sinewy arms.
Hemsworth simply grinned cockily and winked at his companions before taking another sip of his drink.
“So what are you guys up to?” Another man’s voice called out from behind them.
All three men turned and were greeted by the sight of Chris Evans wearing nothing but a thong.

Evans’ muscular, hirsute body made for a tantalizing sight while he walked over to the other men. A skimpy thong with a red-and-white candy cane striped pattern was the only thing that covered the sizeable bulge between his bare thighs. The Captain America star stood with his hands on his hips and a smile on his face.
“Damn, mate! You sure know how to make an entrance…” Hemsworth chuckled, clapping his good friend on the shoulder.
“Yeah, it’s quite the outfit this year…” Pine added with a laugh.
Wood blushed, his facial hair hiding some of his rosy cheeks. “Wow…” He muttered under his breath, trying not to stare at the other man’s crotch.
“How’s it goin’ man? Nice to meet ya’.” Evans greeted the newcomer, smiling at him and reaching a hand out.
Wood reciprocated by holding his hand out too, but instead of giving him a handshake the superhero stud clapped their hands together and quickly pulled him in for a kiss on the lips.
“Great to have you here.” Evans said, shaking the other man’s hand.
“Great to be here…” Wood replied, a delirious expression on his face as he looked back at Evans.
Pine and Hemsworth chuckled at the new guy’s obvious arousal.
“Looks like he’s smitten with you.” The Aussie teased, nudging Evans with his elbow.
“I think our new friend is real happy to be here…” Pine interjected.
Wood could only blush and laugh nervously while Evans gave him a knowing wink.

“So where’s our host?” Pine asked as he pulled his shirt up over his head and set it aside.
“He said he was gonna’ give us a ‘Christmas surprise’, so I guess he’s still getting ready.” Evans answered, looking over the other man’s toned chest.
Hemsworth followed suit and tossed his shirt off as well. “I can’t wait to see what he has in store for us…” He chuckled naughtily.
Wood was feeling overdressed and decided to join his fellow Chrises by taking off his shirt. The other men’s eyes were instantly drawn to his brawny chest and he felt a swell of pride at these hunky movie stars ogling him. “I just wanna’ fit in.” Wood admitted. He raised a hand to smooth the back of his hair, flashing one of his hairy armpits in the process.
“Don’t worry, dude; you fit right in.” Evans reassured him, smirking as he took in the sight.
“Yeah, we’re real happy that you accepted our invitation.” Pine added while undoing his belt.
Wood watched as the actor dropped his pants to the floor along with his underwear. “I can see that...” He replied, gawking at the other man’s nudity.
“We knew you’d be the perfect addition to our little holiday get-together.” Hemsworth said as he looked from Pine’s exposed genitals to Wood’s handsome face.
“Thanks. I uhh…” Wood trailed off as he noticed the Australian stud had a hand behind Evans’ ass, squeezing one of his buttocks. “I appreciate you guys wanting to ‘get-together’ with me.” He finished with a chuckle, smiling at the other men.
“We definitely look forward to it.” Evans replied while he and the other two shared a lustful grin.
Suddenly the Chrises heard Pratt’s voice ring out from behind them with a; “Ho, ho, ho! Merry Christmas!” and they all turned to see their host walk in dressed as a half-naked Santa Claus.

Chris Pratt was wearing a red velvet Santa hat and boots with a fake white beard, and was holding a brown sack over his shoulder, but aside from that he was completely nude. His big, beefy body was on display and his thick cock was jutting out stiffly from between his tree-trunk thighs.
Evans, Hemsworth and Pine all started clapping and cheering for their host while Wood stared dumbfounded at the other man.
Pratt walked over to the living room couch and sat his bare ass down on the cushions with his feet planted wide apart and his dick sitting straight up. “Now you boys are gonna’ take turns sitting in Santa’s lap.”  He declared, slapping one of his muscular thighs.
“Me first!” Evans shouted excitedly. He quickly went over to the couch, flashing his buttocks to the other guys before sitting on Pratt’s thigh.
Wood inhaled sharply as he glimpsed the Captain America star’s bubble-butt in his skimpy thong.
“You’ve been a very good boy this year.” Pratt chuckled, grabbing a handful of his fellow Marvel superhero’s ass.
“What did ya’ get me this year, Santa?” Evans asked, putting an arm around the other man’s broad shoulders and smiling at him.
The Guardians of the Galaxy star reached into his sack and grabbed something. “I got you a new Christmas thong!” He declared as he pulled it out.

“Ohh Santa, you shouldn’t have!” Evans laughed while he took the gift and examined it. This new thong was red with a picture of a green and white Christmas present over the crotch. “I’m gonna’ try it on right now!” He exclaimed as he stood back up and slipped off his old thong.
Wood’s eyes bulged when he and the other guys were treated briefly to the sight of Evans’ exposed genitals.
The Captain America star quickly slipped on his new thong and gave Pratt a hug. “Thanks Santa, I love it.” He chuckled.
“You’re very welcome, now who’s next?” The host replied as he looked to the other actors.
“I am!” Pine declared before he quickly took a seat on Pratt’s thigh.
“Do you think you’ve been a naughty or a nice boy this year?” The burly hunk asked the man sitting in his lap.
“Well Santa... I’ve been a naughty boy this year, I showed everyone my penis in my last movie.” Pine admitted with a wry smirk, causing Evans and Hemsworth to giggle.
“Yes you did, son. And that was very naughty of you…” Pratt replied in a serious tone. “But don’t worry; Santa knows how to discipline naughty boys.” He added with a mischievous twinkle in his eye. The Guardians of the Galaxy star then grabbed the other man and bent him over his knee before he retrieved a handheld wooden paddle from his gift sack.
“Yeah Santa, punish me.” Pine sighed, arching his back to push his ass out more.
Pratt began to spank the other man, swiftly striking his bare buttocks several times.
Pine’s eyes rolled back and he panted each time his bum was hit. The embarrassment of being spanked in front of the other Chrises adding to the kinky pleasure.
The other guys watched in delight as their host paddled the actor’s ass until it was nice and red.

Once Pratt was finished he set the paddle aside. “That’s your gift for this year.” He said, rubbing the other man’s sorely-stinging buttocks.
“Thank you, Santa. I appreciate you taking the time to discipline me.” Pine replied when he stood back up, cupping his genitals as he stepped aside.
“Alright, who’s up next?” The host asked, his erection now throbbing after that last encounter.
“I am, Santa.” Hemsworth answered, stepping forward for his turn.
Pratt grinned as the Aussie dropped his pants and sat his brawny ass down on his thigh.
This time Chris Wood couldn’t help but mutter; “Oh shit…” under his breath. As if the Thor star’s muscular body wasn’t enough he was also endowed with a truly Godlike manhood between his legs. The television actor could barely keep himself from drooling.
“Me and my brothers have been very nice to each other this year, Santa.” Hemsworth said, smiling brightly at his host.
“Ohh I know, son…” Pratt chuckled naughtily. “That’s why I got you this.” He added as he took a long, double-ended dildo out of the gift sack.
“Wow!” The Australian stud exclaimed as he grabbed the sex toy. “This looks great!” He added, inspecting the length and girth of the phallic object.
“Now you make sure to share that with your brothers.” Pratt reminded his guest.
“I will, Santa.” Hemsworth replied with a devious smirk. “Thank you.”
Once the Aussie got off his lap Pratt looked to the newest Chris at the party. “It’s your turn now.” He said, grinning broadly.

Wood decided it was time to fully join the other Chrises in their yuletide festivity and stripped out of his pants and underwear. He felt the slightest twitch of insecurity at displaying his full manhood to these gorgeous men, but quickly dispelled that thought and embraced the welcoming and lustful atmosphere.
The other guys happily checked out the newcomer’s now unabashed nudity, admiring his thick cock and firm ass.
Wood sat on the host’s thigh, enjoying the feel of the warm slab of muscle beneath his buttocks and balls. “I’ve uh- I’ve been a good boy this year, Santa.” He said, looking the other man in the eyes and placing a hand on his shoulder.
“I have a very special gift for you, son.” Pratt replied while reaching down to stroke his pulsing cock. “You get to be the first one to ride the North Pole.” He explained.
The newcomer’s face lit up with a smile. “Thank you, Santa!” He exclaimed.
The host removed his fake Santa Claus beard as Wood positioned himself above his erection and soon the two men were kissing as he slid down on the thick shaft.
The other three watched as the newest Chris started riding their host’s cock and couldn’t hold back their own urges anymore.
Evans dropped his thong as he and Hemsworth grabbed each other and began making-out while frotting, their rigid dicks grinding together.
Pine dropped to his knees on the carpet and sucked on their testicles, licking and slurping all over their hairy, sweaty nuts.
The room filled with the sound of moaning as all five men were now fully engaged in their orgy.

Chris Wood gripped the host’s beefy pecs, thrusting his ass up and down on the Guardians of the Galaxy star’s impressive girth while the two men explored each other’s mouths with their tongues.
Pratt held the other man by the hips and helped bounce him on his cock.
Wood could feel his own erection slapping against his abs while his asshole stretched and tightened around the throbbing shaft. He moaned as they kissed, feeling his prostate get rubbed the right way.
Pratt chuckled arrogantly before he moved his mouth to the other man’s neck and began gently biting and kissing along his sensitive skin.
Wood tilted his head back and sighed. He started to feel all over his lover’s broad chest as pleasure washed over him.
Meanwhile Evans and Hemsworth were still going at it while Pine bathed their balls in his mouth. The superhero studs were groping all over each other as they kissed passionately and continued to frot.
Pine kept sucking on their testicles, occasionally sweeping his tongue up along their grinding shafts. The actor savoured every inch of their manhood.
Hemsworth reached down and grabbed Evans’ ass, kneading those muscular globes of flesh.
The Captain America star flexed his buttocks extra hard for his Aussie bud, letting him feel how firm and powerful his glutes are.
The man famous for playing Thor couldn’t help but break their kiss and smile at the other man. “Damn, mate.” He laughed.

Hemsworth decided it was time to push things further. “Alright Evans, you ready to take me up the arse?” He asked with a smirk.
“Fuck yeah, man! Let’s do it!” The horny Boston boy replied.
“Let’s all go to the bedroom and really get things goin’...” Pratt advised the group.
Soon all five of them were up and heading to the bedroom with Evans’ bubble-butt leading the way. Once they were all inside everybody got on the king-sized bed together.
Evans immediately got on all fours and Hemsworth got behind him and started giving him a rimjob. The Aussie buried his face between his asscheeks and prepped his asshole with his tongue.
“Wow…” Chris Wood breathed out slowly, taking in the sight of the God of thunder eating out the All American stud’s ass.
“I want you to fuck me.” Pine said, laying on his back in front of the newcomer.
“You fuck him while I finish with your ass.” Pratt added, getting in position.
Wood grabbed Pine’s legs and held them apart while his slid his cock inside the other man,  watching the handsome actor beneath him throw his head back and moan as he penetrated him. He then felt the host thrust forward into him, filling his own ass with thick, superhero cock. “Ohhh, fuck yeah!” Wood cried out in ecstasy. He started to swing his hips, enjoying the pleasures of both men. He had never experienced anything like this before.
Hemsworth finished rimming Evans and gave him a spank, the sound of his hand slapping against the other man’s flesh echoing off the walls. “Time to put this arse to work.” He chuckled.

The musclebound Australian slid his long, thick cock up his friend’s legendary ass, grunting as he felt the man’s tight sphincter swallow his manhood. “Mmmm, I always love fucking this big, round bum of yours…” He laughed naughtily, giving him another loud spank.
Evans grinned as the pain and pleasure of being split open and filled radiated through his body. “You know I always love when you fuck me.” He replied joyfully. “Now give me a good hammering for Christmas.” He added.
Hemsworth happily obliged and began pounding his fellow Avenger at full-force, the sound of his hard flesh clapping against the other man’s firm buttocks now filling the bedroom.
“Fuck…” Wood moaned as he watched the other guys.
“Hot, isn’t it?” Pine said, smiling up at his lover.
“Hell yeah.” The newcomer replied, looking back down at the man beneath him.
Pine licked his lips seductively. “They taste as good as they look.” He bragged.
Wood eagerly leaned over and kissed the horny movie star, tasting Evans’ and Hemsworth’s genitals on his mouth. “Ohhh yeah…” He sighed when their kiss was finished.
Pratt continued to fuck the newest Chris relentlessly, he could feel his pleasure building towards a climax. “Mmmm, fuck yeah! Gonna’ blow a load up your ass! Want my cum?” He growled.
“Ohhh fuck yeah! Give it to me!” Wood begged, closing his eyes as he was overwhelmed.
Pratt’s balls let loose a hot flod of spunk as he kept pounding away roughly.
Feeling that hunk shoot his cum right against his prostate sent Wood over the edge and he proceeded to spray his own seed inside the man beneath him.
Pine enjoyed the sight of Wood’s orgasmic face above him while he felt his own ass get drenched with sperm.

Meanwhile Hemsworth had been fucking Evans’ ass raw. He could feel his orgasm coming on and let out a mighty howl of euphoria.
The Captain America star shut his eyes as he gave into the blissful sensations. The Godly stud’s ejaculate filling him prompted him to reach down and jerk-off a load of his own, spilling his seed on the sheets below him.
The room was full of the sound of heavy panting as the actors took a moment to catch their breath, but it didn’t last for long. All five Chrises had aroused each other into a lustful frenzy and their craving for white-hot man-on-man sex hadn’t been satiated yet. Soon all of them were laying on the bed intertwined with one another, a tangled knot of sweaty muscles. The guys began groping and licking and sucking all over each other.
Chris Wood was practically lost in the heap, he eventually looked up and saw a buff, hairy ass hovering above him. He plunged his face between the cheeks and started feasting on the other man’s anus. He quickly realized it was Evans and that he was eating Hemsworth’s cum right out of his hole. Wood was elated as he hungrily slurped the tasty spunk.
Pratt started fingering Pine, slipping a few fingers in up to the knuckles and wiggling them.
Pine looked back at the host and saw the naughty grin on his face. “Do it.” He pleaded, desperate for more intense pleasure.
The Guardians of the Galaxy star chuckled deviously before he pushed his hand forward until he was in up to the wrist. With a wicked smirk he grit his teeth and began to fist the other man.

The orgy continued with the five Chrises fully indulging in their every carnal desire.
Hemsworth watched as Pratt thrust his forearm and punched Pine right in the sweet spot, eliciting a sharp cry of ecstasy from the man. The horny Aussie decided to quiet Pine by kissing him, their tongues quickly clashing together.
Evans wrapped his lips around Hemsworth’s dick and began bobbing his head up and down on the shaft, getting it slick once again with his saliva. He moaned with his mouth full of cock as he felt Wood slip his tongue in and out of his tender asshole.  
The actors carried on like this until they teased a few more orgasms out of their companions.
Pine started groaning while he came as Pratt kept rubbing and bumping his prostate with his bare knuckles.
Evans’ skilled blowjob earned him a shot of Australian semen, which he happily drank straight from the source. He had now taken a load from Hemsworth in both ends.
When Wood finished felching Thor’s cum out of Captain America’s ass he moved on to sucking the superhero’s dick from below, eventually getting a mouthful of spunk for himself.
The men finally took a break and decided to resume the party in the living room.
Pine was so sore and tired after being fisted that Pratt picked him up and hoisted him over his shoulder, carrying him to the couch like his Santa Claus gift sack.
Evans popped open the bottle of champagne Wood brought and poured everyone a glass.

Pratt raised his glass and addressed his fellow Chrises. “I’d like to propose a toast to this year’s Christmas party, and to our newest guest.” He declared, smiling over at Wood.
“Cheers!” Everyone shouted before they all shared a drink. As the night wore on the five men continued to have fun in the nude; laughing, talking, drinking and occasionally engaging in one sexual activity or another with each other.
Eventually Evans gave Wood a clap on the shoulder and great, big kiss with plenty of tongue. “You know what, buddy? I want you to have my old Christmas thong.” He told the newcomer, slurring his words a bit after all the refreshments he’d had.
Wood grinned back at him. “Really? That’s awesome!” He laughed.
“No problem, man.” Evans replied, handing him his old thong and then giving him another kiss.
“Wow, thanks…” Wood muttered dreamily.
“‘Tis the season.” The Captain America star chuckled before leaving to initiate a drunken make-out session with Hemsworth.
The television actor raised the red-and-white undergarment up to his face and took in a deep breath, inhaling the scent of the hunky superhero’s crotch.
“Havin’ fun?” Pratt asked as he stepped over to the newcomer.
Wood couldn’t help but blush again. “Yeah…” He giggled happily.
“Good to hear. Did you enjoy your present?” The host inquired with a sly wink.
“Ohh don’t worry, I enjoyed it very much.” Wood answered with a satisfied grin. “Thanks again, Santa.” He added with a wink of his own.
“You’re very welcome…” Pratt chuckled naughtily, putting his arms around the other man.
The two men embraced each other and shared a deep kiss and Chris Wood knew this was his best Christmas ever.

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Welcome To Everyone From Tumblr

Now that Tumblr is shutting down all adult content on the site I realize that many of my Tumblr readers will be coming here for my stories. I want to welcome everyone to the blog where it all started. I've been posting my pornographic fantasies about celebrity men on here for years, ever since I was a teenager.

Ordinarily I only posted my written stories on this site but in the coming days I'm going to try to be much more active on Blogger and try to branch out and look for new ways to share my content and engage with my readers.

I hope everyone continues to enjoy my work and as always feel free to send me your feedback.

Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Horny Halloween 3

It was that time of the year again when an influential gay movie producer throws a huge Halloween party at his L.A. mansion for a bunch of hot male celebrities wearing sexy costumes. It was early in the night and the party was just getting started when Taron Egerton arrived dressed as an ancient Roman centurion. He had the helmet, leather sandals, everything except a chestplate, instead he left his chiseled pecs and abs bare. The British actor strode in confidently and looked around at some of the other guys who were already there. “Friends, Romans, countrymen, lend me your arse!” He shouted with a smirk on his face.
The other men laughed at his joke while Egerton headed towards the bar.
Taron ordered a drink and then looked over the Halloween candies and treats that had been laid out for the guests.
“Nice costume.” Another young man’s voice stated.
Egerton turned and saw Tom Holland walk over to him. The Spider-Man star was dressed in dog-themed spandex fetish gear.
Holland had doggy ears on his head and around his neck was hanging a small mask he could pull up over his mouth and nose that made it look like he had a snout. The rest of his outfit was a tight red latex jumpsuit that hugged his toned young body.
Taron looked the other actor up and down. “That’s quite the costume you have there, mate.” He replied.
“I’m a good puppy.” Tom said as he pulled on his mask and then turned around, showing-off his backside. His red jumpsuit wasn't covering his ass and there was a buttplug sticking-out from between his smooth buttocks. The plug was shaped like a thin dog’s tail and when Holland shook his behind from side-to-side it made the tail wag like an excited dog’s.
Egerton’s eyes bulged as he took in the sight. “Yes... you... are…” He muttered slowly, feeling his blood rush south.

Holland turned back around and lowered his mask again. “So these Halloween parties are pretty fun, aren’t they?” He said with a smile, proud of how he left the other actor struggling to form words.
“Yeah!” Taron exclaimed, snapping back to reality. “They uhh… can get pretty rowdy.” He added, taking off his helmet and holding it under one arm. “If things get too intense for you…” He started to say, leaning against the bar while grinning seductively at his companion. “Maybe you’ll need a brave soldier to protect you.”
“Maybe I will…” Tom replied before leaning forward. He placed his hands on the other man’s pecs and kissed him. Holland gently rubbed Egerton’s pectoral muscles as they made-out.
Taron used to feel threatened by Tom, worried that he was going to replace him as Hugh Jackman’s favourite fuckboy. Those concerns vanished when he and Jackman fucked Holland together. As their kiss ended Egerton smirked at the other young man. “Good to know you remember where your place is.” He whispered.
Tom smiled dreamily. “Of course I remember my place...” He replied softly, still running his fingers over his companion’s firm pecs. “It’s underneath you…”
A grin spread across Taron’s face as he felt the Spider-Man star kiss along his neck. “Such a good boy.” He muttered, grabbing two handfuls of Holland’s ass.

Meanwhile Zac Efron had just arrived at the party and his costume immediately drew everyone’s attention. He strolled in casually, wearing a black headband and a white t-shirt. The words “ROCK OUT WITH MY” were written in black across his pecs, but the lower half of the shirt was torn-off with nothing but a frayed border above his abs. The shocking part was that Efron was completely nude below that point.
There was plenty of excited murmuring, lewd remarks and whistles thrown in Zac’s direction by the party’s guests as he walked in. Everyone ogled his exposed genitals and bare ass, giving him the attention he clearly wanted. He was there to rock out with his cock out.
Efron sauntered over to one of the tables laid-out with treats and popped a gummy jack-o’-lantern into his mouth.
“Damn! That is one hell of a costume, man. What exactly are you supposed to be?” Michael B. Jordan exclaimed as he walked over to Zac. The two men had worked together in the past and had plenty of sex while they were filming the movie, which Michael kept a secret from his boyfriend Ryan Coogler.
Efron smirked at the other man. “I’m a rockstar.” He replied, making the ‘devil’s horns’ gesture with one hand.
Jordan was dressed as a cowboy, wearing just denim pants, a stetson hat and a red handkerchief around his neck.
“You look pretty good yourself, buckaroo.” Zac said, looking over his friend’s ripped torso. “Your boyfriend here?” He asked with a devious glint in his eye.
“Nope.” Michael responded, licking his lips suggestively.
Efron smiled and pointed down at his bare crotch and Jordan obediently got on his knees.

Michael immediately grabbed Zac’s cocks and balls and started licking all over them, washing his manhood with his saliva. Eventually he took turns sucking the testicles in his mouth and cleaning them with his tongue.
“Ohh fuck yeah, lick my nutsack.” Efron moaned. He rested one hand on the other man’s shoulder while using the other to grab some more gummy jack-o’-lanterns.
Once he was done with the balls Jordan quickly began swallowing cock, going down all the way until his nose reached the other man’s trimmed pubes.
“That’s it… good boy, suck that dick…” Zac muttered while eating the candies. “Get it nice and slick for that big, black ass of yours...”
Taron and Tom had noticed the public display and joined some of the other men who were watching.
Efron grinned at the crowd and winked at Egerton. “Alright now, get on all fours.” He ordered his companion.
Michael quickly got down on his hands and knees and turned his rear-end towards the other man’s crotch.
Zac pulled down the “Creed” star’s pants, exposing his plump, muscular glutes. He then slid his wet and rigid shaft between those brawny, brown buns.
Jordan bit his bottom lip and groaned as his asshole stretched to accommodate Efron’s cock.
Zac chuckled arrogantly and gave Michael a hard smack on the ass.

Taron watched as the two men began to fuck; Efron bucking his hips while Jordan grit his teeth and kept his ass raised in the air. He admired both of their fit, muscular bodies as they flexed and thrust.
Zac continued to swing his hips, driving his cock in hard while he rocked his body back and forth. “Fuck yeah, boy! Take it!” He shouted aggressively, spanking the other man repeatedly.
“Oooohh yes!” Michael moaned, letting out a long breath as he endured every harsh blow.
An intense look came over Efron’s face and his movements became quicker and more forceful. He let loose a string of filthy remarks that shocked the crowd and he began to fuck harder and faster than ever.
Jordan closed his eyes and opened his mouth wide, panting hard as he was plowed into ecstasy.
Egerton was caught off-guard by this change in behaviour but most of the guys watching were cheering.
“Ride ‘em cowboy!” One of the bystanders yelled, drawing a big laugh from the onlookers.
Zac didn’t react to his audience at all anymore and simply kept-up his vigorous fucking.
Tom Holland licked his lips while he watched drops of sweat slide down Michael’s bronze muscles and Zac’s tight abs.
“Gonna’ breed your hole!” Efron bellowed as he reached climax. He started grunting and growling like a wild animal while his cock sprayed his hot cum inside the other man.
Jordan let out one long moan as his ass was filled and he shot his own load beneath him from the sensation.

The audience clapped and cheered as the two men recovered from their orgasms and some of them jokingly shouted “encore”.
Michael eventually got up and pulled his denim pants back up over his sore ass. He took the handkerchief from around his neck and used it to wipe the excess sweat from his forehead. “Holy shit…” He muttered softly, his chest still heaving as he tried to catch his breath.
“That was quite the performance, mate.” Taron said, clapping Zac on the shoulder as he stepped over to him.
Efron’s cock was still throbbing while standing at full erection. “Are you next?” He asked, looking at Egerton with an annoyed look on his face.
“What?” Taron replied in confusion.
“Hey! Who’s next!?” Zac shouted, looking around the room.
“Fuck me, man!” One of the bystanders giddily exclaimed as he got down on all fours in front of Efron.
Zac immediately shoved his cock up the man’s ass and began fucking him hard.
“Goddamn, mate… you’re insatiable…” Egerton muttered as he backed away.
“What was that all about?” Tom asked as Taron rejoined him in the crowd.
“I don’t know.” Taron replied. “It was like all he could think about was fucking...” He mused.
“So what do you want to do now?” Holland inquired, slipping a hand around Egerton’s waist.
“Come on boy, let’s see what else is going on around here.” Taron said, grabbing Tom’s bare bum again and feeling him wag his “tail”.

Meanwhile at the party Henry Cavill had reconnected with his friend and fuckbuddy Armie Hammer. Cavill was dressed as a gladiator but his costume looked more like a leather fetish outfit. Studded leather straps hung from his belt in the front and back and he had sandals and arm-guards but that was it, the rest of his ripped, hirsute body was on display.
Hammer was literally dressed in a leather fetish outfit; he was wearing crotchless chaps, boots, and an open vest, all in black leather. His exposed penis was already semi-hard as he talked with the British hunk. “I love your costume.” Armie said while he caressed one of Henry’s massive pectorals, he also slipped his other hand down behind the gladiator skirt to feel that he wasn’t wearing anything underneath it.
Cavill smiled as the other man grabbed his genitals and returned the favour by reaching over and stroking his bare cock as well. “Thank you, I fancy your outfit too.” He replied with a warm grin and a wink.
“What can I say? I love S&M. This is basically just my regular weekend clothes.” Hammer laughed, smiling back at the gorgeous stud. “Halloween’s the one time of the year where I get to show everyone my dirty little secret.”
Henry looked down at Armie’s shaft as he brought it to full erection. “I wouldn’t call that a little secret.” He quipped.
The two men shared a quick chuckle but then immediately began making-out with each other. Both of them stood there masturbating and groping one another while kissing passionately.

“Holy shit, mate! Check that out…” Taron Egerton exclaimed, nudging Tom Holland with his elbow as he gestured over towards the two statuesque studs going at it.
“Wow…” The Spider-Man star muttered under his breath while wagging his “tail”.
Cavill and Hammer eventually finished their kiss and the British hunk grinned at his companion. “There’s someone I’d like you to meet.” He said before leading the man away.
“What do you say, boy? Should we continue to indulge our... voyeuristic fun?” Taron asked with a sly smile.
“Yeah!” Tom replied excitedly.
The younger men discreetly followed after the other two actors.
Henry brought his companion to Jason Momoa who was helping himself to some of the Halloween candy.
Armie looked up and down at Jason’s stripper firefighter outfit with interest.
“I wanted you two to meet.” Cavill stated, placing a hand on the shoulder of both men.
“Hi there, I like your sexy fireman costume.” Hammer chuckled, his dick throbbing in front of him.
Momoa laughed. “No man, I’m dressed as Joe Manganiello from Magic Mike!”
All three of them couldn’t help but laugh.
“I even got the big firehose and everything…” Jason added, pulling out his penis.
Armie’s eyebrows lifted as he took in how hung the Hawaiian was. “Yeah, that’s uh… pretty big…” He anxiously bit his bottom lip.
Henry rubbed both men’s shoulders. “We were thinking the two of us could have some fun with you.” He teased, sharing a naughty glance with his Justice League co-star.
Yeah!” The tall heartthrob blurted out impulsively. “Yeah, let’s have fun.”

Taron and Tom could feel their blood rushing south again as they watched these three huge men flirting with their cocks out.
“I understand there’s a… well I guess you’d call it a ‘sex dungeon’ in the basement this year. How about we check it out?” Cavill said, smirking at both his companions.
“A sex dungeon?” Hammer repeated, his eyes lighting-up with excitement. “Fuck yeah!”
Momoa clapped his hands together. “Well then, let’s get to it.” He rumbled.
The trio of men made their way down to the basement area and found it redecorated into a Halloween-themed fetish dungeon with all manner of perverted experiences going on. There were multiple tables and bondage equipment and most were already in use.
In a sling suspended from the ceiling Ryan Reynolds was laying on his back, totally nude with his wrists and ankles shackled to the corners. He had a ball-gag in his mouth that was shaped and coloured like a jack-o’-lantern. Even through the gag his muffled moans were still audible as various men took turns fucking his helpless ass.
Armie looked around with a gleeful expression on his face. “Ohh yeah!” He proclaimed before quickly heading over to a certain piece of equipment that caught his eye. “Put me in this.” He said, taking off his vest and standing in front of shackles that were fastened to the wall. The other two obliged and soon he was shackled to the wall with his bare backside pointed at them. “Nice, now grab those toys over there and let’s really have some fun…” He chuckled deviously.
“You sure this is what you want?” Jason asked, looking at what the other man requested.
“Ohhh yes…” Hammer purred, a mischievous glint shining in his eye. “That’s what I want.”

Egerton and Holland made their way through the dungeon, looking at all the kinky sex that was happening all around them. Eventually they found something that really caught their attention.
Towards the back of the area there was a particularly tall and muscular man who was currently fucking someone much smaller. He was wearing a black hooded mask over his face with only two holes in it over his eyes, like a medieval-style executioner and he had a black leather harness on his chest. Aside from that he was completely nude, his hairy, sculpted physique flexing as he swung his hips.
Even with his face covered the two young men knew it was Hugh Jackman, immediately recognizing his body. As they got closer the saw the younger man getting fucked was Tye Sheridan.
Sheridan was laying nude on a table with his legs on Jackman’s shoulders. He was panting heavily as he was plowed hard by the mature stud.
Taron felt the urge to go join them and get fucked too but he was conflicted. He looked over at Tom who was now vigorously shaking his butt from side-to-side and whimpering like a jealous puppy. Egerton had come to the party with the intention of enjoying the night as a top, he wanted to be the man in charge. He knew that wouldn’t happen if they joined with Hugh so instead he grabbed Holland by the waist and turned him around to face him. “You’re with me tonight, remember?” He said sternly, puffing out his chest a bit.
Tom looked up at the other man’s face. “Yeah…” He muttered softly.
“Remember your place.” Taron warned, moving his hands down to caress Holland’s ass.
“Underneath you.” The Spider-Man star assured him.

Meanwhile Armie Hammer was having the time of his life with Henry Cavill and Jason Momoa. Momoa was spanking his uncovered ass with a wooden paddle while Cavill struck his bare back with a small leather whip. Hammer cried out in ecstasy each time his buttocks were paddled and his back was whipped.
Neither Henry or Jason had ever taken part in something like this before but they quickly grew to enjoy this kinky new experience. Their cocks stood at full erection as they indulged in their sadistic pleasure.
“Ohhh fuck yeah, guys…” Armie moaned. “Keep going... keep giving it to me…” He begged.
Momoa grinned deviously and smacked the other man’s ass harder than before, delighting at the sound of the paddle whistling through the air and then clapping against his taut flesh. “Want me to give it to you harder?” He chuckled arrogantly.
“Yes! Ohh yes…” The handsome masochist pleaded desperately.
“Like this!?” The Hawaiian shouted as he plunged his rigid shaft into the other man.
“Ohhhh fuck!” Armie hollered while his anus was split open and his ass filled with cock, his eyes opening wide in shock.
“Jesus…” Henry cursed under his breath. He was taken aback by his friend’s sudden change in behaviour.
Jason simply laughed boisterously as he thrust his body, ramming into the restrained actor without mercy.
“Keep… going…” Hammer panted. “Keep… whipping me…” He breathed out raggedly.

Taron and Tom looked all around the dungeon. Everywhere in the basement area men were fucking like animals. The sounds of moaning, panting, pleading, grunting and groaning all echoed off the walls while the smell of sweat and sheer lust hung in the air.
Ryan Reynolds howled through his ball-gag as his ass was pummeled over and over again.
Tye Sheridan wailed in pain and pleasure while Hugh Jackman continued to ravage him.
Armie Hammer was practically hyperventilating, his chest heaving with each breath. “Yes… yes… Ohh God, yes…” He sighed.
Cavill had obliged Hammer’s request to keep whipping him but now he craved physical pleasure for himself. He positioned himself behind Momoa and slipped his cock up his tanned ass.
“Fuck yeah…” Jason chuckled, but aside from that he paid no attention to the man behind him. Instead he kept focusing his attention on the man in front of him, fucking him without slowing the pace or intensity of his thrusts for an instant.
Armie began to cry out in orgasm as spurts of cum shot out of his cock.
Holland looked around again and ran his hands up and down Egerton’s sinewy arms. “Taron, can we go back upstairs?” He asked.
The Welsh-born actor looked his companion in the eyes. “You don’t want to… have fun down here?” He inquired.
“I want you to take me.” Tom replied. “I just want you to do it upstairs.” He clarified.
Egerton smiled. “Alright then, mate.” The two shared a brief kiss before they started to leave. Even while they were heading up out of the basement they could still hear all the men below, Jason Momoa in particular roared like a savage beast in heat.

Elsewhere at the party a new addition to Hollywood’s stable of horny actors, Henry Golding, was trying to make himself comfortable. The star of the recent “Crazy Rich Asians” movie was wearing a dapper black tuxedo and was currently standing by one of the tables with treats. He chewed on some gummy candy and tried not to look nervous.
“Well hello there.” A man’s voice spoke from behind Golding.
Henry turned and saw two men walk up to him, Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan.
Evans was dressed like a police officer, a shirtless police officer that is. He had the hat, tight blue pants and a belt with a pair of handcuffs hanging on it, but his muscular and hairy arms and chest were completely bare.
Stan on the other hand had a more peculiar outfit. He was wearing slacks with no shirt either, but he had a necktie that hung down to his abs and a thick pair of glasses.
“Hi.” Golding said as he looked at the two. “So you’re a sexy cop and you’re a sexy…” He trailed off in confusion.
“I’m a sexy nerd.” Sebastian clarified, placing a single finger between the lens of his glasses and pushing them up.
“Nice.” Henry chuckled.
“This your first time at one of these?” Chris asked. “You look a bit uncomfortable.”
“Yeah, this is my first time at one of these… you know, Hollywood orgy party things…” Golding admitted, smiling bashfully.
Evans and Stan grinned at each other. “Don’t worry; we’re more than happy to help you through your first time.” The Captain America star assured him.

Henry blushed and thought about their offer while the handsome two men helped themselves to some of the candy.
“So what are you supposed to be?” Sebastian inquired while biting into a gummy jack-o’-lantern.
“What?” The Asian actor replied, distracted for a moment.
“What’s with the tux?” Chris asked, smirking at the other man.
“Ohh.” Golding chuckled. “I’m a secret agent. Like James Bond.” He explained shyly.
“Well you look great in it…” Evans added, eyeing him up and down hungrily.
“Thanks, but I’m feeling rather… overdressed.” Henry confessed. He looked over the superhero actors’ sculpted chests.
Stan grinned lustfully. “Well we’d be glad to help you lose some layers…” He remarked with a suggestive wink.
Golding laughed nervously. “I uh…” He paused for a second. “Yeah. Yeah, I think I’d like that.” He finally agreed.
The Marvel stars grinned at each other again and then leaned in toward the other man.
“You won’t regret this.” Chris whispered before kissing Henry on the lips and quickly slipping his tongue inside.
“We’re gonna’ have a lot of fun tonight.” Sebastian claimed before he took his turn kissing their new companion.
Golding breathed out slowly and then smiled as he watched the other two kiss. “Wow. Let’s uh… let’s get started then, shall we?”

Evans and Stan both put an arm around the other man and began to lead him through the mansion.
“So where are we going?” Henry asked.
“There’s another part of the house that’s more… group-friendly.” Chris replied.
“Ohh, so we’re going to be joining some other guys?” Golding inquired.
“Yeah, there’s a lot of guys here you should meet.” Sebastian added.
Henry smiled again. “Alright, sounds good.” He said as the two men led him into a large room that had mattresses, blankets and pillows all over the floor. It was clearly set-up for plenty of men to engage in orgies and groupsex. There were already other men here in various states of undress and most were already going at it with each other, Golding inhaled slowly while he took in the sight.
Oscar Isaac and Chris Pratt were making-out. Oscar was dressed as a caveman; he had a faux-fur loincloth wrapped around his waist and a fake animal pelt around his shoulders, the rest of his body was bare. Pratt was a shirtless soldier; he wore green camouflage pants tucked into boots and a pair of dog-tags hung around his neck and rested between his pecs. The two men held one another close as they explored each other’s mouths with their tongues.
Michael Fassbender was already on top of Chris Pine. Pine was moaning as he laid on his back on one of the mattresses, he had come to the party dressed as a doctor but the only thing he was still wearing was a white doctor’s coat that was open wide to reveal his nude body. Michael was a lifeguard, he was wearing a tight red speedo and a whistle around his neck. The whistle was currently hanging down on Chris’ chest as Fassbender was on his hands and knees above him grinding his sizeable bulge against Pine’s bare manhood, teasing him.

“Wow. This is uhh…This is a lot to take in for your first time.” Henry chuckled nervously.
“You haven’t even started taking it in yet.” Sebastian Stan joked.
“And is it your first time?” Chris Evans inquired. “Taking it in, that is…” He added, raising an eyebrow in curiosity.
Golding smiled and blushed again. “No, it’s not going to be the first.” He replied.
“Then you have nothing to be afraid of.” The Captain America star assured him, giving him another kiss on the lips.
“Yeah, I know. It’s just very overwhelming to see all of this--...” Henry cut himself off as his eyes widened and his mouth went slack. Further back in the room he noticed a trio of men who were well on their way to a threesome.
Chris Hemsworth and his brothers Liam and Luke were already mostly nude and on their knees grinding their bodies together. They were all dressed in various pirate outfits, Chris had the captain’s hat while Liam had a red bandana and Luke wore an eyepatch. Chris was in the middle with Luke behind him rubbing his hard cock between his firm buttocks and Liam in front of him frotting while the three of them took turns kissing each other.
“But aren’t they…” Golding trailed off as he stared at the Australian brothers in awe.
“Indeed they are.” Evans said, grinning as he clapped Henry on the shoulder.
“All kinds of fun stuff goes on around here.” Stan added with a dirty chuckle.
“So I see…” The British-born Asian actor mumbled softly.

Chris and Sebastian started to undress their new companion, removing his jacket and unbuttoning his shirt. “Time for you to have some fun too.” Sebastian whispered in Henry’s ear.
Golding remained passive and allowed the men to strip him while he continued to watch the other actors give in to their lust.
Chris Pratt was now on his knees behind Oscar Isaac. He had lifted up the fur loincloth and was eating-out Oscar’s beefy latino ass, making him moan out loud.
Isaac babbled incoherently at the pleasure while Pratt nibbled on his fleshy cheeks and lapped at his sensitive asshole.
Chris Pine was begging Michael Fassbender to take off his speedo and give him the real deal. “Ohh God please, sir! I need your cock!” He panted.
Fassbender eventually rewarded his submissive lover by slipping down the swimwear and sliding his infamous prick all over Pine’s throbbing erection. “Yeah? You want to know what a real man feels like?” He mocked him.
Evans and Stan finally stripped Henry nude and began kissing all over his neck and chest.
“Ohhh yes…” Golding sighed blissfully as his cock rose. His mind was starting to get foggy as he let go of his inhibitions and his libido took control. Henry followed his sexual instinct and suddenly grabbed Sebastian and kissed him passionately. They tumbled onto one of the mattresses together with Golding on top and Stan pulled his pants down so they could rub their cocks together. He couldn’t help but moan into the other man’s mouth when he felt Chris Evans’ beard bristle against his ass.
The entire room became filled with the sound of the men’s combined ecstasy.

The Hemsworth brothers had worked each other to a lustful peak; their manhood was rigid and their nipples firm as hot blood coursed through their veins.
“I’m at full mast now, lads.” Chris growled, affecting a grizzled pirate voice.
“Aye captain, I’m ready to bury the family jewels.” Luke joked, chuckling at his sleazy double-entendre.
The Thor star grinned at his older brother’s filthy humour.
“Permission to come aboard, captain?” Liam asked the middle sibling.
Chris looked his younger brother right in the eye. “Permission granted.” He replied before bringing their mouths together in a deep kiss.
The youngest Hemsworth raised his ass up and then slid down on Chris’ massive erection. He shut his eyes and let out a long moan while his brother’s cock filled him.
Luke followed suit and pushed his own throbbing shaft into the superhero stud.
Chris grunted and then bellowed with joyous laughter at the sexual gratification overwhelming his senses. He then began to swing his hips, fucking his younger brother’s tight hole while driving his buff ass back onto his older brother’s prick.
The three Aussie bros proceeded to kiss, grope and lick all over each other, feeling and tasting their hard, sweaty muscles as they fucked and thrust in unison. As always when they have sex with each other their incestuous passion removes any traces of guilt or shame and drives them into a sheer sexual frenzy.
And now the room was also filled with the masculine aphrodisiac of the actors’ perspiration.

“Well, well, well, what’s goin’ on here?” A man’s voice abruptly called out.
Chris Evans stopped rimming Henry Golding and looked up to see Scott Eastwood walk in.
Eastwood was dressed as a sexy football quarterback; he was wearing shoulder pads, eyeblack and a white jockstrap.
Evans stood back up and faced the newcomer. “Somethin’ wrong, son?” He asked with an authoritative tone, roleplaying with his cop costume.
“Not at all, officer. Just thought I’d see what all you horny bitches are up to.” Scott laughed boisterously, leaning into the arrogant jock persona.
“What was that?” Chris barked angrily.
“Hey lighten up, officer. We’re all just here to have fun, right?” Eastwood scoffed.
“Oh yeah? You think being an asshole is fun?” Evans replied.
Scott grinned smugly. “No. My idea of fun is streaking across the field and giving the cheerleaders something to really cheer about!” He quipped.
“And what would that be?” Chris inquired.
This dick!” Eastwood shouted, grabbing his bulge and shaking it.
Evans quickly grabbed the other man’s arms and pinned them behind his back. “I don’t like your attitude, boy!” He said as he handcuffed him.
“Hey! Come on, man! It was just a joke!” Scott protested while Chris bent him over.
“Here’s my idea of a good time…” The superhero star chuckled deviously as he undid his belt.

The other men smiled while they watched the two but soon returned their attention to each other.
Oscar Isaac was now on all fours while Chris Pratt had his cock out and was ramming him from behind.
Michael Fassbender had slid his long shaft up Chris Pine’s hole and was delighting in the sound of his desperate groans.
Henry Golding had rolled over onto his back and Sebastian Stan was gleefully fucking his eager ass.
Chris Evans started giving it hard to Scott Eastwood, driving his cock back and forth vigorously. A wide grin spread across Scott’s face as his prostate was repeatedly tapped by Evans’ stiff rod.
The Hemsworth brothers carried on with their incestuous sandwich, fucking and kissing each other in a taboo euphoria while their hands roamed all over each other’s bodies.
Most of the actors grouped together as they had sex; while he was getting plowed by Pratt, Oscar was licking Michael’s ass and Scott was above Sebastian while he was being fucked by Evans.
None of the them spoke anymore, instead they simply grunted or moaned or panted like wild animals. It wasn’t long before one by one they started to orgasm. Every man cried out in ecstasy when he reached climax and shot his sperm into or onto one of the other men.
Isaac collected his own cum in his hand and then smeared it over Fassbender’s ass before licking it off.
Eastwood shot his load right through his jockstrap, smirking as he let it drip down onto Stan’s bare buttocks.

Even after all the men had finished cumming they didn’t let up for a moment, they just swapped positions and pairings and began fucking all over again.
While the group of men continued with their orgy Taron Egerton and Tom Holland had just come up from the basement and came upon the scene. While the men below were like depraved demons ravaging one another in wanton lust these men were engaged in a Heavenly banquet of carnal desires. But there was no denying that in both cases the men seemed to be completely controlled by their lust, like there was no rational thought to their actions and instead there was only pure sexual instinct.
“It’s like they’re all… sex zombies…” Taron remarked as they viewed the men.
“This party is starting to give me the shivers.” Tom replied. “Can we go upstairs now?” He asked, giving the other man’s forearm a squeeze.
“Sure thing, mate. Come on.” Egerton reassured him as he ushered Holland along.
The two young men made their way upstairs to where the bedrooms were located. As they walked into the hallway they found two other men who were having sex right out in the open, Joe Manganiello and Jon Hamm.
Manganiello’s costume was the devil, but he was barely wearing anything; his entire robust body had been painted bright red, even his bare genitals. Aside from that he had only a pair of red devil horns on his head.
Hamm on the other hand was a zombie; his body had been painted a sickly shade of green and he wore the tattered shreds of a business suit around his chest.

Both men were making-out with each other and grinding their exposed cocks together.
When Taron and Tom saw them they stopped dead in their tracks and gaped at the sight.
Joe and Jon kept frotting together and growled ravenously as they kissed. Eventually they noticed they were being watched and turned their heads towards the younger pair.
“Well look at that…” Manganiello rumbled, his mouth curling in a lascivious smirk.
“Looks good to me…” Hamm added, licking his lips.
“Uhhh…” Holland stammered nervously.
“Sorry gents, we’re occupied at the moment.” Egerton called out to them before he quickly pulled his companion into the nearest bedroom and shut the door fast. “Well, that was a bit spooky.” He said with a chuckle, trying to lighten the mood while he locked the door behind them.
“What is going on? Why is everyone turning into horny maniacs?” Tom asked rhetorically.
“Oh come on now, mate. You’ve been to these kinds of events before, there’s always wild orgies and kinky shit and whatnot.” Taron replied, trying to sound nonchalant.
“I’ve been gangbanged at some pretty wild orgies before but something’s off this time. The guys here are acting like all they know how to do is eat, breathe and fuck.” Holland proclaimed.
“You’re overreacting.” Egerton retorted with a wave of his hand. “So you’ve been gangbanged at some pretty wild orgies, eh?” He started to say.
All of a sudden there were several loud banging noises, sounding like a powerful man was pounding his fists on the bedroom door.
“Come on boys! Open up!” Manganiello’s voice howled commandingly.

Taron and Tom both yelled as they were started and immediately backed away from the door together while the banging outside continued.
“Okay, maybe you’re right about something being off this time.” Egerton conceded.
“I told you…” Holland muttered. “They’re sex zombies!” He exclaimed.
Taron tried to laugh incredulously. “Come on mate, there’s no such thing as sex zombies…”
Suddenly there were two sets of fists pounding on the door as both men outside tried to force it  open.
“I can smell your boypussies from out here!” Joe hollered from the hallway.
“I just wanna’ eat your ass, boys!” Jon shouted.
Egerton’s eyes bulged. “Holy shit, they’re sex zombies!” He blurted out.
“I told you!” Holland declared. “They’re gonna’ break in here and ruin split our arseholes open!”
Taron gazed off absently as he thought to himself for a moment. “Are we sure we don’t want that to happen?” He inquired.
“Do you want to walk for the next month?” Tom asked sarcastically. “Did you even see the size of their cocks?”
Egerton recalled the sight of the two hunks frotting. “It looked like two pythons trying to climb on top of each other…” He muttered softly.
The pounding on the door began to intensify.

“I just wanted to be a good puppy tonight and not get split in half for a change...” The Spider-Man star bemoaned mournfully.
“You are a good puppy, Tom.” Taron said as he grabbed Holland by the shoulders. “I was the one who said he was going to be the brave soldier who’d protect you.” He lamented.
“You are my brave protector though.” Tom replied, looking at Egerton’s handsome face. “If it wasn’t for you I’d be getting torn open out in the hall right now.” He explained.
Taron smiled proudly. “Yeah, I guess that’s true.” He admitted.
“I just want to be in my rightful place tonight…” Holland whispered. “Underneath you.”
The two young men looked into each other’s eyes and then started to kiss passionately. They quickly stripped out of their costumes and laid on the bed together nude; Tom laid flat on his back and spread his legs wide while Taron gently drove his cock into him, all the while they never stopped kissing.
“Ohh that feels so good…” Holland panted as he brought his mouth to Egerton’s ear and nibbled on his earlobe. He ran his hands up and down the other man’s flexing back and ass.
“Yeah it does, my horny little puppy…” Taron chuckled dreamily while he continued to fuck Tom’s tight asshole.
As they both carried on they gradually noticed the banging outside less and less and only focused on the pleasure they were experiencing with each other. It was as if their minds were starting to cloud over and all they could think about was sex.
But as the young actors consummated their lustful desire for each other on the bed the intense assault on the bedroom door only increased. Eventually the door burst open, breaking as Joe Manganiello and Jon Hamm barged in. The two mature studs instantly went to the bed and grabbed the amorous pair even as they kept fucking.

Manganiello lifted Egerton up and rammed his massive horsecock up the younger man’s ass, grunting and laughing like a wild maniac.
Hamm then climbed on top of Holland and sunk his notoriously large manhood into the vulnerable twink.
But instead of crying out in alarm the two younger men moaned in ecstasy as their helpless asses were plundered.
All four actors began to grunt and breathe heavily, their chests heaving as they gave in to their primal lustful cravings.
Taron looked back at Joe and smiled as the beefy sex symbol thrust his hips with full force and stretched his asshole mercilessly.
Tom reached up and caressed every inch of Jon’s bare flesh that he could get his fingers on, even as he felt the rugged older man’s massively hung cock fill him.
Manganiello and Hamm never let up for a second, they kept fucking hard and fast while the other two obediently laid there and took it.
Several minutes passed before they all started to reach climax, the combined sound of their orgasms creating a raucous uproar. The older men fired their loads into the younger men, who in turn spilled their seed all over themselves. As the pleasure overwhelmed them they started to drift out of consciousness until the four of them were asleep.

Hours later Taron and Tom began to wake up. Raising themselves up off the bed they looked at each other in bewilderment.
“What happened to Joe and Jon?” Egerton asked, rubbing the side of his head.
“I don’t know... I guess they woke up earlier and left.” Holland replied.
Eventually the two made their way back downstairs and realized it was already morning.
“What the fuck happened to everybody last night?” Taron thought aloud.
“You know... the more I think about it, the more I wonder if there was something in the candy that made everyone act like that.” Tom stated.
“The candy? I mean, maybe. But people didn’t start going all lust crazy when they ate the candy, it wasn’t until you started having sex that you lost control.” Egerton responded.
“True. But I still think there might have been something in the candy that was turning us into sex zombies.” Holland reiterated.
The two young men noticed someone was behind them and turned to see Ryan Reynolds walking around naked with the ball-gag still in his mouth. He removed the sex toy and grabbed a gummy jack-o’-lantern off one of the treat tables. “I guess we’ll never know what… or who was responsible for all that craziness last night, am I right?” He claimed, popping the piece of candy in his mouth.
Taron and Tom looked at each other with a perplexed look on their faces.
“Happy Halloween, boys.” Ryan said with a sly smile as he strolled past them.
While Reynolds walked ahead towards the younger men’s gaze was immediately drawn to his bare ass. Semen was clearly visible dribbling out from between his still reddened buttocks.
The British actors looked at each other again and started to laugh. Egerton threw an arm around his friend’s shoulders and pulled him close. “Happy Halloween, mate.” He chuckled.