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Friday, September 13, 2013

The Celebrity Challenge - Part 2

After the first official day of the challenge all fourteen competitors retired to their separate bedrooms. Each man slept nude that night as they had all been instructed to remain undressed until the next meeting. Most of the men took a shower the next morning, knowing full-well that they were being watched as they washed themselves.
Ryan Reynolds unabashedly masturbated while showering; he winked at the camera mounted on the showerhead as he soaped and stroked his 8 inches.
A few of the men like Chris Evans and Kellan Lutz pissed while they showered; lathering their broad chests and playing with their nipples while relieving themselves.
As soon as he was finished toweling himself off Ryan Reynolds headed downstairs for the kitchen. He could hear someone moaning and the first thing he saw as he stepped into the large room was Stephen Amell’s back and ass as he sat on the far-side of the kitchen table. Reynolds took a moment to enjoy the sight of Amell’s bare backside before he walked around to his side. Aaron Paul was sitting in front of Stephen, sucking on his dick down to his balls. “Giving shorty a protein bar for breakfast?” Ryan asked humourously.
“Ohh hey Ryan!” Stephen exclaimed a bit startled. “Yeah we were feeling hungry and… well, Aaron found something to eat.”
Aaron ignored Reynolds and continued deepthroating while jerking himself.
Ryan reached over and pinched Stephen’s nipples. “I was glad to see you in this competition Stephen; it’s nice to have another Canadian stud around.”
Amell groaned in pleasure at the combined stimulation on his nipples and cock. “Ohh yeah Ryan, I definitely agree.”
Reynolds leaned over and brought their stubbly faces together. Their lips met and almost immediately they were exploring each other’s mouths with their tongues.
Aaron Paul started to bob his head and suck on Stephen’s cock harder as the two made-out. It wasn’t long before Amell was ready to cum and Aaron prepared himself to swallow his load.
Stephen held Ryan tight and moaned as they kissed while his balls unleashed a hot torrent of cum down Aaron’s throat. The two Canadians then broke their kiss and looked down at the ‘Breaking Bad’ star.
Aaron had also cum, and was licking his spunk off his fingers. “Thanks for the tasty breakfast man. You want me to take care of that?” He said pointing at Ryan’s hard-on.
“Thanks, but no thanks. I think I’ll let ‘Arrow’ here take care of it.” Reynolds replied.
“Cool, I’ll see you guys later.” Aaron got up and left, giving them a great view of his tight ass.
After ogling the short stud’s butt Stephen sat in the chair while Ryan perched himself in front of him on the table.
Amell soon had Reynolds’ entire shaft lodged in his throat and Ryan began pinching and twisting his own nipples.
“Green Arrow sucking Green Lantern’s cock, cool!” Chris Evans exclaimed as he walked into the kitchen followed by Kellan Lutz and Henry Cavill.
The three newcomers made themselves breakfast and sat down at the table and ate while watching Ryan blow his load down Stephen’s cock.

The two Canadians ate some cereal and then left and most of the guys in the competition came into the kitchen at one point or another to have a quick breakfast and shoot the shit with the other guys. But eventually Evans, Lutz and Cavill were left alone together.
“You two superheroes interested in some lip service?” Kellan asked before finishing his glass of orange juice.
Cavill looked over at him with a smirk. “You’re just dying to wrap your lips around our cocks, aren’t you?”
“He already wrapped his lips around mine yesterday, guess he needs more.” Chris chuckled.
“Actually I meant; are you two interested in performing some lip service.” Kellan retorted while standing up and pointing at his veiny erection.
Chris chuckled again. “Yeah sure man, I’m game.”
“Yeah all right.” Henry said.
The two superhero studs got down on their knees and started licking Kellan’s cock.
Evans sucked both of Kellan’s balls into his mouth, swirled his tongue over them and then spat them out. “Nice nuts Lutz.”
“Thanks Evans, nice face.” Kellan replied as he smacked Chris’ face with his dick, leaving drops of saliva and pre-cum in his facial hair.
Henry suddenly swallowed Lutz’s shaft down to the base and vibrated his throat.
“Ahh fuck yeah.” Kellan moaned and began rubbing his nipples with one hand and fingering his asshole with the other.
Cavill spit out the 9 inch dick, but left a strand of spittle connecting the top of the piss slit to Henry’s bottom lip. “Goes down smooth.” He declared.
Chris leaned his head over and kissed Henry, sucking up his spit and swapping it for some of his own.
Henry kissed back and the two would’ve started making out if Kellan hadn’t slapped both their faces with his wet prick.
“You’re supposed to be givin’ me lip, not each other.” Lutz rebuked them.
The two went back to servicing the ‘Hercules’ heartthrob.
Sam Witwer walked by the kitchen and found the three hunks in their erotic tableau.
When Kellan noticed Witwer staring he flashed him a naughty grin and then pulled his hand away from his ass and licked his fingers.
Sam’s eyes widened as he watched the guys carry on.
When they became aware Sam was watching; Chris and Henry started flicking their tongues against Lutz’s piss slit while Kellan lifted his arms up and flexed in a muscleman pose.
Witwer laughed, gave the guys two thumbs up and then started jerking his now raging-hard cock.

Evans and Cavill kept licking and sucking Kellan’s prick until his balls tensed up.
“All right boys, I’m gonna’ bust my nuts, so get ready for a facial.” Lutz grunted.
The two superheroes looked up at Kellan while he plastered both their faces with jizz.
Seeing the two smoking hot actors with cum all over their faces quickly sent Witwer over the edge and he collected up his spunk and rubbed it into the hair on his pecs.
“Thanks for the lip service boys, let’s do it again sometime.” Kellan said before casually leaving the room.
Chris and Henry stood back up and kissed. They made-out with passion causing their semen-soaked facial hair to rub together.
Chris broke their kiss for a second and beckoned at Sam. “Get over here bro.”
Witwer walked over and as he approached they grabbed him and pulled him into a threeway-kiss.
The trio of men kissed and groped each other’s muscular backs and asses. Evans and Cavill’s still-hard cocks grinded against each other’s and Sam’s now-soft dick.
Henry broke their kiss, leaned his head down and started licking the cum off Sam’s right pec.
Chris quickly followed suit on Sam’s left.
The two hunks sucked and nibbled on Witwer’s pecs while rubbing their erections against his abs until they came and re-coated his chest with spunk. They finished eating each other’s cum before heading out of the kitchen and heading their own ways.
Meanwhile Bradley Cooper had stepped out onto the patio to take in the beautiful morning vista of the beach and found Ryan Kwanten and Liam McIntyre already outside.
The Aussies were sitting together but they weren’t enjoying the ocean view, they were making-out and feeling-up each other’s chests.
When Bradley sat down they broke their and turned towards him.
“Ohh hi there, mate.” Kwanten said, smiling at him sheepishly.
“Hey don’t mind me guys, feel free to carry on.” Bradley gave them both a big grin.
“Well feel free to join in anytime.” McIntyre declared.
“Don’t mind if I do.” Bradley said before leaning in and joining them in the second threeway-kiss of the morning.
After going at it for a while the three guy’s dicks were hard and in need of attention.
Ryan got an idea and pulled out of the kiss. “Hey guys, how about we spread a blanket out on the beach, lie down and suck each other off?” He asked.
“Hell yeah.” Liam said.
“Sounds good.” Bradley agreed.

Down in the rec room Joe Manganiello was checking out the pool table. He was just about to leave and look for someone interested in playing when he turned and saw Chris Hemsworth enter the room. Joe looked at Chris’ meaty hard-on and smirked. “Looking to knock a few balls around?”
Hemsworth walked up next to him, grabbed Joe’s huge, soft cock and rubbed it against his erection. “I’m more interested in this pool cue between your legs.”
Manganiello’s prick quickly got hard. “Does that feel like a pool cue to you?” He growled at him.
“No, feels more like a log, or a telephone pole.” Chris answered.
The two hung muscle-men had a good laugh before bringing their mouths together in a deep kiss.
“At first I was a bit jealous there was someone here with a bigger dick than me.” Hemsworth thrust his hips a little, their cocks rubbing together while trapped between their abs. “But now I just want to feel your big fuckstick.”
They held each other close and began making-out, groping each other’s big pecs and buttocks while grunting and groaning like two animals in heat.
“Here’s the rec room and it’s very sturdy pool table – Holy shit!” Ryan Reynolds exclaimed as he and Stephen Amell walked into the room and were greeted with the sight of the two biggest, muscularest and hungest hunks in the competition going at it like their plane was going down.
Chris and Joe hadn’t even noticed that anyone else was there.
The Canadians looked at each other with wide-eyes and even wider grins before they grabbed their dicks and resumed watching the show.
Back out on the patio Chris Evans, Liam Hemsworth, Sam Witwer and Dan Feuerriegel were watching the trio on the beach suck each other’s cocks daisy chain style.
Ryan Kwanten was sucking Liam McIntyre, and McIntyre was sucking Bradley Cooper who was in turn sucking Ryan.
“God that’s fuckin’ hot.” Witwer muttered as he stared at the circle of interwoven flesh.
“You ever been in a daisy chain before man?” Chris asked.
“No, you?” Sam responded.
“Yep, with the Hemsworth boys.” Evans said.
“Really?” Sam looked at Liam.
“Yeah, it was pretty good.” Hemsworth stated.
“Best blowjob of your life.” Chris said chidingly.
“Naw mate, that was Josh Hutcherson.” Liam gave Chris a smug grin.
“Damn,” Evans looked a bit jealous, “I haven’t had the pleasure of fucking his face yet.”

In the rec room Reynolds and Amell were really pumping their meat hard watching the two muscle-stallions mate.
Manganiello and the older Hemsworth started grunting like beasts as their cocks went off and sprayed hot jets of spunk all over their chests.
Ryan and Stephen started climaxing too.
“Save your cum in your hand and then we’ll share.” Ryan breathed out deeply as his hand overflowed with his semen.
When the two Canadians’ orgasms finished they ate each other’s cum and then started kissing, swirling the remaining cum into each other’s mouths with their tongues.
Joe and Chris turned their heads and realized that the two had been there watching them, now they had the pleasure of watching the other two snowball.
Suddenly a voice came over the P.A. system throughout the house.
“Good morning gentlemen. We’d like you all to gather in the assembly room again for another meeting with Anderson.”
The men on the beach finished getting each other off and had just joined the other guys on the patio when the announcement came.
Eventually all the competitors made their way to the assembly room where Anderson was already standing on the stage waiting for them. Today he was wearing a white t-shirt and jeans and looked rather out of place in a room filled with so many buck naked men. As soon as all the guys were seated Anderson addressed the crowd.
“Good morning gentleman, I’ve been monitoring your activity on the cameras but it’s great to see you all again in the flesh.”
The guys all chuckled and a few winked at Anderson or flexed their muscles.
“Today I’ll be letting you all know what the schedule is for the week. Wednesday, that is tomorrow, we’ll hold the first challenge. Every Wednesday will be the ‘Hump Day’ challenge and on Fridays will be the weekend challenge. Sundays will be the last day for eliminated contestants. Every Monday the week starts fresh with only the remaining competitors in the house. Are there any questions so far?”
Kellan spoke out. “Yeah, what do ya’ get for winning a challenge?”
“Winning any challenge will increase your standing in the competition and help keep you safe from elimination. The rewards for winning challenges are kept secret until the last minute; however I can tell you that the winner of an individual challenge will receive significant advantages going into the next stage of the competition. Any more questions?”
“What happens to the guys who get eliminated?” Ryan Reynolds asked.
“All eliminated competitors will be taken to another location we have set up, where they’ll remain until the reunion at the end of the competition. Now if there are no more questions, that wraps up today’s meeting. You’re all free to get dressed again, if you want to.”

With the assembly over, the guys started to get up from their chairs when Chris Hemsworth suddenly made an announcement.
“If I could have your attention guys, there’s something me and my brother would like to say.”
The Hemsworth brothers stood in front of the crowd, while Anderson looked at them from the stage with both surprise and interest.
“As I’m sure you all know by now, me and my brother have an incestuous relationship.”
All the naked celeb hunks sat back down, they had a good idea where this was going and they were excited in more than one sense of the word.
The older Hemsworth kept addressing the crowd. “And since me and my brother are in this competition together, it goes without saying that we’ll be having sex with each other in front of all of you.”
Liam put his arm around his brother and gave him a dirty smile.
Chris smiled back at him and then continued addressing the crowd. “Liam and I have talked it over and we feel its best that the first time we have sex in this competition should be when everyone is present to watch it.”
All the men started cheering and clapping and there were a few shouts of; “All right!” and “Fuck yeah!” All of the competitors were hard at this point; Chris Evans’ cock was already leaking pre-cum, he had seen the Hemsworth brothers in action before and knew how hot it was to watch.
Assistants came out of the door at the back of the stage and quickly set out a large mattress near the edge of the stage and a chair for Anderson to sit in. The assistants then reluctantly left through the same door they had come in through, looking quite disappointed that they didn’t have front-row tickets.
Chris and Liam came up on stage and knelt on the mattress. They put their arms around each other’s shoulders and kissed, their stiff erections rubbing together.
The other competitors hollered and cheered as they took in the sight of the two gorgeous, naked brothers making-out. The stage wasn’t very high so they had a great view even while sitting in their chairs.
Anderson sat down in his chair behind the mattress. He opened up his fly and stuck his right hand into his boxers.
Chris Hemsworth’s hands roved over his younger brother’s backside as they made-out.
Liam gripped his older sibling’s big pecs and pinched and played with his taut nipples.
All the competitors sat silently in their seats; their eyes glued to the incredible scene of incestuous foreplay and their hands fastened around their engorged sex organs.
Sam Witwer was sitting next to Chris Evans and he reached over and swiped his index finger over Evan’s cockhead, collecting up some pre-cum which he immediately sucked into his mouth.
Evans briefly looked over at Witwer, their eyes met and he gave him a wide grin before turning his attention back to the Hemsworths.

Liam had ended their kissing and moved his mouth down to his brothers’ nipples, which he sucked on as if he were drinking milk out of Chris’ pecs.
Chris let out a deep, sexy moan and spanked Liam’s tight butt.
Anderson Cooper was sitting in his chair with his 8 inch erection sticking out of his pants. He was jacking his cock with one hand and playing with his balls with the other.
Liam had progressed down to Chris’ prick. The younger Hemsworth had been sucking his older brother since they were teenagers and he could expertly deepthroat all eleven thick inches of Chris’ shaft. Liam was on all fours and had quickly swallowed Chris’ cock, his nose buried in his brother’s wild bush of pubic hair.
Chris looked at the other competitor’s faces; they were all rapt with lust as they masturbated. The older Hemsworth couldn’t help but smile with both pride and arrogance. Chris lifted his brother’s head up off his cock and kissed him, swirling his tongue around Liam’s mouth and enjoying the taste of his own penis.
Some of the guys whistled or shouted obscene compliments.
Liam turned around so that his ass was facing his brother.
Chris grabbed the base of his dick and smacked his cockhead against Liam’s asshole. “You guys ready to see me fuck my little bro?!” He taunted his audience.
The celeb men whooped and hollered; shouting things like; “Fuck yeah!” and “Let’s see some action!”
Chris shoved his hips forward and pierced his brother’s ass with his thick manhood.
“Mmmm, ohh yeah bro! It’s been too long since you last reamed me out!” Liam moaned out loud.
The audience started getting rowdier; they were cheering and jerking their cocks with twice the vigour.
Chris began fucking Liam’s tight ass, thrusting his hips with an even rhythm while holding Liam’s waist with one hand and twisting his nipples with the other.
Everyone in the room was sweating and Anderson, who was still wearing his clothes, was perspiring the most. Large pit stains had formed on his t-shirt.
Up in his top-floor master bedroom Bryan Singer was immensely enjoying the Hemsworth’s incest display on his widescreen TV, while the nubile, young assistant named Cody had Singer’s cock lodged in his throat.
“Ahhh fuck yes!” Chris Hemsworth cursed and groaned as he powered into his brother again and again. “I swear to God I’m never going to go a whole month with fucking your tight arse ever again!”
Chris Evans leaned his head over to Sam Witwer and whispered; “This is making me miss my brother,” in his ear.
Sam turned his head and gave Evans a quick kiss before they once again returned their attention to the Hemsworths.

The older Hemsworth had laid Liam on his back now. Chris was holding Liam’s legs apart as he hammered his ass with his rigid prick.
Liam was moaning and panting and stroking his hard-on as the pain and pleasure overwhelmed him.
Chris grunted and groaned as he plowed his own brother without restraint.
All the other competitors had gotten up out of their seats and stood right in front of the stage. Some of them like; Joe Manganiello, Henry Cavill, Dan Feuerriegel and Kellan Lutz were urging Chris to fuck harder, while others like; Stephen Amell, Liam McIntyre, Bradley Cooper and Ryan Kwanten were cheering for the younger Hemsworth to ‘take it like a champ’.
Anderson remained silent as he worked himself close to orgasm. He was sweating bullets and was even wiping his sweat off his forehead with his palms and then using that as lube for his dick.
The men were shouting their encouragements even louder now, as they were getting closer to their climax.
Anderson noticed the older brother’s balls tense up and then Chris was hollering at the top of his lungs as he started unloading his hot cum into Liam’s ass. Anderson came with him.
The younger Hemsworth jerked his cock off, moaning as he ejaculated all over his abs.
The crowd of horny celeb men started busting their nuts and the room was filled with the sound of men shouting and swearing.
Upstairs Bryan Singer spewed his jizz down Cody’s throat.
As Anderson’s orgasm subsided he watched the sweaty, muscular, naked hunks spray their semen all over themselves while moaning and cursing at the top of their lungs. His mind was blown away by the fact that another unforgettable moment had gone by in the Celebrity Challenge and it was only the second day of the challenge!

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The Celebrity Challenge - Part 1

‘The Celebrity Challenge’, a reality competition like never before. The idea of it sounded like nothing more than a jack-off fantasy of a horny gay guy. It started off as exactly that, but the horny gay guy in question also happened to be a rich and well-connected Hollywood director/producer. A Hollywood producer with more than just an interest in hot and heavy man on man action, he had a full-blown obsession with it. And so he not only devised ‘The Celebrity Challenge’, he made it happen. He convinced other gay Hollywood power-players to help him and together they created a celebrity gay sex competition. The fourteen celebs involved in the competition were promised not only monetary incentive for participation, but also something that they all could greatly profit from; the assurance that their private sex lives would be kept exactly that; private. Each of the competitors was considered straight to the media and public, but in reality all of them were having almost constant wild gay sex in their private lives. So the competitors all agreed to the conditions of the challenge, which included being filmed by cameras almost 24/7, everyone was confident the footage wouldn’t be viewed by anyone other than the men running the challenge. And all of them were quite aware – and excited – that they’d be having a lot of sex with their fellow competitors. The unknown Hollywood producer would be personally monitoring the competition alongside a staff of trustworthy assistants. The challenge was fairly simple in principle; the fourteen men would live together in an undisclosed location on the California coast with no communication with the outside world, where nearly all of their daily life would be caught on camera, and they would engage in weekly competitions that would gradually whittle their number down to one final winner. Unlike televised reality programming however, the competitions these men would be engaging in were sexual – as in graphic, gratuitous gay sex. The creator of the challenge picked out each of the guys based on nothing other than his desire for them. One by one the men were taken to the enormous mansion where the challenge was to take place. Assistants for the man behind the challenge led each competitor to his own private quarters before he could even see any of the other contestants. They didn’t know who else was competing and were only going to find out once everyone was ready. Each man was shown his luxurious bedroom and two bathrooms. The first bathrooms were private with no cameras; they were the only rooms in the house with no cameras. The other bathrooms contained only a shower – with no curtains – and a urinal. These second bathrooms, like the bedrooms, had many cameras. Each guy was left alone in their new residence to unpack what few things they were allowed to bring with them and wait for further instructions. The men were told to bring only one change of clothes, but were free to bring as many sex toys as they liked. After all of the guys got settled in, a voice came over the loudspeaker in each room.
“Now that everyone has arrived, I’d like to officially welcome you all to ‘The Celebrity Challenge’. Each of you has been selected to compete for the opportunity to be set for life in Hollywood, and I wish each of you the best of luck. Today you will meet with the other men participating in the challenge and get acquainted with this impressive estate and the adjacent secluded beach. You’ll also meet the man who will be briefing you on the rules of the competition and conducting the weekly challenges. You are all now free to leave your rooms; an assistant will escort you to the assembly room.”

Each man left his bedroom and followed one of the handsome male assistants downstairs to a large, spacious room with fourteen chairs in a semicircle facing a small stage. Once the men entered, their guides discreetly left them. The first man to arrive was ‘Captain America’ himself; Chris Evans, followed by his ‘Avengers’ co-star Chris Hemsworth, who had cut his hair short again after filming ‘Thor 2’. They quickly embraced each other and shared a deep kiss. ‘True Blood’ and ‘Magic Mike’ star Joe Manganiello walked in next and found the two making out.
“Get a room.” Joe said and then chuckled lightheartedly.
The superheroes broke their kiss and smiled cheerfully at him. Next came ‘Hercules’ hunk Kellan Lutz, who sized up the other guys with a hungry leer.
“Nice, this is definitely gonna’ be a fun time.” Kellan stated as he flashed a cocky grin at them.
The other actors grinned mischievously at Kellan’s overt lust. Then ‘Arrow’ star Stephen Amell walked in beside another ‘True Blood’ actor; Ryan Kwanten. Kwanten immediately went over to Manganiello to shake hands with his friend and co-star while Amell said hello to the assembled men and stood nearby the two ‘Avengers’. ‘R.I.P.D.’ star Ryan Reynolds was the next one to walk in; greeting each of the other actors with a smile – and a wink for those of them who he had already spent time with. ‘Spartacus’ himself arrived next; Liam McIntyre, followed by ‘Being Human’ star Sam Witwer, both of whom instantly felt intimidated by the A-list crowd. But the more famous men didn’t look at them with disdain; instead they looked with obvious interest at the gorgeous actors. ‘Breaking Bad’ star Aaron Paul was the next to arrive, delighted to see so many hot guys already waiting, even more delighted than they were to see the stunning television star. After that, the ‘Man Of Steel’ Henry Cavill walked in, turning everyone’s heads. Then ‘Paranoia’ star Liam Hemsworth came in, and immediately went to greet his older brother Chris. The Hemsworth brother’s incestuous proclivities weren’t a big secret to most of Australia and Hollywood’s gay celebrity society, so few of the competitors were surprised to see that the siblings would be in a sex competition together.  Next came another ‘Spartacus’ actor, the Australian hunk Dan Feuerriegel, who quickly caught up with his co-star. Last, though certainly not least, came the ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ actor Bradley Cooper. The handsome movie star walked in with a wide grin as he laid eyes on the amazing group of men gathered together and thought of how incredible this experience was going to be.
After all the guys exchanged pleasantries with each other, a door at the back of the stage opened and to their surprise CNN news anchor Anderson Cooper walked out wearing a tight blue t-shirt and jeans.

“Good evening gentlemen, as I assume you already know; I’m Anderson Cooper. And as I’m sure you didn’t know; I am the host of ‘The Celebrity Challenge’.”
“You’re the one who’ll be telling us the rules and conducting the challenges?” Ryan Reynolds asked aloud.
“Yes, exactly.” Anderson answered.
“You the one that set this whole thing up?” Joe Manganiello asked.
“No, I just jumped at the chance to help out with it.” Anderson replied with a smile. “Please gentlemen, take a seat.”
The group sat down in the chairs facing the stage.
“As you heard earlier over the loudspeaker; today you’ll meet with each other, me, and get familiar with this estate. After today’s assembly you’ll be free to explore the mansion and it’s surrounding grounds, including the beach, but you’re forbidden to leave the gated perimeter or stray too far off the beach. Only contestants who have been eliminated from the competition are allowed to leave. Wednesday at 3 pm you’ll all gather here again for the first weekly challenge. Some of the challenges will be team based, while others are individual. You’ve already been divided into two teams. ‘Team Film’ is Chris Evans, Chris Hemsworth, Ryan Reynolds, Kellan Lutz, Liam Hemsworth, Henry Cavill and Bradley Cooper. ‘Team Television’ is Ryan Kwanten, Stephen Amell, Joe Manganiello, Liam McIntyre, Dan Feuerriegel, Sam Witwer and Aaron Paul. The first challenge will be a team challenge.”
The competitors looked around at their new teammates.
“Are there any questions?”
“Yeah; what are the rules regarding sex?” Kellan Lutz brazenly inquired.
The other guys chuckled, finding Kellan’s obvious and unabashed attitude charming.
Anderson smiled brightly at them and replied; “When not competing in challenges everyone is free – and encouraged – to have sex with each other as often as possible, wherever and whenever they like.”
“And what about you, are you gonna’ join the fun?” Ryan Reynolds asked.
More chuckles from the guys, this time with a few lusty glances at Anderson’s fit body in his tight clothes.
Anderson grinned from ear-to-ear, enjoying the attention he was receiving. “You’ll find out more about that later.” He answered vaguely.
“And the guys who led us here?” Ryan asked again.
“No, unfortunately you won’t be having sex with any of them.” Anderson replied. “I only have one more piece of information for you tonight. You’re to strip off all your clothes and remain nude until you’re told to get dressed again for tomorrow’s meeting.”
Some of the guys chuckled again, while all of them stood up and began undressing. Most of the guys were clearly eager to show off their bodies. Anderson stayed standing on the stage, watching with anticipation as the contestants shed their clothes.

Kellan Lutz was the first one to get completely bare; he practically tore his clothes off. After he stepped out of his Calvin Klein briefs he stood up and stretched; showing off his strong, muscled arms and legs and his smooth, sculpted chest. His thick, semi-hard dick and sweaty, hair-covered balls were nicely framed by his trimmed, dark blonde pubic hair. Some of the men hadn’t even bothered to wear underwear that day, like Dan Feuerriegel. After fully revealing his broad, beefy body, he shamelessly scratched his low-hanging balls to relieve himself of an itch and then licked the sweat off his fingers. Also going commando that day was Aaron Paul, the lean actor thought that bringing underwear to this competition was a waste of time. Anderson could hardly keep himself from drooling as he watched this gay wet dream unfold. The image of the hottest guys of film and television exposing their muscular, sinewy bodies and big, thick genitals, coupled with the tantalizing, manly aroma of their sweaty musk was destined to be burned into his memory for the rest of his life.
Chris Evans pulled off his boxers and then held them up to his face and sniffed the crotch. “So what, do we just leave our clothes here?” Evans asked.
“No, the assistants will take them back up to your rooms.” Anderson answered after barely tearing his eyes off of Evans’ huge, semi-hard penis and wild pubic bush.
As the men who had guided the actors to the assembly room returned they immediately picked up the discarded clothes and took them up to the bedrooms. Anderson was left in a room full of the most gorgeous hunks, all of whom were both totally nude and at least halfway to a hard-on. The silver-haired news anchor surveyed each competitor’s manhood. Cleary Joe Manganiello was the most well-endowed of the group. His enormous shaft and low-hangers earned him the deserved nickname; Joe “Horsecock” Manganiello. Anderson also enjoyed noting the different amounts of body hair on the men. Some of the guys like Chris Evans, Bradley Cooper and Henry Cavill were especially hirsute, while others like Kellan Lutz, Aaron Paul, and Stephen Amell were fairly smooth. And while most of them like Chris Hemsworth, Henry Cavill, Chris Evans, Kellan Lutz and Dan Feuerriegel were muscle-bound, others like Ryan Kwanten, Liam McIntyre and Aaron Paul were leaner. All twelve competitors stood around appraising each other’s bodies almost oblivious to the fact that Anderson was still there, basking in their nudity.
“All right gentlemen, I have to leave now, but I’ll see you all again tomorrow. Have a great evening.”
The guys all waved while saying either; ‘goodbye’ or ‘see ya’ later’.
Anderson waved back to the crowd of hunks before exiting through the door on the stage, which locked behind him.
The men were now free to explore the mansion – and each other.

The guys collectively walked out of the assembly room and began familiarizing themselves with the larger rooms in the house. There was a living room with comfortable chairs and couches with an enormous plasma screen TV and a huge kitchen area with a table big enough for all the guys to sit down together. They were security-style cameras everywhere, always pointed toward whoever was in the room. As they continued exploring eventually the guys branched out, breaking off into small groups or couplings. Most of the Australian actors; Chris Hemsworth, Ryan Kwanten, Liam McIntyre and Dan Feuerriegel headed out onto the beach. Even out there, there were cameras mounted on tall poles to survey the entire beach. There were also lights on the poles that illuminate the beach at night.
“Think we’ll be able to go surfing?” Kwanten asked aloud.
“I sure hope so. Ever surf bare-arsed mates?” Feuerriegel chimed in.
“Not on purpose, but my shorts have fallen down by accident a few times.” Hemsworth responded.
The quartet of Aussie’s all had a good laugh and shared similar experiences about surfing as they waded into the warm water and let the waves caress their genitals.
Meanwhile back in the house Chris Evans and Stephen Amell sat side-by-side on a couch facing one of the widescreen TVs.
“How many channels do you think this place gets?” Amell asked his companion.
“Hey, as long as it gets a few gay porn channels I’m good.” Evans replied.
Amell laughed cheerfully at Hollywood hunk’s unabashed statement.
“Id love to see you jack-off to some hot guys fucking each other.” Chris said.
Stephen gave him a sexy grin, but before he could say anything someone else spoke out.
“Then how about we show him some hot guys fucking each other right now?” Kellan Lutz exclaimed as he walked in front of the two.
Behind the house is a nice, large patio overlooking the beach and Aaron Paul was sitting there watching the four studs from ‘Down Under’ frolic in the surf. They were all in the water up to their waists, laughing and hollering as they splashed each other’s bare chests, grabbed each other’s asses and exchanged quick kisses. The sight made Aaron’s dick rigid. As a drop of pre-cum leaked out his piss slit, Aaron scooped it up with his finger and licked it.
“Nice view, huh?” Joe Manganiello said as he walked up next to him.
“Ohh – uhh, yeah.” Aaron breathed out as he turned his head and found Manganiello’s giant 12’’ erection in front of his face. He slowly tilted his head up and let his eyes wander over the man’s impressive build. Joe’s trimmed pubes connected to his slim treasure trail, which led up to his navel, which sat below his powerful abs, and above which were his huge, beefcake pecs. “You startled me.” Aaron said while dragging his eyes up from Joe’s big nipples to look at his handsome, lightly bearded face.
Joe smirked at him before sitting down next to him in a lounge chair and spreading his legs. “This spot has a better view.” Joe spoke softly in his deep, husky voice while gently stroking his engorged member. “Wanna’ sit here?” He asked, making it quite obvious where he wanted Aaron to sit.
Aaron stared at Manganiello’s legendary horsecock and simply muttered; “Fuck yeah.”

In another part of the house Ryan Reynolds and Henry Cavill had found a rec room filled with all the necessary equipment to play pool, darts and other games. Ryan leaned over the pool table, intentionally presenting his smooth, buff buttocks to Cavill. “You interested in pool Henry?” He asked coyly.
The Superman stud stood behind the Canadian-born actor and checked out his ass. “Right now all I’m interested in is this.” He said before gripping Ryan’s left buttock and feeling how firm it is.
“I was hoping you’d take an interest in it.” Ryan said, looking over his shoulder at Cavill with an arrogant smirk.
Henry had re-grown his short ‘Clark Kent’ beard and as he leaned over to kiss Ryan, his beard rubbed against Ryan’s heavy, unchecked stubble as their mouths came together. The two men brought their tongues together and kissed passionately. Henry stepped closer to Ryan, placing his hard 10’’ prick along the length in between Reynolds’ asscheeks. It felt great to grind the underside of his shaft into the coarse patch of ass hair surrounding Ryan’s anus and Cavill broke their kiss as he began humping him. “Love your hairy taint mate, I’ll wager it tastes amazing.” Henry breathed into Reynolds ear with his sexy British accent.
“Thank you. And yeah, I’ve tasted my taint on plenty of guys’ tongues and you’re completely right; it tastes amazing.” Ryan bragged as he flexed his butt, squeezing Henry’s cock.
Henry let out a low, devious chuckle. “I love shagging the hell out of conceited arsehole’s like you.” He grunted.
“And I’m more than glad to be of service.” Reynolds remarked.
Cavill gripped the back of Ryan’s head with his right hand, his left knee with his left hand and lifted Ryan’s legs and ass up in the air while shoving his head and chest down onto the pool table. “No more talking out of you, you’re going to lay there and take it.” Henry stated while pulling his hips back enough to line his cockhead up with Reynolds’ tight pucker.
Back in the living room Chris Evans stood up from the couch and faced Kellan Lutz with an ecstatic look on his gorgeous face. “You really want to give Stephen here a show?” He asked eagerly.
“Fuck yeah I do.” Kellan replied, grabbing his stiff 9 inches. “Looks like you do too.” Kellan said pointing at Chris’ now rock-hard cock.
Evans’ thick manhood was 10 and a half inches long and surrounded by a wild and perpetually sweaty bush of pubic fur. After looking down at his erection he turned to Stephen and asked; “You ready to watch us go at it?”
Amell couldn’t even speak; he just nodded his head vigorously and mumbled something that sounded like “Yeah”.
Chris turned back to Kellan and looked his bare, sculpted chest up and down with an excited grin.
“Like what ya’ see Captain?” Kellan asked, grinning back at him.
“Ohh fuck yeah,” Chris replied, “I’m just wondering where I should start.”
Lutz flexed his big, beefcake pecs and winked at Chris. “Just a suggestion,” he said.
Evans smiled and raised his eyebrows before saying, “A very good suggestion.” Chris leaned over and placed his mouth on Kellan’s left nipple, pressing his lips against the swell of pectoral muscle and lightly sucking on the nipple while teasing it with his tongue. Chris then did the same to the right one. As he straightened back up he gave Kellan a soft kiss on the lips and whispered; “Nice tits.” The two men laughed and then Chris lifted up his arms and placed his hands behind his head, showing off his hairy, sweaty armpits and said; “Here’s where I suggest you start.”
Kellan smiled blissfully before he dove his head into Chris’ left pit, hungrily slurping up all the sweat. After giving one armpit a thorough washing with his tongue Kellan lifted his head up and exclaimed; “Tastes fucking delicious.”
Chris chuckled as Kellan proceeded to eat out his right pit.
On the couch Stephen lightly stroked his now throbbing cock as he took in the show.

Meanwhile Liam Hemsworth and Sam Witwer had discovered a few indoor Jacuzzis. One was already bubbling so the two stepped and started talking for a bit, getting to know each other better.
“Damn this feels good.” Sam said, sitting in the water up to his nipples.
“Hell yeah mate.” Liam agreed before plunging fully into the water and then coming back up again. “Feels great.”
“I’m thrilled to be in this competition, I’ve never seen so many wicked hot guys in one place before.”
“I know, this is gonna’ be unreal.”
After a while Witwer finally worked up the nerve to address the elephant in the room. “So… your brother’s here too. I’ve heard things about you guys before, but I always assumed they were rumours.”
Liam smiled at him with a rascally look on his handsome, bearded face. “Well they’re all true mate.”
“Wow, that’s… That’s so fuckin’ hot.” Sam said with a nervous laugh. “And you two are ok with us other guys knowing?”
Hemsworth grinned at him shamelessly. “We’re proud of our ‘brotherly love’ and we trust that whatever goes on at this competition is gonna’ stay at this competition.”
“That’s awesome man; I can’t wait to see you and your bro going at it hot and heavy.”
Liam laughed bashfully. “Thanks mate. Hey, you know Chris Evans’ brother Scott?”
“Yeah why, do they have sex too?” Sam asked excitedly.
“Fuck yeah they do.”
“How did you find out?”
“Apparently those Avengers guys tell each other all their naughty secrets and Chris always likes to share sexy pieces of gossip with me.”
“Damn that’s hot; too bad he’s not here too, I’d love to see them fuck.”
“Yeah me too, now how about we fuck?” Liam said with a sexy smirk.
“You read my mind.” Sam grabbed the back of Liam’s head and pulled him in for a deep kiss.
The two launched into a hot make-out session and started groping each other.

Out on the patio, Aaron Paul was riding the true ‘Italian Stallion’; Joe Manganiello. Aaron faced the beach with his feet on Joe’s knees and his hands behind his head as Joe held him by the waist and repeatedly raised and lowered him, roughly forcing him up and down on Manganiello’s massive prick. The two of them were still watching the Aussie’s nude cavorting on the beach.
The four were only in the water up to their knees now and had moved on from splashing and playing grab-ass to total groping and kissing each other’s bodies. Ryan Kwanten had his arms around Liam McIntyre. He was squeezing Liam’s taut, hairy buttocks while rubbing their hard cocks together.
The combined sensations stirred up McIntyre’s kinky side and he leaned his head down to bite Ryan’s nipples.
“Ahhh that feels nice! Before today I never would’ve guessed ‘Spartacus’ himself would be nibbling on my nipples.” Kwanten remarked.
Liam kept gnawing on the ‘True Blood’ stud’s small nubs, getting them hard and tender.
Nearby Chris Hemsworth and Dan Feuerriegel were practically engaged in a wrestling match. Their mouths were pushed together as each man tried to force his tongue down the other’s throat and they pawed at each other, trying to hold the other man still and dominate him. Eventually Hemsworth managed to grab onto the sides of Dan’s torso and shove him down onto his back. Chris threw himself onto his downed companion and held his arms above his head.
“All right ‘Thor’, you’ve got me, now what are ya’ gonna’ do about it?” Feuerriegel challenged the Superhero star.
In response Chris thrust his body into the other man; their smooth, broad, muscular chests grinding together, their big, hard erections rubbing against each other. The friction sent waves of pleasure through both men’s bodies, causing them both to moan.
“Looks like they’re having a good time, eh mate?” Liam said after looking over at the other two.
Ryan was still giddy from the pleasure of Liam’s rough treatment of his nipples. “Sure does.” He murmured almost in a daze.
Meanwhile Ryan Reynolds was experiencing some rough and forceful treatment himself; Henry Cavill still had him pinned onto the pool table and had shoved half of his 10 inch truncheon past Ryan’s tight, sweaty anal ring.
“Good to know your arse is still tight. After I heard you spent some time as Hugh Jackman’s personal fuck-slut, I assumed you’d have a loose hole.” Henry arrogantly taunted him.
“Glad you like it.” Reynolds retorted.
“I said; no more talking!” Cavill barked as he rammed the rest of his cock in, causing his hairy balls to smack against Ryan’s. “Feel the Man Of Steel’s manhood!” Henry exclaimed as he started thrusting into Ryan again and again.
The Canadian actor groaned and panted as the erotic mixture of pain and pleasure swept over him. His eyes shut tight as his prostate was grazed and he rested the side of his face against the smooth felt of the pool table. When he opened his eyes again he immediately noticed something Cavill didn’t realize yet; Bradley Cooper was standing off to the side, watching them. Their eyes met simultaneously and they shared knowing expressions, Bradley was quite aware that Reynolds loved having sex with an audience.

Elsewhere, in the living room, Stephen Amell was also a spectator to an insanely hot scene of man-on-man action.
After slobbering all over each other’s chests and armpits, the two studs launched into a bout of 69ing. Chris was on his back while Kellan was lying on top of him. They each had the other guy’s cock fully down their throat. Lutz’s sweaty balls rested on Chris’s nose and he was loving the smell of them. Kellan’s head bobbed up and down as he expertly deepthroated Evans’ 10.5’’ fuckstick.
Stephen enthusiastically pumped his meat while taking in the incredible display of cock-sucking prowess. “Holy shit, this is so hot!” Amell cried out after a deep breath.
Chris pulled Kellan’s dick out of his mouth. “I think Stephen’s ready for us to move on to the main event.” He said while kneading Kellan’s tight buttocks.
“I think you’re right dude.” Lutz replied after pulling off the Avenger’s cock. The two got back up and Kellan looked at Stephen. “So who do you wanna’ see bottom first?”
“Chris fucks you.” He responded instantly, Amell was beyond thrilled to see these two hotties fuck.
Chris and Kellan couldn’t help but chuckle at how anxious the Canadian-born actor was to watch them have sex.
“Well Lutz, are you ready to take the Captain’s flagpole?” Evans asked before reaching over and spanking Kellan’s ass.
“Sir, yes sir!” The young stud shouted in jest while giving the older man a military salute.
Chris held back a laugh. “Good, now get down on all fours!”
Kellan got down on his hands and knees, arched his back and pointed his ass at Evans.
Chris knelt down and probed Kellan’s asshole with two fingers. “Very nice Lutz, very tight.” He leaned over and licked the warm, sweaty pucker. “Very tasty as well.”
“Mmmmm, thank you sir.” The ‘Twilight’ hunk moaned as Chris continued prodding and tongueing the sensitive ring of muscle.
Stephen moaned as well while jacking his stiff prick.
Evans turned his head and smiled at Amell before squatting behind Kellan, lining his thick cockhead up with the wet rim, and forcing his shaft deep inside.
Mmmmmm! Aww FUCK YEAH!!” Lutz grunted and hollered as Chris plowed into him.
“How’ do ya’ like that ‘hot beef injection’?” Chris asked with an appropriately ‘cocky’ edge to his voice.
“Fuckin’ love it.” Kellan answered back.
“Fuckin’ love it, what?” Chris asked with a hard spank to Kellan’s ass.
“Fuckin’ love it, sir.” He corrected himself.
“That’s better, make sure to address the Captain with respect Lutz.”
Stephen’s head was almost dizzy with lust as he viewed this hot-as-hell exchange between the two men. He wiped his fingers in his armpits to collect sweat and then licked it up, savouring the taste as he watched Evans start to thrust back and forth into Kellan.

Back out on the patio, the sight of the Australian foursome’s intensified activity got Aaron Paul and Joe Manganiello even hornier. Aaron was really getting it rough now; Joe kept bouncing the much smaller man up and down on his cock, harder and faster, using him as a human sex toy. Aaron winced at the pain as his asshole was stretched like never before, but the pleasure of getting his prostate rubbed by Manganiello’s horsecock was absolutely incredible.
“Fuck yeah man! Make me your bitch!” Aaron shouted while he began thrusting down onto Joe, showing off his power-bottoming talents. He rode the ‘True Blood’ star’s cock like a mechanical bull.
“Yeah, that’s it! Ride my fat cock!” Joe moved his hands up to Aaron’s nipples and started pinching and twisting them hard, sending even more jolts of pain and pleasure through his body.
“HOLY FUCK!!!” Aaron bellowed as he shoved his ass down on Manganiello’s colossal cock.
Down on the beach Chris Hemsworth and Dan Feuerriegel were preoccupied with each other. Dan was still on his back with Chris lying on top of him, but now Hemsworth’s hammer was buried deep inside Feuerriegel’s ass. The two made out with passion as Chris fucked Dan with a smooth rhythm.
The other Aussie pair however could hear Aaron and Joe carrying on. Ryan Kwanten and Liam McIntyre held each other close and frotted. The friction of their throbbing erections against each other, trapped between their toned abs was radiating pleasure throughout their bodies.
“Mind if I take a piss mate?” Liam whispered into Ryan’s ear, arousing him further with his deep, sexy voice.
“Sure, go ahead.” Kwanten answered.
McIntyre let out a low groan and tilted his head back as he began pissing. The warm liquid sprayed up and soaked both their chests.
Ryan listened to the sounds of rough-fucking coming down from the patio while Liam finished relieving himself. “I think it’s about time we started fucking too mate.”
“Want me to plow ya’?” Liam inquired.
“Yes I do.” Ryan answered and then looked over at the pair rooting in the sand. “I’ve got an idea.”
Hemsworth and Feuerriegel were still making out like it was their last day on Earth. They were almost totally oblivious to what their fellow Aussie actors were up to until they noticed something was close to their heads. The two managed to pull their mouths away from each other and look up, only to see Liam’s hairy ass and balls as he squatted above them.
Ryan was down in the doggy position as McIntyre forced in his 8 inches.
“How’s the view from down there mates?” Liam asked over his shoulder with a smirk across his gorgeous, heavily stubbled face.
The two laughed and Chris said; “Where’s your arsehole? I can’t see it through that forest”
“You’d love to lick your way through that forest after I’ve had a workout.” McIntyre retorted.
“He’s right about that; trust me.” Dan said licking his lips obscenely.
Liam began thrusting into Ryan, causing his balls to temptingly sway back and forth above Chris and Dan’s faces.
Hemsworth and Feuerriegel smiled at each other conspiratorially and Hemsworth said; “I’ve got the left one, you’ve got the right.”

Meanwhile in the Jacuzzi things were getting even hotter between Liam Hemsworth and Sam Witwer. Sam was gripping the rim of the hot tub tightly with his back arched and Liam was behind him, drilling his cock into his ass underneath the swirling water.
“Your pale arse is nice and tight mate.” Hemsworth grunted as he propelled his hips while playing with his nipples.
“I can make it tighter.” Witwer said before clenching his anus with precise control.
“AHHH!! Ohh yeah! That feels great!” Liam moaned in ecstasy.
“How about you seed my ass and then I’ll take a crack at yours?”
“Sounds good to me.” Liam held Sam by the waist and pistoned into him harder than ever, splashing hot water everywhere. “I’m about to blow my load!”
“Yeah man! Come on, seed my fag ass!” Witwer shouted as he pushed back into Hemsworth’s thrusts and milked his cock with his tight hole.
“AHHHH!! AHH YEAH!!!” Liam howled with delight as he emptied his balls into the American stud.
The young Aussie leaned back, panting while he recovered from his orgasm.
“That was awesome man; you filled me up with your spunk.” Sam pressed up against Liam and kissed him.
“My pleasure mate.” Hemsworth said practically out of breath.
“Damn that accent’s sexy.” Witwer whispered while nibbling his neck. “It’s got me so turned on.” He rubbed his 8’’ dick against Liam’s abs. “You gonna’ keep your end of the deal?”
“Of course.” Liam turned around and presented his rear-end. “It’s all yours.”
Sam suddenly rammed his entire cock into Liam, causing him to groan in pain and then he softly breathed into his ear; “I’m gonna’ plow your hot Aussie ass.” He then began powering into Hemsworth again and again, his ball’s continually smacking Liam’s ass.
Liam felt lightheaded after that, as the sensations of pain and pleasure mounted and built a sense of euphoria.

In the rec room, as Henry Cavill mercilessly pounded Ryan Reynolds, Bradley Cooper watched the action with a throbbing hard-on.
Cavill was letting loose a stream of dirty talk; “Ya’ know the best part about bulking up to play Superman? It’s being able to fuck the hell out of other guys. I always used to be the one getting taken for a ride, but now I can give it twice as hard as I take it.”
Reynolds grunted as he endured each of Henry’s hard thrusts, and he didn’t react when he noticed Bradley sneak behind Cavill.
Cooper quietly knelt down and inspected the British stud’s powerful ass. The buttocks were smooth but in between was a substantial thatch of sweat-drenched hair, the sight and smell of which make Bradley drool. He suddenly plunged his face in and started feasting on his taint.
“HEY!!” Henry cried out, shocked and aroused by the unexpected incursion.
Bradley didn’t even stop; he just kept on eating Cavill’s ass, ravenously slurping up every single drop of sweat.
Ryan laughed. “Was Superman caught off guard?”
“Shut up.” Henry growled as he pushed Reynolds’ face down on the pool table again. He tried looking over his shoulder at whoever was behind him, but could only see the top of his head. He was pretty sure it was Bradley Cooper, and he was doing an amazing job on his ass. “Keep sucking my arse, I’ll tell ya’ when to stop.” Henry then resumed his rough abuse of Ryan’s hole.
Reynolds head swam with bliss, his anus was stretched hard by Cavill’s force-of-nature fuck, but the intense pleasure was well worth it.
Sweat poured down almost every inch on Henry’s ripped body, soaking his pubes and the hair in his armpits and around his pecs. Many drops fell off him and spattered Ryan’s back.
Bradley had gulped down just about every drop of sweat between Henry’s buttocks, so he moved on to his balls. Cooper sucked each one into his mouth and licked it clean.
The extra sensation on his testicles drove Cavill closer to orgasm. He growled with lust. “Stick your cock up my arse!”
“What was that?” Bradley asked surprised.
“You heard me; stick your cock up my arse!!” Henry barked in frustration.
Bradley stood up and pushed his stiff dick into Henry’s pulsating asshole.
Cavill shuddered with pleasure as Cooper’s shaft slid in all the way and brushed against his prostate. “OHHH!! OHH! OHHHHHH!!!” That was the last straw, Henry’s cock detonated in Ryan’s ass, flooding his rectum with hot cum. After his orgasm subsided he let go of Ryan.
Reynolds placed his feet back on the ground and turned to face Henry. “That was almost as good as when Hugh used to fuck me.”
Cavill rolled his eyes. “Yeah sure.” He lifted his arms up and put his hands behind his head, showing off his sopping wet pits. “Now clean me up. And you back there… start fucking me.”

Back in the living room Chris Evans was pounding Kellan Lutz’s ass. His feet planted wide apart, Chris thrust again and again, his hairy low-hangers smacking Kellan to the rhythm of his fucking.
Evan’s spanked his ass hard; a tender red spot had formed on his right buttock. “I bet you love the Captain’s cock, don’t ya’ Lutz?”
“Yes I do sir!” Kellan shouted in response.
“You love getting’ fucked in front of Stephen don’t ya’?!” Chris asked.
Kellan turned his head to the side and looked into Amell’s awe-filled eyes. “Fuck yes I do sir!”
“And how are you enjoying your live porn?” Chris asked as he smirked at Stephen.
“Ohh, I’m fuckin’ lovin’ it. I’m gonna’ bust a nut soon.”
“You want us to switch things up?” Evans inquired.
“Yeah, I want Kellan to fuck you while I lick the sweat off you.” Stephen spoke almost in a trance as he watched sweat drip down Chris’ rippling chest.
“Nice.” Chris said as he pulled out of Kellan and then sat to the right of Stephen with his hands behind his head and his legs in the air.
Kellan got up, squatted in front of Chris, grabbed his legs and placed his calves on his shoulders. “Now the Captain’s gonna’ feel what it’s like to get plowed by Hercules.”
“Bring it.” Evans replied.
Lutz stabbed his prick into the superhero stud’s furry, sweaty ass. Sliding Chris’ anal lips open and gliding his thick tube of flesh in up to his balls.
Chris pursed his lips and moaned. “Damn, that feels great.”
“You haven’t felt anything yet.” Kellan bragged before pulling back and then slamming forward again. Soon the hot young actor had a powerful rhythm going as he plowed away at Evans’ hairy muscle-ass.
Stephen leaned his head over and buried his face in Chris’ left armpit. Voraciously he licked them clean, relishing the opportunity to taste the superhero stud’s tangy sweat. After finishing the left pit he made his way across Chris’ pecs, slowly licking a trail over ever hairy, sweaty inch of hard muscle until he reach the right armpit and ate that one out just as enthusiastically. Once he brought his head back up from Evan’s chest he locked eyes with the smokin’ hot movie star.
“I love tasting my sweat on other guy’s mouths.” Chris whispered seductively.
Amell immediately kissed him and the two began heatedly making-out.
Kellan continued fucking with a passion, causing Chris to groan as he kept kissing Stephen, but he felt jealous that the TV heartthrob was more attracted to Evans than him. He focused that jealousy into energy and started fucking Chris possibly harder than he had ever fucked anyone before.
“Ohhhh Fuck Yeah Kellan!!” Chris broke his kiss with Stephen to shout and moan as Lutz nailed his prostate with almost every thrust. “Ohh yeah man! Ohh fuck yeah! Jack me off!”
Stephen began stroking Chris’ huge prick with his right hand while beating his own with his left.
Soon all three studs were moaning and shouting and swearing and sweating as they reached their climax. First Kellan’s dick went off, filling Evan’s rectum with a deluge of spunk. Feeling his ass overflow with the hot white stuff set Chris off and he coated his chest and abs with his spunk. The sight and sound of the other two cumming sent Amell over the edge and his cock spurted his seed all over himself.
After a few moments of recovering, Chris and Stephen launched into another deep kiss, wrapping their arms around each other and rubbing, their sweat and cum soaked bodies together.
Feeling ignored and a bit annoyed that the two were so much more interested in each other him, he said, “Whatever, I gotta’ go take a piss,” and then turned and walked away.

On the patio, Joe Manganiello was just about through with Aaron Paul’s tight ass. Joe was standing up, gripping Aaron’s sides tightly and pushing him up and down on his gigantic fuckstick.
Being used as a fleshjack had Aaron’s cock rigid but he couldn’t touch himself; it was all he could do to hold on to Joe’s arms and enjoy the ride.
“I’m about to bust my nuts, so be ready to get filled.” Manganiello grunted.
“Ohh I’m fuckin’ ready. Seed my ass like a bitch!!” Aaron hollered.
“HERE IT CUMS!!!” Joe bellowed as his balls exploded and his hot jizz surged out like a flood. Having crammed Aaron’s ass full of spunk, Joe pulled his cock out, set Aaron on his feet and sat back down.
Aaron reached back and touched his aching hole, Joe’s massive load was gushing out. He inserted a few fingers inside and spooned out a big helping of ‘Italian Stallion’ sauce, which he delighted in gulping down. He went back for another scoop, which this time he used to lube his dick as he started jerking off.
“Dump yer balls right here man.” Manganiello said, patting his abs.
Aaron stood beside Joe and unloaded his cum all over Joe’s abs with a long, loud moan of ecstasy.
Joe leaned his head over and kissed Aaron. “Thanks for the fuck man.”
The short stud sat down next to him, his ass still leaking semen. “Sure thing man, but I’m gonna’ need a day or two to recover before we can do it again.”
“Yeah I know, you ain’t the first guy I’ve given a ride.” Joe said with a smug look on his rugged face.
The two TV stars resumed watching the Aussie group.
Down on the beach the entire foursome could hear Joe and Aaron’s orgasms and it drove them even wilder with lust.
Chris Hemsworth was hammering into Dan Feuerriegels’ ass while the two sucked on Liam McIntyre’s balls, who was in turn fucking Ryan Kwanten.
“Damn these are good bollocks.” Chris said before he moved onto Liam’s asshole. Hemsworth energetically licked his hairy, sweaty taint before plunging his tongue into McIntyre’s tight anus.
“Ahhh yeah mate, fuck my arse with your tongue.” Liam moaned, that deep, sexy voice sending a shiver through the other guys bodies.
Dan reached around and stuck two of his fingers into Chris’ hole.
Ryan was panting and grunting as Liam thrust into him without restraint. He began stroking his throbbing cock and felt his balls tighten up in anticipation of cumming.
McIntyre was the first one to blow his load, hollering at the top of his lungs as he spunked Kwanten’s ass.
Hemsworth’s tongue felt Liam’s anus pulsate as he climaxed and soon his own asshole was clenching down on Dan’s probing fingers. Chris emptied his balls into Feuerriegel, who shouted as he covered both their abs with his jism.
Ryan came last; groaning while his ejaculate spattered down on the sand.
After a moment the four hunks got up and headed back up towards the house. They walked up to the patio and greeted Joe and Aaron.
“Where’s the baby?” Joe asked.
“What?” The Aussies said, almost in unison.
“There was so much grunting and groaning I thought someone was giving birth down there.” Joe answered.
Everyone had a good laugh and the Australians sat down with the other two.

Meanwhile in the Jacuzzi Sam Witwer was finishing up with Liam Hemsworth. Witwer’s tight, pale ass flexed as he slammed into the youngest Hemsworth brother for the last few times, his balls emptying a full load of hot sperm into him. “Ohh fuck yeah! Fuck your ass is hot!” Sam moaned while the last few drops of cum spurted out of his dick.
“Thanks mate, your arse was quite good too.” Liam said jovially, enjoying having his ass filled.
The two relaxed in the hot tub for a few more minutes before getting out and drying themselves with nearby towels.
“Since we’re supposed to stay naked until tomorrow I guess we’re not supposed to walk around the house with towels wrapped around our waists, huh?” Sam said.
“Yeah, I guess so.” Liam agreed and after drying himself he tossed the towel into a hamper.
“Well I’m gonna’ go find my brother and see what – or rather who, he’s doing. I’ll see ya’ around mate.” Liam said.
Witwer smiled at Hemsworth’s comment. “Yeah man I’ll see ya’ later, and remember, I’m gonna’ want a front-row seat to see you and brother goin’ at it.”
Liam smiled back at him brightly. “Don’t worry, me and him are going to fuck in front of everyone here and when that happens I’ll make sure you’re front-row centre.”
The two shared a quick kiss before Liam left the room.
A moment later after Sam threw his towel in the hamper he heard footsteps coming in the room behind him. Thinking it was Liam coming back early for some reason he turned and said; “Back so soon – ohh, hey.” He stopped himself when he saw it was actually Kellan Lutz. “Sorry man, I thought you were Liam.”
“Which Liam?” Lutz asked while sizing up the handsome man.
“Hemsworth.” Sam answered.
“You two bang in here?” Kellan asked, a smirk spreading across his face.
“Yeah, we flip-flopped.” Witwer replied.
“Hot, I just got through flip-flopping with Chris Evans.” Kellan stated with a smug look.
“Awesome!” Sam exclaimed, walking over to Kellan and patting him on the shoulder. “So what are you up to now?”
“Looking for a place to take a piss man, have you seen any bathrooms, aside from the ones in our rooms?” Lutz looked over at the Jacuzzi. “Or do you think anyone would care if I pissed in the hot tub?”
Sam chuckled. “Honestly I don’t think anyone would care if you did, but I’m pretty sure I saw one near here and I have to piss too.”
Witwer led Kellan to a bathroom close by, which gave Kellan a bit of time to check out Witwer’s hot ass.
“Here it is.” Sam said walking up to a door marked; shower/urinal. He opened the door into a long tiled room outfitted with showerheads, urinals and a few sinks.
“Thanks.” Lutz said, wrapping his arm around the other stud’s waist as they walked up to the closest urinal. Kellan grabbed his penis with his free hand and let loose a stream of golden liquid into the urinal.
Sam grabbed his own dick and followed suit.
“I think we’re all gonna’ have a lot of fun at this competition, don’t you?” Kellan said to his companion.
“Definitely.” Sam responded.
As the two hot young actors stood there relieving themselves they leaned their heads together and began making-out.

In the rec room Ryan Reynolds was gobbling down every single drop of sweat in the hair covering Henry Cavill’s armpits and pecs while rubbing his erection against his abs. Meanwhile Bradley Cooper was giving Henry’s ass a vigorous fucking.
“Ohh! Ohh shit man, I’m gonna’ cum!” Bradley moaned.
“Yeah that’s it; spill your seed in my arse!” Cavill encouraged him.
“Ohhh! OHHHHHHH YEAH!!!” Bradley shouted out as his rigid cock started pouring jizz into the British hunk’s asshole.
“Yes that’s it, feels sooo good.” Henry sighed as he took pleasure in the combined sensations of having his ass flooded with cum and his nipples sucked and pinched by Ryan.
As soon as Bradley was done ejaculating Henry pushed him back and turned to face him.
“Now I’m gonna’ lick you while Reynolds eats you’re cum out of my arse.” Henry stated.
Without a word Ryan squatted down and stuck his tongue in Henry’s anus. He started swirling it around and slurping up Cooper’s spunk.
Henry began licking Bradley’s hairy chest and armpits, working his tongue through every inch of sweat-soaked fur on the man’s upper body. After cleaning the sweat off of every follicle of hair, he nibbled on Bradley’s small, taut nipples. “I love this hairy chest.” Henry grunted before sucking on Bradley’s pecs.
“Right back at ya’.” Bradley said as he groped Cavill’s hairy pectorals.
Reynolds had eaten just about every drop of cum out of the Superman stud’s ass and was now fingering him and licking his balls.
“Like my arsehole Reynolds?” Henry asked.
“Hell yeah.” The Canadian star responded while inserting three of his fingers in up to the knuckle.
“Then give me something bigger to feel up there, if you’ve got anything bigger.” Henry taunted him.
Ryan stood up and roughly shoved his 8’’ pole up Cavill’s ass.
Bradley stepped back from Henry and then stood beside the two to watch Ryan fuck him. “The ‘Man Of Steel’ has a tight little cunt, doesn’t he Ryan?” Cooper exclaimed.
“Ohh yeah he does.” Reynolds replied thrusting into the muscle-bound hunk. “And with buns of steel to go with it.” He added, with a slap to Henry’s right buttock. Ryan drove his hips into Henry’s body again and again, without letting up for a second. He was giving the same kind of mercilessly hard fuck that he had received earlier from this man. Being watched by Bradley was an extra pleasure and soon Ryan’s cock was ready to blow.
Henry could feel Reynolds’ balls tighten up as they smacked against him. “You ready to cum in my arse?”
Ryan gripped Cavill tightly. “Fuck yeah I am!” He shouted.
“Seed his ass Ryan!” Bradley yelled in encouragement.
Jesus! FUCK!! OHH FUCK!!!” Reynolds moaned and grunted as his balls emptied his load into Henry.
After Ryan finished cumming and pulled his dick out, Henry turned around and faced him. “Not bad I guess.” He said before kissing Ryan and then Bradley and exiting the room.
As soon as Cavill left Bradley looked at Ryan and said; “That guy needs to lighten up.” The two laughed and then embraced each other and began making-out.

The top floor of the mansion was off-limits to the competitors. It’s where the various assistants, Anderson and the man who created the challenge were staying. One of the rooms on the top floor was the camera control room, where dozens of monitors showed what each of the competitors were up to.
Anderson was sitting naked in a chair facing these monitors and masturbating; he had watched what all the celebs had been doing this evening and had already cum three times. He pumped his fist up and down his 8’’ dick as he approached his fourth orgasm of the day. “Ohhhh yes!” He moaned while releasing another load onto his abs and pecs. His entire chest was sticky from cum both old and fresh. Anderson stood up and stretched before leaving the control room, a few assistants were still in the room; monitoring the fourteen competitors and jacking their own cocks. Anderson walked into the master bedroom of the challenge’s creator.
Bryan Singer was lying on the bed totally nude with one of the handsome young assistants mouth wrapped around his hard-on. Singer’s room was also outfitted with multiple big screen TVs that showed what each of the celebs were currently doing. “Looks like you had a fun time in the control room.” Bryan said when he saw Anderson’s cum-spattered chest.
“Yes I did, sir.” Cooper responded while wiping his semen off his chest with his thumbs and then licking them clean. “Are you satisfied with how the challenge has started Mr. Singer?”
“Yes.” Bryan grunted as he came in the assistant’s mouth. “Thank you Cody, I’ll see you later.”
The nude young man got up and started to leave. He couldn’t have been a day over 19 and had an athletic body. He winked seductively at Anderson before he left the room.
“I almost forgot; my friend called and said he’d be here tomorrow night.” Bryan said.
“Really? But we’ve already started the challenge, isn’t it too late for him to join?” Anderson asked.
“He won’t be competing, but I’ve got some other things in mind for him.” Bryan answered with a lustful smile.
“Sounds good, I assume I won’t be revealing the identity of our guest to the competitors yet.” Cooper stated.
“Right, don’t even tell them someone’s coming. He’s going to be a surprise for the winner of the first challenge.” Singer glanced over at a TV that showed Liam Hemsworth joining the men out on the patio.
“So what have you all been up to out here?” Liam asked as he sat down.
The other men chuckled as they began telling the younger Hemsworth about all the dirty details of the Aussie’s sexcapades on the beach.
“Did you hear Liam Hemsworth and Sam Witwer’s conversation in the Jacuzzi?” Bryan asked.
“Yes sir I did.” Anderson’s soft cock twitched at the memory and the images it stirred up.
“Sounds like our info on the Evans brothers was correct.” Singer reached down and stroked his penis, which was starting to get hard again.
“Yeah, and what about Stephen Amell and his cousin Robbie?” Anderson inquired.
“I have someone following that lead, but we’ll probably find out if it’s true or not from Stephen soon enough, especially if he keeps spending time with Chris Evans.” Bryan’s dick became fully hard again.
“Is that all for tonight Mr. Singer?” Cooper asked.
“Just one more thing Anderson; when the Hemsworth brothers start having sex, come watch it in here.” Bryan said while jerking his erection.
“Yes sir.” Anderson replied with a grin before he turned and walked out, giving Singer an eye-full of his bare ass.
Bryan turned his attention back to the TV screens and beat his meat with force, after all that had happened on this first day he knew that ‘The Celebrity Challenge’ was just heating up.

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Thursday, July 4, 2013

Ryans Only Night

Actors Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling and Ryan Kwanten were all together in a hotel room. A week before, Ryan Reynolds had the idea that the three of them should get together to have some ‘fun’. He contacted the other two, who were both excited at the idea, and arranged for them to meet. They all arrived at the hotel, keeping a low profile, and gathered in Reynolds’ suite. Ryan Gosling and Ryan Kwanten walked into the room together and found Reynolds completely nude waiting for them. His chiseled body on full display was a welcoming sight for the other two actors, and as he walked over to greet them, his semi-hard dick wagged from side-to-side a little. He had a short beard and a light coating of hair on his upper chest that spread down to his abs and into his treasure trail, which led into his pubic bush. “Hey guys, glad you could make it. Just leave your shoes by the door and your clothes on that chair.”
“Thanks mate. Glad to be here.” Kwanten said as he took off his jacket.
“I’d never miss an opportunity like this.” Gosling said as he eyed Reynolds’ pecs and then reached over and pinched his left nipple, feeling how hard it was.
Reynolds sighed with pleasure at the sensation, which shot a jolt through his penis. “Mmmm, thanks. Can I get you guys some drinks?”
“Yeah, just some water for me, thanks.” The True Blood star answered, while peeling his shirt off.
“No thanks, I’m good.” Gosling responded, now giving Kwanten’s torso a look-over. Kwanten had a small amount of chest hair that started on his upper chest and continued down to circle his nipples.
“All right, just wait a sec.” Reynolds turned and walked over to the mini-bar, giving the other Ryans a great look at his smooth, hard buttocks in motion. After opening up the small fridge he bent over to look inside, giving his guests an eye-full of his tight, pink pucker and the coarse, sweaty patch of hair that surrounded it.
Gosling turned toward Kwanten and flicked his tongue at him suggestively. Kwanten grinned back mischievously, then quickly took off his belt and pulled down his jeans. The hot Aussie wasted no time getting his briefs off and leaving all his clothes in a pile on the chair Reynolds pointed out. Gosling watched with silent enjoyment as the Australian actor’s toned body was exposed. Kwanten had a slim treasure trail that connected to a very bushy set of pubes. He walked over to Reynolds while Gosling’s eyes were glued to his tight butt.
As Reynolds grabbed a bottle of water and stood back up, he felt a hand squeeze his left butt cheek. He turned around to find Kwanten standing there naked, with his 8 inch dick pointing at his chin.
“Nice arse.” The Aussie commented, grinning from ear-to-ear.
“Thanks,” Reynolds looked Kwanten in the eye, and then down at his erection, then back up again, “I’m glad to see you like it.” He said, with an appreciative smile. He handed him the bottle. “Here you go.”
Kwanten took it and said; “Thanks.” He opened it up and took a swig.

Reynolds led him over to the couch and sat down in the middle, and Kwanten sat next to him on the left. Reynolds put his arm around the Aussie and then looked over at his fellow Canadian actor. Gosling had stripped down to his boxers, which had a noticeable bulge in the crotch. As he pulled them down his hard 8 inches swung up and slapped his abs. He then stepped out of his boxers and threw them on top of the clothes pile. Gosling’s chest was smooth and his pubic hair was neatly trimmed. He walked over to the couch and took the remaining seat next to Reynolds, who immediately put his other arm around him. In between the other two studs Reynolds’ semi-hard penis quickly stiffened to full erection, rounding the trio out with another 8 inch dick.
Kwanten took another gulp of water and then set the bottle down on the coffee table. “So Reynolds, did ya’ really come up with the idea for us to get together just because we all have the same name?”
Reynolds looked at him and rubbed his shoulder. “Yes I did, and why not? I think the three of us will have a lot of fun together.” He rubbed both their shoulders.
“I was just asking, didn’t mean anything by it. It just seemed kinda’ strange asking two other guys to hook-up with ya’, just because we all have the same name.”
“Well I’ve been lusting after the two of you for a while now. So it seemed like a good idea to schedule a ‘Ryans only night’.”
“You could’ve invited Ryan Phillipe too.” Gosling chimed in.
“Yeah,” Reynolds responded, “but I couldn’t get in contact with him.”
Kwanten reached over and lightly stroked Reynolds’ cock. “I bet you’d love to get in contact with him.”
Reynolds chuckled at his comment and continued rubbing his shoulder. “So in the next season of True Blood do we finally get to see you suck Joe Manganiello’s horsecock?”
“Nope, sorry mate, you’d have to stop by Joe’s dressing room to see that.”
Gosling chimed in again; “How about seeing you suck Green Lantern’s cock?”
Kwanten looked over at him with a big smile. “That you can see right now.” He got down on his knees in front of Reynolds and expertly swallowed his dick down to his balls. Kwanten started bobbing his head, deepthroating him, while sweeping his tongue along the underside of his shaft.
Reynolds gripped Goslings’ shoulder tightly with his right hand let out a deep moan.
Gosling licked the side of Reynolds’ face and whispered in his ear; “I heard he’s a great cocksucker. And judging by the sound you just made, I heard right.”
Reynolds turned his head and kissed Gosling; he kissed him back and they began exploring each other’s mouths with their tongues.
Kwanten looked up as he kept sucking, and seeing the other two making out turned him on even more. He started jerking his stiff prick and deepthroated with more energy.

Gosling and Reynolds continued making out for a couple minutes, and then Gosling started kissing his chin and neck, eventually working his way down to his chest. Gosling kissed and licked both of Reynolds’ hard, sensitive nipples before gently nibbling on them.
Reynolds let out deep groans; letting his guests know that he was enjoying the service he was receiving from them. His rigid cock leaked pre-cum into Kwanten’s mouth; which he eagerly swallowed.
“Ahhh yeah. Fuck yeah guys, work me over.” Reynolds put his hands behind his head and relaxed as the other Ryans kept pleasuring him.
Gosling switched from his nipples to his armpits; licking all the tangy sweat out of his pit hair.
Kwanten stopped jerking himself, and began rubbing Reynolds’ balls with one hand and using the other to pinch his own small, taut nipples.
“Holy fuck, you boys sure know how to please a guy. I should’ve arranged a ‘Ryans only night’ a long time ago.” Reynolds kept enjoying his guest’s generous attention for several more minutes, before he felt his balls tighten up in anticipation to ejaculate. “All right, I’m gonna’ fuckin’ cum soon.”
Gosling looked down at Kwanten; still bobbing on Reynolds’ cock, when suddenly Kwanten pulled off as hot ropes of jizz came spewing out.
“Ohhh Fuck yeah!” Reynolds shouted, while his muscles convulsed and his balls were releasing a torrent of cum.
They all watched as Reynolds soaked his abs with his own semen.
“Why didn’t you swallow his load?” Gosling asked with a puzzled expression on his face.
“Yeah, why not? …I know from plenty of… personal experience… that my cum tastes great.” Reynolds asked between deep breaths, still recovering from his orgasm.
“I don’t know how you ‘Canucks’ do it up north, but ‘Down Under’ we like to share.” Kwanten responded while a bead of jizz dripped down his chin; Reynolds’ first shot of cum had hit his lips.
“Thanks.” Gosling said before licking up the drop of seed and giving the Aussie a soft open-mouth kiss and a hard pinch on his left nipple. Then he looked over at his fellow countryman and said, “And here I thought we Canadians were so generous and polite.”
Kwanten smiled up at the two. “Don’t worry mates; I was just taking the piss out of you.”
They all began eating Reynolds’ cum. Gosling and Kwanten spooned it off his abs with their fingers and then licked it up. And every now and then they reached over to Reynolds’ face so he could suck their finger into his mouth and eat his own spunk.
“Mmm. You were right man; you’re cum tastes great.” Gosling said after swallowing the last drop.

Reynolds was intrigued by Kwanten’s last comment and his right eyebrow arched up as he got an idea. “So guys, how about we head into the bathroom and we’ll get some more piss ‘taken out’?”
In response the other two stood up; both their hard cocks standing straight up with a trail of pre-cum leaking down their shafts. Their gracious host licked the pre-cum off and then stood up with them; his dick soft at the moment, and led them to the bathroom, again giving them a great view of his ass. After Reynolds led his guests into the bathroom he stepped in the large shower, got down on his knees and licked up more of their pre-cum. “All right guys, how about you give me a golden shower?”
Gosling and Kwanten smiled at each other before simultaneously; grabbing their erections, pointing them at Reynolds and unleashing a stream of piss on him.
The man who played the superhero who’s weakened by the colour yellow was now delighted as two ribbons of yellow water sprayed his face and chest. “Mmmmm, yeah.” Reynolds moaned before he stuck his tongue out to lick up some of their tasty urine. He raised his arms and placed his hands behind his head.
Gosling and Kwanten continued soaking his bearded face, furry armpits and hairy pecs with their warm piss. Gosling put his left arm around Kwanten’s waist and pulled him close, then reached over with his right hand and started pinching and twisting his nipples.
Kwanten followed Gosling’s actions; the two of them soon had their arms around each other’s waists while they were playing with each other’s nipples, and continued to drench Reynolds’ body.
He watched the two as they hosed him and his dick began getting hard again. “Yeah that’s it guys, work each other over. So fuckin’ hot. Now kiss.”
His guests obliged him and they launched into a hot make-out session.
Reynolds had to grab their dicks to keep them on target as they passionately kissed. And as their bladders began to empty out Reynolds licked at their cockheads, lapping the remaining few drops out of their piss-slits. After the other two were finished relieving themselves Reynolds started jacking their cocks and kept watching as they made out. “Mmm yeah, that’s so hot guys.”
They kept kissing for a bit longer before pausing and inviting Reynolds to join them.
He stood up, still dripping with piss, and engaged with them in a three-way make out session.
The trio wrapped their arms around each other; groping their companion’s backs and asses while also rubbing their stiff pricks together. They continued like that for a while before stopping to take a break.
“I’ve never made out with a fella’ and tasted mine and another bloke’s piss on his tongue.” Kwanten said, while catching his breath.
Reynolds reached over and groped the Aussie’s pecs, collecting his sweat, and said; “I’m always happy to introduce guys to new experiences.” before licking his hand clean.
Gosling looked at Kwanten and asked; “Have you ever been in the middle of a ‘Canuck sandwich’?”
“No, but that definitely sounds like something new I’d like to experience.” He responded, with an eager grin.

Reynolds really liked where this was going and looked over at Gosling approvingly. “Well guys, first things first, you’ll have to clean me up.”
Gosling and Kwanten immediately set to work; licking the remaining drops of their urine off of Reynolds’ body.
Gosling began by sweeping his tongue over Reynolds’ right pec, while Kwanten did the same to his left. The taste of their piss blended nicely with Reynolds’ sweat, and the two studs enthusiastically slurped up the erotic mixture. They licked every inch of his solid pectoral muscles, and simultaneously sucked on his hard nipples.
“Mmmmm, ohh yeah. Jesus Christ you guys know how to work a man over.” Reynolds moaned breathily.
The two then began licking his armpits, vigorously eating them out. They guzzled every drop of sweat and piss and bathed each hair in his pits with their saliva.
After that the pair moved south, kneeling as they tongue-swabbed his hairy washboard abs, until they eventually worked their way down to his thatch of pubic fur. They washed each follicle clean of their piss and his sweat, and once finished; they straightened back up and each gave Reynolds a wet kiss.
“There you go mate, nice and clean.” Kwanten said.
“Thank you very much. Now let’s get started on that sandwich.” Reynolds replied. He then led his guests into the bedroom and sat down on the bed. “So we’ve already designated ‘Mr. Stackhouse’ as the meat in our sandwich; but which slice of bread do I get to be? Top or bottom?”
“Well how about we let the ‘meat’ decide. Which of us do you want to fuck and get fucked by?” Gosling asked.
Kwanten smiled broadly at the two studs. “Let me see… I think I’ll fuck Green Lantern, since he’s been parading his arse in front of us all night, while Gosling gets my rear-end.”
Reynolds sighed. “I wish you two would stop reminding me of my box office flop.”
The Aussie looked at him sympathetically. “Sorry mate, didn’t mean to rub you the wrong way you.” Then his lips curved into a smile. “I like rubbing you the right way.”
Gosling grinned at him slyly. “Yeah, but stick to playing superheroes who take their shirt off, actually just stick to any roles where you take your shirt off. Watching you undress is so much better than watching you try to act.”
Reynolds pointed at him and gave him a devious look. “Just for that; I’m gonna’ pound your ass after he’s through with mine.’ He said, jerking his thumb in Kwanten’s direction.
“All right, enough talk. I’m expecting a sandwich, and I sure am hungry.” Kwanten exclaimed as he got up on the bed.
 Reynolds got on all fours with his bare ass pointed at the sexy star from ‘Down Under’.

Kwanten knelt behind him; smacked his left buttock hard enough to leave a red hand print, bent over and placed a kiss on it. “Nice mate, love your fine arse.”
Standing behind him, Gosling leaned over and kissed both cheeks of Kwanten’s ass. He then gripped the two mounds of muscle firmly with each hand, spreading them, while he stuck his face in between.
And as Gosling started licking his taint, Kwanten did the same to Reynolds; working their tongues over every hairy, sweaty, sensitive inch of skin.
Reynolds groaned in enjoyment as the Aussie pleasured him. “Ohhhhh fuck. Damn you’ve got a hot mouth; it feels almost as good on my ass as it did on my cock.”
Gosling kneaded Kwanten’s taut buttocks with his hands, while his lips latched onto his asshole. His head shook from side-to-side as he forced his tongue past the tight ring of muscle.
The sudden invasion into his rectum caused Kwanten to gasp in ecstasy.
Reynolds laughed. “Sounds like you’re havin’ fun back there. Did he find the sweet spot?”
In response; Kwanten licked Reynolds’ balls and kept his tongue moving; along his scrotum, across his taint, over his anus and up to the top of his asscrack. He then repeated this several more times.
“Mmmmm. Goddamn you know what you’re doing.” Reynolds breathed heavily as his ass was groped by the Aussie’s tongue.
Kwanten then focused on his asshole. He used his fingertips to hold the lips of Reynolds’ anus wide open while he inserted his tongue deep inside. He could feel Gosling’s tongue moving in a clockwise motion as he swirled it around inside him, while he was swirling his own tongue in a counter-clockwise motion inside Reynolds. With his tongue buried inside one man and another man’s tongue buried in his own ass, Ryan Kwanten was in 7th heaven.
The three men continued in that position for a few minutes longer until Gosling finished his rimjob. “Mmm mmm, you’ve got one delicious bunghole bro.” He declared, slapping Kwanten’s butt with approval.
Kwanten then stopped slurping Reynolds’ asshole and stood up on the bed. “All right now mates, I’m gonna’ show ya’ what Aussie hard-fucking is.”
Reynolds perked up when he heard this and said, “Really? ‘Cause I heard Hugh Jackman mention it a couple of times before, when we were shooting the first ‘Wolverine’ movie together, but he never demonstrated it for me.” He sounded both disappointed that Jackman never tried it out on him and excited that Kwanten was about to.
“Trust me mate, you’ll love it. You’re already in the right position, so just stay down on all fours like that.” Kwanten placed his feet above Reynolds’ knees, squatted and lowered his body. He gripped Reynolds’ shoulders tightly with his hands and slid his prick down in between Reynolds’ asscheeks.
Reynolds flexed his buttocks, squeezing Kwanten’s dick.
Gosling was quiet while watching in delight as Kwanten mounted Reynolds like an animal, but he broke his silence to ask, “Can I have the honour of shoving your dick inside him?”
Kwanten looked back over his shoulder at him with a huge grin and said, “Sure, I’d greatly appreciate it mate.”

Gosling gripped Kwanten’s cock, and sucked both his balls into his mouth before he forced the head in past Reynolds’ tight anus and then slowly pushed about third of it in.
Reynolds let out a low groan as he was penetrated.
“Thanks mate, I’ll take it from here.” Kwanten said before he began thrusting his hips, driving his cock all the way inside Reynolds, pulling back until only the head was still inside and then plunging in again. Repeating this procedure, Kwanten soon had a rhythm going, which he improved upon; increasing the force of his thrusts and decreasing the time in between them.
Gosling watched Kwanten’s tight, pink asshole wink at him as he fucked Reynolds. “Ready to get it on your end buddy?” He asked while patting Kwanten’s bum.
“Not yet mate, I’ll let ya’ know when.” The Aussie hottie kept pounding into Reynolds, harder than before, while gripping his shoulders tightly. As his fucking became more frenzied Kwanten and Reynolds’ balls would slap together; not causing either man pain, but instead eliciting an erotic, tingling sensation in their scrotums.
“Ohh yes, I do love Aussie hard-fucking!” Reynolds moaned out loud as the True Blood star continued his vigorous anal assault.
“Uhhhnn! Fuck yeah ya’ do!” Kwanten grunted. He then looked back over his shoulder at Gosling with a determined grin. “My arse is all yours; I want a hot ‘Canuck sandwich’ right now!”
Gosling licked a long trail over Kwanten’s body; starting at his asshole and ending at his shoulders, happily slurping up all the sweat on his tongue’s journey. He then quickly jabbed his cock into the Australian’s tight anus and slid his shaft all the way in.
“Mmmm! Yeah, give it to me!” Kwanten shouted.
Gosling began thrusting into Kwanten, shoving into him every time he pulled back from Reynolds.
Kwanten was definitely enjoying being the meat in the sandwich; he swung his hips back and forth, ramming into Reynolds’ succulent ass, then getting stabbed by Gosling’s hot rod, while his balls slapped against one and then the other man’s balls. “Ahhhhhh YEAH!! I think I love Canuck sandwiches!”
“Kwanten, if you’ve been getting fucked by ‘horsecock’ Manganiello, how is your asshole still so damn tight!” Gosling asked in a ragged breath as sweat poured down off of his forehead and chest.
“We Aussies have special arse-tightening exercises that can keep our buttholes tight even after getting fisted!” Kwanten answered before leaning his head down and licking up the sweat collecting between Reynolds’ shoulder blades.
“What do you think Jason Stackhouse would say if he was in your position right now?” Reynolds asked, gleefully taking pleasure in the rough fucking he was receiving.
Kwanten let out a loud whoop of enjoyment and shouted in his character’s American southern accent; “Holy shit! I had no idea faggot sex would be so damn good!”
The trio of heartthrob actors kept this up for a while; the three of them moaning, panting, and sweating all over each other as they fucked hard.

Kwanten felt his balls tighten up as they slapped against the other guys’ and knew he was going to cum soon. “I’m ‘bout to bust my nuts in your ass!” He hollered, still using that good ‘ole boy accent.
“Jesus fuck!! SEED MY FAGGOT ASS!!!” Reynolds screamed out in ecstasy, his asshole clenching tightly on Kwanten’s dick.
“Ahhhhh!! Ahh fuck yeah mate! Your arse feels so fuckin’ good!!” The Aussie shouted in his native accent while his came, and sent a flood of sperm into Reynolds’ raw hole. Kwanten’s body spasmed in orgasm; pouring sweat off him and tightening his anus even further around Gosling’s shaft.
The tense sensation sent Gosling over the edge and his testicles erupted. “Shit! Ohh shit!!!” As hot ropes of his cum spurted into Kwanten’s ass, Gosling wrapped his arms around Kwanten’s chest and rode-out the rest of his orgasm clinging to the Aussie’s sweat slick body and panting heavily.
As soon as the last shot of Kwanten’s cum fired into Reynolds’ soaked hole he got out from under the Australian stud and moved behind Gosling. “Remember what I said earlier? I’m gonna’ pound your ass.” His cock was solid as steel from being on the tail-end of that scorching hot fuck, and he quickly shoved it up Gosling’s ass. Reynolds spanked his fellow Canadian actor’s buttocks while ramming his prick deep inside him. “Yeah! Fuckin’ take my cock!”
Gosling pushed his ass back against Reynolds’ hips and squeezed his ass around Reynolds’ prick.
“Ohhh yeah! Fuck yeah!! You love my fuckin’ cock, don’t ya’?!!” Reynolds shouted, thrusting his body even harder than before.
Gosling yelled back at him, goading him to fuck harder. “Fuck yeah I do! Give me that fuckin’ hard cock! Pound my ass like you mean it!!”
Kwanten laid back on the bed with his hands behind his head and enjoyed the show.
Seeing Kwanten watching them definitely got Reynolds’ motor running and the horny exhibitionist in him really let loose on Gosling’s rear-end. Reynolds burst into a frenzy of rough-fucking and hard smacks to Gosling’s tender buttcheeks.
Wincing at the pain, Gosling fully submitted to his role as bottom-bitch. “Shit! Ohh fuck man, drill my ass!!” Lying on the bed with his ass in the air he could feel his dick underneath him getting hard again.
“Jesus Gosling, you are such a fag!! Inhibitions completely gone, Reynolds plowed into the other Canadian with abandon, and with his dominant side on full display; he swore like a lumberjack while sweat flew off of his convulsing, sinewy muscles.
Kwanten’s cock went stiff as he watched what seemed like live porn, live porn with a Hollywood A-list cast.
“You think I’m just eye-candy Gosling? Think I’m just a pretty-boy with a hot bod? You might think you’re a hot-shot actor, but you’re just another piece of ass. Though I’ll admit…” Reynolds drove his cock in deep before pulling back and then slamming in harder than ever. “You’re one fine piece of ass.”

Kwanten began stroking his shaft as the two Canucks continued fucking like animals.
Reynolds felt his body tense and let out a howl of ecstasy as his balls unloaded. “JESUS CHRIST!! OHH FUCK YEAH!!!
“Shit yeah! That’s feels so awesome!” Feeling his sore asshole overflow with cum got Gosling off, and he saturated the bed sheets with his spunk.
When the two finally calmed down they noticed Kwanten had also busted a nut and was rubbing his load into his abs.
The three actors laid together in a sweat-drenched, sperm-soaked heap; kissing and licking each other before they all eventually fell asleep.
Hours later Ryan Reynolds awoke to find himself alone in bed. A handwritten note by his cell phone read;
“Last night was amazing, feel free to invite me to any future ‘Ryans only nights’, or any other get-togethers you’ll be having. -- Ryan K.”
Smiling at the note, Reynolds heard his phone go off; picking it up off the nightstand he saw it was a text from Gosling.
“Sorry I didn’t stick around longer. Call me again sometime.”
Hopping up out of bed, Ryan headed into the shower. Standing under the hot stream of water and lathering his body with soap he tried to think about when he should schedule the next ‘Ryans only night’. But memories of last night flooded his mind and drowned-out his train of thought. Feeling his cock swell with arousal, he started reliving last night in his head. As he spent an unnecessarily long time lathering his now rigid manhood he knew that whenever he scheduled the next ‘Ryans only night’ it would have to be sometime soon.