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Sunday, March 20, 2016

Superhero Studs

Here's a superhero roleplay that I converted into a story. It's about the fictional characters from comics, but you can feel free to imagine them looking like the actors that play them in the movies if you prefer. Enjoy.


After a long mission with the Avengers Wolverine headed into the men's locker room on the Helicarrier. He stripped out of his costume and as Captain America walked in he found Wolverine with his hairy, muscular body completely exposed.
"Tough mission, eh boy-scout?" Wolverine says with a grin to Cap.
"Yeah, it sure was." Steve says, trying not to stare at Wolverine's thick cock or naked body.
Thor enters the locker room following Captain America laughing friendly at the two others. "Barely broke a sweat myself." He says, standing opposite from Cap. He doesn't try to avoid looking at Wolverine's naked body.
"See anything ya' like, Goldilocks?" Wolverine smirks at Thor.
Cap starts nervously taking off his costume; revealing his smooth, sculpted chest.
"Not much friend, your muscles are mostly covered in fur." Thor smirks back at Wolverine and puts down his hammer. He loosens up his cape and glances at Cap's smooth chest. "Over there we have a fine specimen, Logan." Thor nods at Cap, who let out a nervous laugh.
"Oh yeah? Is this what you like?" Wolverine says stepping over to Cap and groping his smooth pecs.
"Wolverine!" Steve gasps in surprise.
Thor walks up to the others and places himself behind Cap putting his hands on his shoulders.  "You have to admit that you would not mind a piece of our Captain here." He says with a smirk.
Wolverine feels up Cap's broad pecs. "Yeah, I think what Steve's All-American ass could use right now is some prime Canadian beef." He replies smugly.
Steve swallows nervously.
Thor laughs like rolling thunder. "Leave it to a God to finish the job. You will enjoy my hammer." Thor says, massaging Steve's shoulders.
Steve blushes. "I think I'd like both actually."
Wolverine smiles deviously. "How about me and Goldilocks shove both our cocks up your ass then?"
"My furry friend that sound like a great idea. Let us give him a good pounding and let us see who will get him to moan the loudest." Thor places his hands on Steve's buttocks and starts massaging them hard.

Wolverine strips off the rest of Cap's costume; exposing Steve's erection. "Looks like he's excited." Logan says before grabbing Steve's face and kissing him hard on the mouth. Their tongues wrestle in their wet mouths.
"I've seen him glancing at the both of us in the shower, this must be the Captain's dream come true." Thor reaches around Cap's waist with his thick arm and grabs his cock in his hand, stroking him as Wolverine and Steve kiss.
Cap and Wolverine start making-out, groping each other's bodies and rubbing their erections together. Their strong hands grip and squeeze each other's tight muscles as their throbbing cocks grind together.
Thor starts rubbing up Cap's back while kissing Steve's neck. He let his armour fall off, freeing his hard bulging cock that keeps rubbing Cap's ass. "You like this? Two men rubbing you?"
"Ohh, yes I do!" Cap moans once he and Wolverine end their kiss.
Logan leans his head over and kisses Thor on the mouth.
Thor kisses Logan back fiercely and aggressively, pressing Cap between their bodies as they kiss.
"Ohh God, I need you two to fuck me." Steve moans.
"You ready to give it to him, big boy?" Logan asks.
"Perhaps we should just play with each other and let him beg." Thor laughs as he gently caresses Steve's neck.
"Maybe we should..." Wolverine moves Cap aside and starts licking Thor's huge pecs. "Tastes like you did break a sweat." He mumbles.
Thor chuckles. "Who should go first?" He asks, smiling as he looks down at Logan sucking on one of his nipples.
"We'll shove our cocks in him together." Logan growls.

Thor shoves himself closer to Wolverine, moaning as he gets his pecs licked. He pulls his hand through Wolverine's dark, messy hair as he smiles towards Cap, teasing him. "Jealous Captain?" Thor asks as he watches Steve stroke his cock, at the same time Thor reaches for his own now rock hard cock and starts to play with it.
"Yes..." Steve moans as he keeps stroking his prick with one hand and starts pinching his nipples with the other.
"Get over here and get down on your knees, Captain. Put that mouth to good use." Thor winks towards Steve and tilts his cock towards him.
Cap kneels in front of them and grabs their cocks with both hands. He immediately starts licking Thor's cockhead.
Logan puts his hands behind his head; showing off his hairy, sweaty armpits.
Thor moans as he feel the tip of Steve's tongue on his cock. "Who knew the Captain was so good with his tongue?" He smirks at Wolverine, impressed by his hairy pits while at the same time leaning in for a kiss above Steve's head
Steve slurps the pre-cum from Thor's cock.
Wolverine kisses Thor back and then grins at him and says; "Wanna' eat-out my pits?"
"You read my mind, Logan." He leans in; pushing his head deep down into Wolverine's hairy and sweaty armpits. His face almost disappearing and letting out a muffled moan as he drinks the tangy sweat.
"That's it, eat up." Wolverine chuckles.
Cap starts to go down on Thor's cock while stroking Wolverine's.
Thor lets out a loud moan in Wolverine's pit as he feels Steve's warm mouth sliding down his cock. While licking his armpits Thor also starts playing with Wolverine's nipples, starting softly but applying more pressure as he pinches and twists them.
Steve goes down on Thor all the way, his nose buried in the Asgardian's golden pubic bush. "How's that throat feel?" Logan asks, grinning at the blonde God.
Thor pulls his face out of Logan's pit. "That is real All-American quality throat, you should try it." Thor grabs Steve's head, pushing him further down on his cock and making him gag before he let him go.

"Let me give it a try." Wolverine says before grabbing Cap's head, pulling him off Thor's cock and shoving his own prick down Steve's throat. "Mmmm, yeah!" Logan grunts.
"I told you, he is amazing!" Thor kneels down and reaches for Steve's ass squeezing it before he licks one of his fingers and starts playing with the tight hole.
"Get him ready for our cocks." Wolverine growls while holding Cap's head and skull-fucking him.
"You are so tight, Captain. Do you really think you can handle us both?" As Thor finishes the sentence he pushes his finger quickly but carefully, deep into Cap's ass
Steve can only moan as his throat is filled with Logan's thick shaft. Wolverine's big, hairy balls repeatedly smack Cap's chin.
Thor gives Cap's round ass a slap with his other hand. "I'll take that as a ‘yes’." He responds as he grins at Logan.
"Let me know when you've got him ready and we'll pick him up and plunge in together, buddy." Logan says,winking at Thor.
Thor leans down to lick Steve's asshole pushing his tongue in deep before standing up, giving him another slap. "He is ready! I cannot wait much longer to fuck our Captain!"
Wolverine and Thor both grip Steve's body and lift him up. "Count us in and we'll fuck him together!" Logan growls.
Thor laughs but then he gently looks at Steve. "Ready for this Captain?" He asks softly.
Steve smiles at his teammate. "Ohh yeah, go for it guys."
Wolverine and Thor grin at each other.
"What are we waiting for then? Let us dig in, Logan!" Thor lines up his cock with Logan's and aims them towards Steve's hole, ready to push in at any moment.
They count down together. "1... 2... 3!" Wolverine and Thor thrust their throbbing pricks into Captain America's ass at the same time. Steve howls in pain.

Thor moans loudly  "Ahhh yes! Logan that feels good, you and me deep up the Captain's ass. How is it going Steve, ready to get fucked for real?" Thor's cock is pressing hard against Logan's inside Steve's ass. Their balls tight together. Logan's dark pubic hair mixing with Thor's golden bush.
Cap moans out loud as Wolverine and Thor began thrusting into him; their pricks rubbing together as they stretch his ass. "Ohhhh fuck yes!" Steve hollers as an exquisite mixture of pain and pleasure courses through his body.
"Mmmm!" Thor starts to moan loudly together with Cap, fucking faster. Thor whispers in Steve's ear; "Stroke yourself and enjoy the ride."
Steve starts jerking his cock and pants as Wolverine and Thor's pricks rub his prostate, driving him wild.
"I gotta' admit Cap; I wasn't sure that your boy-scout ass could take our combined pricks." Wolverine growls as he keeps thrusting into Steve's abused ass, feeling his cock grind against Thor's.
"Ohhhhh God, it feels sooooo good with both of you inside me!" Steve moans and whimpers as his ass is used as a sex toy by his two best friends.
After minutes of roughly fucking Cap’s ass, their engorged pricks grinding together, Thor grunts; "Ohhhh Logan, I do not think I can hold back much longer!"
Their hairy balls press together and Wolverine growls; "Same here! Let's flood his ass!" As he starts to cum. "Fuck yeeeeahhhh!" Logan howls as he empties his balls.
"Ohhhh yes Logan!" As Thor feels the first drops of Wolverine's cum he himself let's go and unleashes his cum into Steve's already filled asshole. Thor moans loud and deep like thunder, tilting his head back and closing his eyes.
Cap breathes uncontrollably as he jerks off and shoots his load all over his washboard abs and beefcake pecs while the other two studs fill him with their seed.

"Mmmmm that's good! You could not hold it back anymore Captain, could you?" Thor takes a deep breath and nods at Logan, letting him know that he is done.
Wolverine and Thor slip their cocks out of Cap's ass after their orgasms finish..
"Goddamn, that was amazing!" Steve groans, trying to catch his breath.
Thor gives Steve a light kiss on the neck and says; "I am glad you enjoyed it because I certainly did. How does it feel to be filled with all our seed?" He gently kneads Steve's pecs with both hands.
Cap clenches his ass, keeping their cum inside him. "Feels fucking great!" He says, laughing with a big grin.
"Attaboy!" Wolverine bellows and slaps him hard on the back.
The three superhero studs sit their sweaty asses down on the locker room bench together as they share a good laugh.
"Shall we repeat this after the next mission?" Thor asks with a smirk.
"Sure... but maybe someone else will take it up the ass next time?" Cap replies with a sheepish smile.
"I'll be more than happy to give up my hairy muscle-cunt next time." Logan says.
"Sounds like a plan, then." Thor responds, rubbing his friends' shoulders.
"Yeah... sounds great." Cap says.